The Top 10 Oscars Hosts

By Ilana Diamond

Mar 06, 2010

When we found out that Steve Martin was hosting the Oscars again, and with Alec Baldwin, we were stoked. An experienced vet and Alec Baldwin? Yes, please! So while we wait for their magic to take the stage this Sunday, lets take a look at some of our favorite past hosts.

10. Hugh Jackman (81st, 2009)
Some people loved him, some people hated him. But it's hard to deny that the man knows how to work a crowd, and you gotta respect his musical theater background. Click here to watch his (un-embeddable, as are many of the Acadamy's videos) opening number.

9. David Niven (46th, 1974)
While he actually co-hosted with Burt Reynolds, Diana Ross and John Huston, Niven stole the show by keeping his cool when he was interrupted by the first and last streaker in the Awards ceremony history. Ahem.

8. Chris Rock (77th, 2005)
Everybody (well, maybe except for Sean Penn) loved Chris Rock's wisecracking, life-of-the party approach. Click here to watch his opening monologue.

7. David Letterman (67th, 1995)
What makes Dave a great host? He doesn't give a damn. Oprah...Uma...Uma....Oprah...

6. Jon Stewart (78th, 2006)
Though he didn't appear half naked like he did while hosting the Grammys back in 2002, Jon Stewart still made the 2006 Oscars memorable with his hilarious insight and impeccable timing. Click here to watch Stewart liken the first post-writers' strike Oscars to "make-up sex."

5. Ellen DeGeneres (79th, 2007)
Between her snazzy suits and her ease in interacting with the star-studded audience, Ellen made hosting look like a breeze. Click here to watch her mug for a Myspace profile pic with Clint Eastwood.

4. Steve Martin (73rd, 2001; 75th, 2003)
Martin's cynical humor is both charming and off-putting... which makes for a delightful approach to a show as self-congratulatory as the Oscars. Click here to watch him poke fun at the nature of the Academy Awards.

3. Whoopi Goldberg (66th, 1994; 68th, 1996; 71st, 1999; 74th, 2002)
Goldberg made history for being the first woman ever to host the Oscars. And while I couldn't find any clips of her as master of Academy Awards ceremonies, her one-liners and costume changes are forever burned into my memory.

2. Johnny Carson (51st, 1979; 52nd, 1980; 53rd, 1981; 54th, 1982; 56th, 1984)
The Academy loved Carson so much that it let him host the show five times. And with good reason: His smirk-inducing punchlines never got stale.

And the award for Best Oscars Host goes to....

1. Billy Crystal (62nd, 1990; 63rd, 1991; 64th, 1992; 65th, 1993; 69th, 1997; 70th, 1998; 72nd, 2000; 76th, 2004)
He's hosted eight times. The man knows what he's doing.

Who's been your favorite Oscars host so far?

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  • sibowittz Oct 27, 2011

    My favorites were always Whoopi, Ellen, Hugh, and Rock!!!

  • sheronemus Feb 28, 2011

    This needs an update/correction.

  • sheronemus Feb 28, 2011

    What a travesty! I have no respect for this list. Bob Hope, a comedic genius and icon, hosted for 18 years. He should be #1 and Billy Crystal should be #2. Even Billy would agree. Did you pay attention to the awards tonight?

  • ShelleyJenkin Feb 17, 2011

    Why the hell didn't Bob Hope get a nod here??????

  • tictac_16 Mar 14, 2010

    I Loved Whoopi, Ellen, Hugh And this year's

  • sweet0634 Mar 13, 2010

    loved jackman's opening

  • iamApollo Mar 09, 2010

    Gotta love Jon Stewart!!

  • jonnyfan Mar 09, 2010

    Yeah, something is wrong here. Bob Hope should be #2 or 3 at least. Another mistake like the one made last night when Farrah Fawcett was missing from the tribute of the stars that passed away this past year.

  • ShawnMulligan Mar 08, 2010

    Uh, how could this list not include Bob Hope?

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