The Science Guy grows up

By Lila Holland

Jun 09, 2005

Bill Nye--comedian, author, inventor, educator, and Science Guy--has returned to the small screen with his new show The Eyes of Nye. The show presents important scientific issues in a humorous and easy-to-understand way, and is aimed at an audience older than that of his last series.

Bill Nye, The Science Guy ran on PBS from 1992 to 1998, and was lauded for making simple science concepts exciting and accessible to young children. The series won 28 Emmy awards, and Nye's signature blend of education and comedy gained a cult following among America's science teachers.

Since The Science Guy ended its run, Nye has kept himself busy writing, teaching, and hosting The Science Channel's not-so-successful The 100 Greatest Discoveries.

The Eyes of Nye, which has been picked up by 213 stations (check local listings), is geared toward older children and adults. Nye will cover more complex and mature topics, such as cloning, overpopulation, stem-cell research, and nuclear waste. He hopes that the show will help arm people with the information they need to make decisions as taxpayers and voters.

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  • silversan Jun 12, 2005

    Maybe I'll watch it. Maybe I won't. But hey, it's nice to know that Bill Nye is still out there and alive.

  • EliasDevs26 Jun 10, 2005

    As a kid I remember two shows that caught my eye for some strange hypnotic reason, Beakman's World and Bill Nye the Science Guy. I have to say this is a brave and bold move by creators to finally realize children are not the only ones that need to be educated. Can't wait to tune in!!

  • blankerton Jun 10, 2005

    This seems kinda cool.. i look forward to it.

  • YamiJoshi Jun 10, 2005

    Hmm i wonder what station its on in nc......bah..too lazy to look right now....=P

  • TornadoRob Jun 09, 2005

    I'm really glad to see this new show being developed. I'm a sixth grade science teacher, and we use many of the "Science Guy" videos in our classroom instruction, to help clarify difficult concepts, and allow the students to perhaps enjoy learning more. Hopefully the new series will be just as wonderful as the old one was. Robbie

  • lilaholland Jun 09, 2005

    check local listings or to find out scheduling information for your area.

  • honeybuzzer Jun 09, 2005

    this sounds like it could be entertaining -and- educational.

  • Salimonyous Jun 09, 2005

    When is this starting? I can't wait for the triumphant return of Bill Nye to a role that he filled so well.

  • actiontwinkle Jun 09, 2005

    who picked that dumb picture of bill nye? why is his face all squished and silly? i don't like you!