The Vampire Diaries "Into the Wild" Review: Island Time

By Noel Kirkpatrick

Feb 08, 2013

The Vampire Diaries S04E13: "Into the Wild"

"Elena Gilbert! You concocted and implemented a plan that resulted in the death of an Original (as well as the death thousands of other vampires), the trapping of another Original in a Magic Penalty Box (TM), and the shameless emotional manipulation of yet a third Original. Your actions forced the first two of those three Originals out of the Race for the Cure. What are you going to do next?"

"I’m going to Nova Scotia!”

Yes, after killing Kol and causing Jeremy to Hulk out as his magical tattoo grew three sizes in a day—note that everyone can see it now for no discernible reason other than, well, it’s completed, I guess—Elena, Jeremy, Damon, Stefan, Rebekah, Bonnie, and Shane all headed to an island off the mainland coast of Nova Scotia because that’s where Silas was buried along with the cure. Poor Caroline and Tyler, who, after being AWOL for a while, had to babysit Klaus.

Matt, well, he’s probably glad he had to work at the Grill.

Putting a bunch of the show’s characters plus Jeremy (who at this point is more plot device than character, let’s be honest) on an island felt like TVD’s attempt at a woodsy bottle episode of sorts. On an island, there’s no getting out of town for the evening, no cell reception to send urgent text messages. You can wander away from camp to kind of cool off, sure, but with SURPRISE TOMAHAWKS and SURPRISE ARCHERS and SURPRISE HUNTERS everywhere, it’s not really the safest of safe ideas. And so with all the comforts of a regular episode taken away from them, our newfound islanders were forced to deal with some long-simmering tensions in their relationships and to explore what the cure means for them.

Shane didn’t care about the cure, though; he just wanted Silas to come back to life so that Silas could do some necromancing and bring Shane's son and wife back from the great beyond. I’m sympathetic to missing lost loved ones, but the guy has already organized two massacres and seems primed to kill at least a couple more folks—my money’s on Bonnie and Jeremy—in his quest. Anyway, it turned out that dripping blood, or almost bleeding out, in the well where Silas was buried could bring back loved ones. Something about as long as there's blood flowing. And since Shane didn’t tie his spelunking ropes correctly, he was bleeding enough to get a full “How to raise the first immortal being” walkthrough from a manifestation of his dead wife.

I understand Shane’s pain and his grief, and this sort of thing is TVD’s bread and butter, but TVD has placed a value on people who work to move past that kind of emotional trauma and carry on. Elena and Jeremy lost their parents, they carried on. They lost Jenna, they carried on. Caroline lost her dad, who pretty much hated who she was, she carried on. The Salvatores have lost so much, including each other for a while (and now again), and they've carried on (as well as embarked on a murder spree, in Stefan’s case, but... bygones). So Shane’s obsession with resurrecting his family was a touch dysfunctional, especially since it would result in lots and lots of people dying.

To be fair, though, other people were also obsessed with the cure, and it was leading them in circles and allowing Shane to operate as freely as he pleased. While they should've been searching for Jeremy, or noticing that Bonnie was missing way sooner than they actually did, they were instead having conversations about their lives and their romances, and how those things were bound up in the search.

One of the problems I’ve sort of had with this show for much of its run, but especially this season, is that being a vampire never seems particularly horrible. Powers, really intense sex, compulsion, drinking at all hours of the day... what’s not to like? Well, the immortality aspect, apparently. See, I can understand this from the Originals’ perspective, but a lot of their issues aren’t just rooted in being immortal. Their family dynamics are seriously screwed up, and that’s going to try anyone’s sanity. But up to this point, the majority of the vampires we’ve met haven’t been terribly mopey about their status.

So I empathize with Rebekah, who is just so distraught over all the betrayal surrounding her that she’d very much like to lead a normal life, go to high school dances and have a partner who isn’t emotionally manipulating her or trying to make his ex jealous, and then finally die. Vampirism has been, as she said in the episode, a miserable existence for her. I can even understand Elena’s desire for the cure since this was not part of her life’s plan, even when she was neck-deep in love with Stefan. But Stefan’s motivation is a bit murkier. I mean, he hasn’t expressed much interest in a life beyond the one he’s led; while he’s never been thrilled with his situation, he’s made something functional out of it.

Of course, the reason Stefan wants the cure is likely that he believes being mortal will make Elena love him again, the same way that Damon fears that Elena re-achieving her mortality will probably ruin his relationship with her, as Shane noted during his little torture sequence. So the cure has become just another way to dramatize the love triangle, for better or for worse.

Back at the Gilbert residence, Tyler decided to take advantage of Klaus being trapped, and seized the opportunity to do some gloating. Which is fine, dude deserves as much, but when Klaus is backed into a corner, Evil Klaus takes over for Mopey Lonely Klaus—and so Tyler’s little “How do you like it now?!”ing resulted in Caroline getting impaled on a lamp and Klaus taking a big bite out of her.

At this point, there’s not much reason to find Klaus redeemable, but TVD would very much like us to continue to find him such, and so he ended up healing Caroline at the last possible second as she talked about how there are glimmers of humanity in him; he no doubt feels that Caroline brings those glimmers out. It was a mean con for Tyler and Caroline to play, preying on Klaus’s loneliness. Indeed, it was pretty much what Stefan did to Rebekah last week, just not as successfully, since Rebekah was onto the game.

But all of this—the search for the cure, raising Silas, the romantic entanglements, and whatever the plan for Klaus is—has to be coming to a head soon. And with Damon captured by a Hunter on the island, Elena, Stefan, and Rebekah will have to make some tough choices about what’s more important: the cure, stopping Shane from resurrecting Silas, or possibly needing to save Damon from a guy who’d like to kill him.


– Dear everyone looking for the cure, three things: 1) I don’t know why you guys think it’s real. Sun-Moon curse, anyone? 2) Why do you assume it’s this thing you can pass around like a bong? What if it’s just a one-hit wonder, and only a single person gets to take it? Has that not crossed your mind? Like, at all? 3) Even if you do take it, what makes you think it won’t just rapidly advance you to the age you actually are? Magic is tricky shit like that.

– “Or I won’t look like anything because I’ll have gouged your eyeballs out of their sockets.”

– “What about me?” “You have a nice behind.” Well, at least Rebekah likes some parts of Damon.

– “I’ve been staring at pictures of Jeremy’s tattoos and there’s no spell.” Bonnie, no one believes that you were taking those pictures to study them. It’s really okay.

– Bonnie’s related to Qetsiyah? Of course she is.

– I really hope Shane got a byline out of his little cave-diving sojourn. I mean, bleeding a lot in a cave and seeing his dead wife should be enough to get him published, provided he doesn’t perish on the island, of course.

What'd you think of this week's episode?

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  • Klara93 Feb 12, 2013

    THE ORIGINALS SPOILER (sort of...)

    Just read an article on zap2it by Carina Mackenzie on what The Originals will be about. Aparrantly it will be a show about a human main character, unaware of the mysterical creatures of the night, who finds herself torn between two vampire brothers. Wait what? Haven't I already seen this show?

  • Veronikamdov Feb 12, 2013

    I read somewhere it´s not right that writers didn´t confirm anything like that... And I really hope they didn´t because otherwise I won´t waste my time with that show..despite the fact I love Klaus..this would be pathetic.

  • Klara93 Feb 12, 2013

    Oh I hope that you are right! I agree.

  • bethm06 Feb 12, 2013

    I'm OK with that as long as the two brothers she's torn between are Klaus and one of the other Originals (Elijah or Kol)...though I'd rather have Klaus and Caroline on the show....

  • eliana1st Feb 12, 2013

    yes klaroline can handle a show,...

  • Klara93 Feb 12, 2013


  • StephanieGeorge Feb 12, 2013

    I agree with the whole cure thing. They all believe that they are going to find the cure and everything is going to hunky dorey but let's not forget that Silas plans to eradicate all life and it's not likely they'd be human long enough to appreciate it. Big downside there. It's like one of those medicine commercials. "Feeling itchy in the sunlight? Has your long, unending existence got you down? Try Vampirnix! A cure-all for vampirism! No more brooding, ripper rages, or need to put on copious amount of sunscreen. Talk to your tomb robber for Vampirix today! *whispered voice speaking quickly* Caution: May cause squabbling, back stabbing, manipulation, and massacres. Some users of this cure may also experience the end of the world as they know it and most likely death.Use as prescribed by your witch.

  • Madelynn1984 Feb 12, 2013

    Hahahaha. "Some users of this cure may also experience the end of the world as they know it and most likely death." :)

  • Lala22 Feb 12, 2013

    I seriously ship Damon and Elena, but I couldn't stomach another one of their sire-bs talks. Ughh they turn into Stelena (no offense). Elena clearly is a problem here; Damon and Stefan are decent characters on their own, but Elena has no personality whatsoever. I bet that if they put her with Elijah, she would manage to make him dull too.
    Bonnie's touching Jeremy's chest made me really uncomfortable. Idk why. it was more intimate then if they kissed or even had sex. Weird.
    It was the first time that I disliked an episode of TVD, and only Rebekah and Klaus managed to make it watchable for me, so bare with me, while I let it out, please:-)

  • InsanelyMe Feb 11, 2013

    Okay, Rebekah-lovers look away.

    I am about to go on a tangent about the busty, blonde, bitching, Original bimbo.

    I get that she's (not-so-)secretly kind and finally someone who gives zero f***s about Elena (although I really don't mind Elena), but I am seriously sick of Rebekah. It was adorable when she yelled at Klaus about how nobody will tell stories about him or remember him, but she has given so many speeches about how she really wanted to be human that WE GET IT. Rebekah, we knew you wanted to be human since the twenties flashbacks. You have seriously hit the pathetic-mark.
    And I don't think you're the villain (mostly). I don't think that you're "the bad guy" and the rest are "good guys". However, you are bitchy, spiteful, rude, careless, vengeful and irritating. You thought Elena was pointless on the cure search? You were carrying the tombstone. You're a carrier. Big whoop. Get over yourself.
    Stebekah: the big relationship right now. I hate you, Stebekah. I'm not saying Stefan should be with Elena (totes team Delena) or moping or lonely. I think he'd be better with someone more interesting. Rebekah holds a quality that we're seeing too much (arrogant but secretly wants to be human) and their "careless" (not careless, the liars) relationship seems so substance-less and trivial and a waste of time, and I'm becoming seriously sick of it with her. He'd work much better with someone different and more opposite to Stefan. Like Katherine. Stetherine would be fantastic. I just... Stebekah kind of makes me sick to my stomach. Stetherine would be shocking and more of a reveal and cool and edgy and make Stefan seem like more of a villain, the Ripper, which was really awesome and interesting (and actually held a serious plotline for Stefan). Stebekah is just Stefan trying to get over Elena (which he can't; Stefan, you're still in love with her, whatever). Stefan really did once love Katherine (I believe) and Kat loved him. Stefan and Rebekah were infatuated with each other in a blood-booze-and-sex haze in the twenties that didn't really mean much.

    This has become a Stefan and Rebekah rant, but whatever.
    Those are my thoughts. I don't think anybody agrees, but those are my thoughts.

  • amnisias Feb 12, 2013

    Very apt user name!
    You know it's just a very silly, OTT TV show you're talking about, right?

  • InsanelyMe Feb 12, 2013

    Yeah, I'm just sick of having everybody look at me funny when I drop the I-hate-Rebekah bomb. So I'm stating it. Very clearly.

    I hate Rebekah. (*smiles big with a thumbs up*)

  • chris17blue Feb 12, 2013

    Oh wow! You did say look away but I happen to read this...

    "Rebekah, we knew you wanted to be human since the twenties flashbacks. You have seriously hit the pathetic-mark." --

    I see nothing pathetic about wanting to be human. Personally, I think she wants to be human so that she can find love. Wanting to find true love, have a family, how is she pathetic?

    "However, you are bitchy, spiteful, rude, careless, vengeful and irritating"--

    Some of these things may be true, but she has been all of that only to ELENA and not everyone else. PLEASE let's not forget she wanted to be Elena's friend, and Elena stabbed her in the back with a stake. (literally) So I think you like Elena to be saying all of these horrible things about Rebekah. On the other hand, I find Elena insufferable, obnoxious and self-obsessed hypocrite. So, I really can't understad where you coming from ? ? Are we watching the same show ?

  • Veronikamdov Feb 12, 2013

    You can´t find love if you´re a vampire? Actually you would have plenty of time find the "right one" human you have like 20 years..if u wanna have kids. That´s why people end with wrong persons.

  • InsanelyMe Feb 12, 2013

    Oh, I'm no Elena fan. Plus, when I said spiteful, I specifically meant to Klaus. Rebekah is kind of adorable in a try-hard way around Matt, but now that she's with Stefan, I just can't find anything likeable about her. I also think she's hit pathetic because her speeches were good and reasonable... at first. But she's just said it too many times. And we get it. Humanity. She wants it.
    She wants the H.

  • eliana1st Feb 12, 2013


  • Lala22 Feb 12, 2013

    You warned and I should have looked away... I respect your opinion and I am not going to argue or convince you that Rebekah is awesome. It's just funny how people watching the same show can have such polarizing views.

  • InsanelyMe Feb 12, 2013

    Too true. I don't think Shane is creepy either--I love the guy. Then people are like "The creep!" and I'm just like "Oh... it's just me."

  • Dre5d Feb 11, 2013

    like tvd history there will be some twist to the whole cure thing

  • doctorwho747 Feb 11, 2013

    This review talks about the previous episode as well as this one. Wow what an intense episode, there were revelations, action, several kidnappings, and betrayal. Despite the things that Damon does sometimes that make him an a**, there are many times when people should listen to him, from the first moment Shane came on Damon didn't trust him the moment he met him, and if I recall correctly neither did saying that all weird mystical people who show up turn out to be evil. But that is how it goes and the interrogation scene was worth it. With the last couple episodes Elena has finally utilized her vampire abilities especially when the Gilbert siblings teamed up against Kol. Also out of all the originals the only one I have ever had some sympathy for was Rebekah, and despite me wanting to stake her myself in "After School Special" Since than and in the previous episode we have been reminded of all the betrayals she went though, how she really has wanted since her character came on was to attend a high school dance, I actually wanted to hug her after seeing the sad look on her face when Stefan told her the dance was canceled, but the smile she hid when attemtping to do the Breakfast Club Slide made up for it. And most of all she wants to love and be loved as a human. Something happened in the last episode i'm sure certain millions of fans were waitin to see, Jeremy's Hulk impersonation an completely shirtless. Speaking of that anyone else think that in the scene where Bonnie is taking pictures there was a hint of a possible rekindling? Bonnie certainly took her chance to touch his chest and he certainly did not seem to mind one bit. Bonnie has become the second half season 2 badass again, only this time it was through manipulation and will lead to no good. And than there's Shane who just when we thought he couldn't be more evil, this is when he really showed his true colors. And than of course there was Tyler confronting Klaus, which I'm sure everyone knew would go wrong. Loved when Caroline showed up and called Klaus out on all the things he did especially reminding him and us about Jenna. But once she got close I actually was caught up in what she was saying I was surprised when Klaus grebbed her. We all knew Caroline wouldn't die, which actually led to one of the best scenes of the series with dying Caroline actually getting through to the humanity that Klaus buries, but she manages to bring it out and when Klaus thought she was dead and had tears in his eyes I actaually for the first time felt for him
    Okay here is my predictions about certain things
    The Cure: It will be one of these
    1 doesn't exist 2. does exist but will be taken by someone and the group will have to give chase. 3. The cure exists but something happens where it can only used once, or that's the way it already is. Just imagine Elena vs Rebekah on that one!
    Silas and Katsia
    1 I think that Silas if in physical form will kill Shane right away, or if he will somehow posess him
    2. I think that Katsia who is a spirit and Bonnie's ancestor will posses Bonnie and either help fight Silas or be a big bad either way it will be for the rest of the season. Now the thing is we know that witch spirits can posses alive witches, we saw Esther do it to Bonnie and the Klaus Tyler body switch so some might think it's old. Either way there will be bad consequences for Bonnie using dark magic, but from the look of next episode Jeremy says to Bonnie he will get them through what's happening so maybe if he rips off his shirt his biceps will distract everyone and Bonnie kicks some a**! lol

  • heartzkidnapper Feb 11, 2013

    Geez , i really <3 Rebecca!!!
    She proved that she really cares about other and she is just talking trashy all the way "Bad talking -Good actions", in the other hand , you can see that Elena pretend to be the good girl , talking to others in a good way but at the end backstabbing Rebecca "Good talking , Bad Actions"!!! I know am alittle too harsh on Elena but come on , the last couple of episodes makes me fall into REBECCA!!!!<3

  • BrookeDsBaby Feb 11, 2013

    Rebekah is THE best part of this show. My favourite character on television right now.

  • Klara93 Feb 11, 2013

    I don't see much future for the Klaroline ship since Joseph is (probably) moving to The Originals and also because even though they have great chemistry Klaus has done way to much to derserve her forgivness. But I came to think about what Klaus said to her in episode 3x20:

    "Perhaps one day, or a year, or even in a century, you'll turn up at my door and let me show you what the world has to offer.". Wouldn't it be awesome that in the finale of the show we see Caroline leave MF and show up at Klaus doorstep and then we see them leave together. God I'm such a fangirl...

  • Madelynn1984 Feb 12, 2013

    I was thinking they could still develop the relationship if they wanted to, albeit very slowly, with a few crossovers, and they could even have Caroline do several episodes of the Originals show in a row from time to time. I mean, she wasn't in like three episodes of TVD in a row this season, right? We would first need Caroline to break up with Tyler for a non-Klaus related reason over on TVD. I know it seems now like she can never forgive him, but the writers can trick us in to anything down the road. :) I didn't actually think they'd ever manage to successfully hook Elena and Damon up, since she and Stefan were *soulmates* and all. . . but here we are with her bangin' the other Salvatore!

  • Klara93 Feb 12, 2013

    You are so right my friend. So right :D

  • Klara93 Feb 11, 2013

    And also since Caroline is way more awesome than Elena, imagine what the show would be like if we had her as the main character and instead of the annoying love trianglen with the salvatore bros we'd have the villain Klaus. What the heck, throw away The Originals spinoff and give Caroline her own show instead (with Joseph ofc) :D

  • Klaus-loves Feb 11, 2013

    So basically what they did was capture a wild tiger then sit by it's cage and prod it. Don't be surprised when it prods you back. Tyler caused this with his taunting.

  • eliana1st Feb 11, 2013

    you tube (dot) com (slash)watch?v=NQvHvMVnPsM
    i found this today and i though i share it here with the other Klaus fans out there,...
    THAT LOOK of his that i looooove,...

  • Lala22 Feb 12, 2013

    I checked it out and loved it, thanks. I totally had a fangirl moment.Joseph Morgan is such a great actor, and he totally deserves his own show.
    Klaus is my favorite character on TVD, along with Rebekah and Kol, and I was really looking forward to The Originals (but not less so with Kol gone and Rebekah still not confirmed)

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