The Veronica Mars Season 2 Dossier: Episodes 9-12

By Price Peterson

Jul 07, 2012

Like a jacuzzi sabotaged by a poltergeist, things are really heating up! (Huh?) Well, we're at the halfway point of Season 2 and the plotlines have just begun to gel. Someone died! Someone returned! Someone left, possibly forever! And the characters are finally getting around to cracking open one of the town's central mysteries, that awful bus crash. I know Neptune isn't a real place, but in what world would people be so disinterested in the highly mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of a dozen students? That thing would've made national news for weeks! Oh, Neptune. Anyway, yeah, four more episodes, four more things that made my brain tingle this week.

Okay, let's figure out what smells so weird in the back row!

Season 2, Episode 9: "My Mother, the Fiend"

Case of the week: This episode was baby madness! Just tons of baby plotlines piled to the rafters. The main baby plot involved some parental backstory: Under threat of suspension, Veronica was tasked with manually organizing the high school's personnel files when she stumbled across her own mother's records. It turned out the future Lianne Mars had been suspended for spreading "malicious" rumors, so Veronica took it upon herself to figure out what exactly happened (especially once she'd discovered that Celeste Kane had been involved somehow). As it turned out, the drama revolved around a secret pregnancy and an abandoned baby (in the school bathroom during prom!) back in the day. Whereas Veronica initially suspected her mother had been a rumor-mongering mean girl in school, she made a heartwarming discovery instead: Lianne had only admitted to falsifying a rumor in order to protect her deaf friend who actually did have a baby with a teacher. That teacher? The current principal. Oh, and that baby? Trina Echolls!

In a pretty amusing twist, Trina wholeheartedly agreed to help Veronica uncover her birth parents, which led to the scandalous outing of the principal as a baby-abandoner. In a final twist it was revealed that the vice principal had put Veronica up to this whole thing intentionally so that he'd usurp his boss's title, thus earning him Veronica's (and our) respect.

The plot thickens: The episode began with Logan getting revenge on Weevil and the PCHers for having him abducted and mentally tortured: Weevil got jumped and then duct-taped to the flagpole (i.e. the most popular pastime at Neptune High). Anyway, surprisingly enough, Weevil kind of forgave Logan and admitted that he no longer believed Logan had murdered Felix, and they struck up an alliance to work together and find the real killer. In other news, Cassidy set up a fake business with Kendall—a not terribly interesting turn of events, but the time devoted to this particular scene suggested it'll be pretty important later. Also—and I guess I missed this when we first learned there was something taped underneath the bus seat—it was a DEAD RAT. One more reason for Veronica to suspect she'd been targeted.

Finally, the BIG reveal capitalized on the previous episode's cliffhanger. What exactly in Meg's intercepted letter had shocked Duncan so bad? As Veronica herself discovered after sneaking into Meg's hospital room and finding dual heart monitors... Meg was pregnant!

Oh, and then Meg woke up. Dang!

Episode verdict: Loved this episode. That reveal was simultaneously shocking and heartbreaking. Plus it took one of the show's most annoying characters (Trina) and made her both sympathetic and sort of amazing. I mean, her hilarious verbal showdown with Kendall was truly something special. I also loved learning about the various sordid lives of the Neptune faculty. But it was nice that Veronica got to see a better side of her mother than we usually do, and in the process learned that Veronica knows a bit of sign language to boot. Heartwarming! All that, plus the repeated joke about Veronica's casual neglect of her animatronic baby and this episode was just a major winner.

Season 2, Episode 10: "One Angry Veronica"

Case of the week: Just as Veronica readied herself for a much-needed holiday vacation, Keith broke the news to her that she'd been called in for jury duty. When her 11 jaded peers decided that the young'un should be the foreman, Veronica soon found herself presiding over a case where two rich kids had been accused of beating up a hooker. In a pretty fun spin on 12 Angry Men, a single holdout managed to change the minds of the rest of her peers (along with Veronica's help) by systematically poking holes in the boys' seemingly airtight defense. As a reward for her valiant leadership skills, a fellow jury member took Veronica aside and strongly hinted that she could get Veronica a full-ride scholarship to the local private university if she wanted it.

The plot thickens: The main case of this episode involved the theft and sale of the sex tapes Aaron Echolls made of himself and Lilly Kane. Putting aside the fact that they were essentially child porn, apparently every tabloid in town wanted to buy them! After Mayor Woody tasked Keith with figuring out which member of the Sheriff's department had leaked them, Keith eventually discovered that Deputy Leo had done it in order to raise funds for his disabled sister. The eventual buyer? None other than Logan Echolls, who proceeded to erase every last tape. Claiming he'd still testify in court against his father, Logan most likely put the entire case against Aaron Echolls in jeopardy.

Meanwhile Veronica discovered that the letter to Meg that Duncan had intercepted had been an invitation to Meg from her aunt to come stay with her and raise the baby. Unfortunately the crash had changed things. (Her pregnancy also explained Meg's parents' inexplicable refusal to let Duncan visit her.) In a fairly devastating (yet low-key) scene, we learned that Meg had died suddenly while in the hospital and her baby was saved, which put extra importance on Meg's earlier plea to Veronica that, should anything happen to her, Veronica had to make sure Meg's parents didn't get to raise the baby. Veronica, of course, agreed.

Oh, and Wallace came back. So. Welcome back, Wallace.

Episode verdict: Man do I hate it when people tamper with justice, so I'm pretty livid at Deputy Leo and Logan right now. Still, the episode was surprising (and surprisingly heartbreaking!). Also I'm an absolute sucker for Christmas episodes of any show. I don't know what it is about Christmas episodes. Wrap colored lights around a bush and suddenly it's my favorite episode. Have you ever noticed how in holiday episodes the entire holiday season is compressed into three days' time? Instead of the full month of decorations and parties and sobbing in mall parking lots and whatnot, characters on TV seem to decorate their trees on Christmas Eve and then the next day is New Year's Eve? TV is weird!

Season 2, Episode 11: "Donut Run"

Case of the week: This episode's case of the week was also integral to the show's overall mythology. After a fairly public break-up in which Veronica disapproved of Duncan's relationships with Meg and Kendall respectively, Duncan absconded with Meg's baby and Veronica was arrested for being an accessory. It seemed everyone in town wanted Duncan found and pretty soon the FBI was called in to step on Sheriff Lamb's toes a ton. After a number of misdirections (both to the cops and to us the viewers), we came to find out that Veronica and Duncan had merely staged their break-up and Veronica was indeed helping him flee the country.

Ultimately their efforts worked: After bribing Vinnie Van Lowe into helping—and tricking Sheriff Lamb into crossing the border with Duncan in his trunk—Duncan was last seen in a pickup truck heading further and further away from the States. Meanwhile, for her part, Veronica was devastated to have lost her boyfriend forever (seemingly). Veronica's fortune-cookie fortune—in addition to ridiculously including the numbers from Lost—was absolutely heartbreaking:

Adding to the heartbreak: Keith Mars discovered what Veronica had done and, in a pretty brutal father-daughter moment, told her he'd never be able to trust her again. Sad!

Slightly less devastating: We learned that Wallace returned to Neptune because he'd been involved in a DUI-related accident back in Chicago. Just when he thought he'd be rid of that drama, a Chicago reporter showed up to question him!

The plot thickens: In addition to all that business with Duncan's infant child (whom he named Lilly!), Logan and Weevil learned more about Neptune's various drug-dealing circles. Their main suspicion involved rogue PCHers being in league with the local gang of Irish scuzzballs, the Fitzpatricks. But a second quasi-motive came to light: Felix had been dating Molly Fitzpatrick! Uh-oh, was his murder related to some kind of Romeo and Juliet-type situation?

Don't I know you from somewhere?

Hey, Lucy Lawless! While it's true that Lucy Lawless plays awesome characters only 100 percent of the time, her FBI agent character was especially crowd-pleasing when she verbally manhandled Sheriff Lamb right off the bat. THE BEST.

Episode verdict: Man, the baby abduction drama was stressful! I don't mean to brag, but this was probably the first episode where I correctly guessed the twist: That Veronica and Duncan hadn't broken up and she was actually helping him. But even knowing that was the case didn't take away from this episode's effectiveness. His secret next-door lair was a fun reveal, plus that emotional final moment on a Mexican highway. Just a great episode. And a fitting send-off for Duncan too. I was aware that the character wouldn't be around for the entire season, so I'm guessing this was it for him. It makes sense, too... as much as he and Veronica were a good match, there's only so much you can do dramatically with a happy relationship, you know? I'm kind of glad she's back to being a free agent again. Great episode.

Season 2, Episode 12: "Rashard and Wallace Go to White Castle"

Case of the week: This episode's case was all about Wallace's "incident" in Chicago. After deciding that telling the truth was doing the right thing, Wallace found everything blowing up in his face after the star athlete who'd been driving that night started paying off witnesses to say that Wallace had been the one behind the wheel. So when that athlete (and his conniving uncle) visited UCLA for a recruitment meeting, Wallace, Veronica, and (in a surprise twist!) Jackie successfully plotted to steal the uncle's phone and were able to blackmail him into retracting the false allegations.

The plot thickens: This week Keith delved full-throttle into the bus-crash case, even illegally obtaining sealed evidence from the sheriff's station (cool hypocrisy, dad!). In a series of flashbacks we got to see the original interviews of people in the know: Dick Casablancas revealed that he'd ordered the limo because of a stench on the bus, and Gia Goodman dropped the nugget that her father had personally told her not to get on the bus. So while Veronica still believed that the dead rat had been a warning to not testify against Aaron Echolls, Keith now believed that the dead rat was actually a way to get all the rich kids off the bus. But then a new possibility opened up: Apparently the dangerously in-debt Terrence Cook (Jackie's dad) had been dating the Top Model journalism teacher in secret! And the episode ended in a rare display of Sheriff Lamb being on top of things: Local news reports stated that Lamb had arrested Cook already.

Meanwhile in the Felix murder situation, Veronica verified that the PCHers had been working with the Fitzpatricks after she placed a hidden camera in Father Fitzpatrick's confessional booth at the church both gangs attended. As it turned out, they'd been passing drugs back and forth via hollowed-out hymnals. Things also took a bad turn for Weevil when he confronted his cohort Thumper over working with the Fitzpatricks and it turned out the ENTIRE gang was going behind Weevil's back. Then they kicked the crap out of him and Thumper strongly hinted he'd been the one to kill Felix (or something).

Don't I know you from somewhere?

Oh, so this is a thing now! Britt Daniel, the lead singer of Spoon, got to take a turn on the karaoke stage, singing Elvis Costello's "Veronica." He definitely did a better job than that Dandy Warhols dude. Yeah, I was into it.

Episode verdict: You know, I'm not totally riveted by the Felix murder plotline. I'm just not. It's nowhere near as exciting as the bus-crash case, so I found myself getting kind of bored or impatient every time we cut back to Weevil's shenanigans. But other than that, it was a solid effort if not the most memorable case of the week (Wallace has that effect on me).

I'm definitely liking where things are headed now. I did NOT see that Duncan exit coming, so for a show to ceremoniously dismiss a MAIN character like that means that anything is possible from here on out. Stakes: raised. My interest: piqued!


... Is the hotel penthouse Logan lives in still under Duncan's name?

... Were you bummed about Deputy Leo's downfall?

... Did Veronica do the right thing in helping Duncan abduct Lil' Lilly?

... Do YOU listen to The Virgin Suicides soundtrack on a loop when YOU'RE going through a fake break-up?

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  • samdermot76 Feb 04, 2015

    It's funny, when I started watching the show, (I believe it was '06 or '07 and it was still free on Demand.) I did not like Logan much, I mean I felt sorry for him...having a famous Dad who abused him...but overall he was such a jackass. So imagine my surprise that by the 1st season closer I had become a Logan fan and really hoped that he didn't kill Lilly. I never even REMOTELY suspected his Dad even with knowing how much of a ladies man he was. Finding out that Veronica had broken up with Logan and started dating Duncan again...I was like...NOoooo! Seriously? I almost quit watching it. Then the bus crash and I knew I had to keep watching. About the Felix mystery...I agree with the writer of the article...I just wasn't feeling it. The problem for me was they were trying to juggle two big unrelated mysteries at once, some somewhat smaller mysteries (like the thing with Meg.) romances and of course the usual mini mysteries in most episodes. For me, it just made season 2 way to congested. That being said...the episode where Logan absconded with the baby is my favorite of the season...and 1 inconsistancy: During that episode it's plain to see that Celeste and Jake Kane did not know about Duncan grabbing the baby, yet (I think) the last episode of S2 is Aaron Echolls shot by Clarence Weidman who is employed by Kane software. And shows them talking by phone. So that says to me...that at some point his parents know....anyone have any ideas?

  • GirishKrishna1 Jul 22, 2013

    Oh my effing God! How adorable is Veronica in that elf hat! I still don't understand why such an amazing girl would ever date a half-psycho like Duncan (or Logan for that matter)! She deserves so much more! This season has been great so far (I'm watching it for the first time).

  • shootingstar609 Jul 17, 2012

    My favorite part of "donut run" was Lucy Lawless snapping Lamb at every opportunity and then him pathetically trying to create some common ground with her by saying he tried out to be an FBI agent but didn't pass some part of the test. And, she doesn't take any of his crap for one second. Right from the beginning she doesn't buy Veronica as the "threat" Lamb makes her out to be, the scene where Lamb introduces Lucy Lawless and Veronica is priceless. If she really wanted to live in a small town I'd say she should be the sheriff.

  • Bookgirl13 Jul 10, 2012

    Another fun review for this obsessed fan! I'm with the first commenter here- I'd love to have you pick out a quote or 2 from each episode that made you laugh or snort or guffaw, as the writing is so smart and funny. I personally rewind all of the time just so I can keep laughing...

    1. Good question....don't know. Logan basically moves in forever, so I assume that at some point he takes it over.

    2. SO bummed. I just loved him, he was such a doofus with a good heart.

    3. Absolutely! Time for Duncan to heave-ho and make room for Veronica to be with anyone else.

    4.Nope. I suspect that from now on I will marathon this show in that situation!

  • Anonymous_A Jul 10, 2012

    Yeah, one of the elements that made Veronica Mars so awesome was the witty dialogue.

  • CarolinaDazaL Jul 09, 2012

    I have a question. Do you like Logan? For your Season 2 review, it seems to me like you are more of a Duncan fan. I don't dislike Duncan, but when I watched Veronica Mars for the first time (Its the only tv series that i own the three seasons dvds) I was always amazed with Logan, even in his worst moments. I think it started in Season 1, Episode 6, when he was choosing belts... that moment was TOO intense for me... since then I always root for him, maybe even more than for Veronica!

  • MikeScott25 Jul 09, 2012

    I miss this show sooooooooooooooo much. I hate them for canceling it. And I hate WB for passing on the movie. They should seriously bring this show back. I've introduced so many people to this show since it went off the air and everyone loves it. They always ask me if there's going to be a Veronica Mars movie since that once was supposed to happen, even if it was only briefly. Sadly that doesn't look likely anymore. I wish they'd start a Kickstarter or something to raise money for one. I'd donate for sure. I'd also see the movie theatrically more than once and buy it on Blu-ray. I'd do anything to see Veronica Mars back in action. Though better yet would be another season of the show. I'd be the happiest person in the world if we were given more Veronica Mars.

  • bluemystique Jul 08, 2012


    - I was. I really enjoyed Deputy Leo. He was a stand up guy, even though he tampered with the investigation the way that he did. I really, really, really should have been disappointed with him...but then if I think about the justice system as a whole and get sad in my criminal justice loving heart I give him a pass.

    - Morally? Yes. After all the shizz they went through, there is a consensus.Get the hell outta Neptune and get as far as you can. Seriously, places one should never want to raise a kid Neptune, Mystic Falls, Chance Harbor, Roswell...point being, Meg's parents were sketchy and not pleasant folks, it honored Meg's memory, and Duncan sweet ole exceptionally boring Duncan needed that. Plus it was his only family, so I was pleased when he skipped off into the sunset with his sweet illegitimate daughter named after his dead hellraising sister, after being all but abandoned by his conniving rigid parents and losing his unfortunate baby mama. Fatherhood will suit him, so long as he stays on his meds. Damn that baby never stood a chance.

    - I opt for the Spice Girls. No? Too happy? Wait, I'm supposed to say like Adele or something right?

    I felt bad for Wallace this season. It was like they were trying to give him storylines to make him more interesting and it never really worked because most of the time it was just plain uninteresting. I liked Wallace. I always wanted to see him more well rounded as a character but it never really happened so eventually I accepted the fact that he would forever be V's sidekick/bestie....but only in scenes when she needed something.

    Weevil/Logan bromancin...actually I can't even call that a was like a mutual understanding, filled with mutual disdain laced with a thin layer of mutual respect. I don't know. I always liked it though. I was never really into who killed Felix either. half the time I kept forgetting that Felix was dead and I couldn't rememeber who Felix was etc. But I never expected Weevil getting cut out of his own gang. Ahh weevil wobbles but he doesn't go down.

    Lucy Lawless. That woman...I loved her so much growing up.

  • pcarlos Jul 09, 2012

    You usually see Lucy Lawless and you think Xena, right? But for some weird reason, I thought of her strange and brief role in X-Files. Good grief, I know...

  • pcarlos Jul 08, 2012

    I need professional help. I can't stop watching it....

  • bluemystique Jul 08, 2012

    It's okay. You're in like minded company so that means you don't need help. I for one got this really nostalgic thing going on like in May and I found myself wanting to see all these shows I watched years ago. I'm like on a UPN/WB sort of kick for real. It started with Veronica Mars, I've since rewatched Roswell, and I'm now onto...don't judge okay?...Felicity. I don't know what's happening to me! So if anyone needs help luv, it's me. YOU are fine!

  • pcarlos Jul 09, 2012

    I would NEVER judge. I 've just finished Felicity (great minds and all that), and before that it was also Dark Angel and BTVS. Also, I finished downloading The O.C. just yesterday.

  • Meba Jul 09, 2012

    Dark Angel! I remember putting the alarm at midnight to see it on TV (before the "legal" download era :P). I was so sad when they cancelled it! And the first season of O.C. is really good.

  • Anonymous_A Jul 10, 2012

    Oh how good The O.C. was in the beginning...

  • Meba Jul 09, 2012

    I really loved Felicity...even if near the end it became quite a mess..

  • Anonymous_A Jul 08, 2012

    Yeah, you can't take your eyes off of it because it's so awesome.

  • pcarlos Jul 09, 2012

    Exactly. I can't go to bed, because I just have to watch another one, and another one... You got the idea.

  • iShivi Jul 08, 2012

    Price, I'm kind of jealous of you right now. I wish I could go back and watch Veronica Mars like it was the first time. Watching it again would definitely be a joy (and I could definitely do it), but nothing is ever as grand as when you see it for the first time. You lucky, you!!

  • BrookeDsBaby Jul 08, 2012

    What is the movie that came out recently where the characters are talking about how amazing it is to read your favourite book for the first time? I think it was The Vow.

  • Sw33tEscape Jul 08, 2012

    Yep it was The Vow

  • torontogirl98 Jul 08, 2012

    I loved the FBI/Lamb dialogue in the kidnapping and the fact that she actually outsmarted them all. It was one of my favorites. And I was really bummed when Duncan left the first time I watched the show but now I am so glad that it actually happened to make way for the awesomeness that is LoVe!

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