The Walking Dead's Season 3 Finale vs. Game of Thrones' Season 3 Premiere: Which Episode Are You Going to Watch First?

By Staff

Mar 31, 2013

The Walking Dead's Season 3 finale airs tonight at 9pm. Game of Thrones' Season 3 premiere airs tonight at... 9pm. And after seeing the internet's latest take on the Syrio Forel "not today" meme, we have a feeling we know where most people's priorities lie. But that won't stop us from asking anyway...

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  • em_misc Apr 02, 2013

    walking dead!!!

  • RyanWilkins Apr 01, 2013

    So glad I watched TWD finale before GOT premiere. That piece of crap they call a finale was such a let down on the scale that only GOT premiere could have helped me forget about.

  • CiaraOHagan Apr 01, 2013

    I watched the Walking Dead first but that's just because I can't start a season when I still have a season to finish. It'd be different if Game of Thrones came back half way into the season but with the last episode I felt I had to watch TWD first. Of course I watched GOT immediately after so it all worked out.

  • DineshJegarajan Apr 01, 2013

    Watched walking dead first but damn, that finale was the most disappointing ever....At least game of thrones was a bit more interesting and we know there's still more to come.... just cant believe how they ended season 3 of TWD, unbelievably lame for all that build up...

  • smithinjapan Apr 01, 2013

    Try not to forget there WILL be another season. By that I mean I don't know if things with the Governor are over or not (I haven't read all the comics). I kind of hope they are, but at least the option is open for yet another stand off. I thought the final was rather well done, actually. Nice musical scoring, especially at the end. Not too heavy-handed with the metaphor at the end. Some decent action, lots of zombies killed, etc. The fight scene at the prison was admittedly anti-climatic, but that was necessary so that the Governor could kill his own people and ultimately Rick and crew accept the others. It was about contrast, and character. No big loss over Andrea, though.

  • spr12cr Apr 01, 2013

    Exactly! the episode felt more like the last one before the finale not the actual finale.

  • qbe_64 Apr 01, 2013

    Watched both (TWD first), loved neither. Pretty underwhelming night.

  • Tur42 Apr 01, 2013

    Considering you havent posted The Walking Dead finale's review yet, we know which one was your first choice staff :)

    I watched The Walking Dead first. with all do respect to GoT (and there's tons!), season finale beats season premier 9 times out of 10, and especially when its as good a show as TWD. not to mention, I've read all the Song of Ice and Fire books, its not like I'm going to be shocked or wowed by the events of the season 3 premier.

  • smithinjapan Apr 01, 2013

    I felt the same way, and yes I also noticed there's no finale review yet. :)

  • gdg07172004 Apr 01, 2013

    Game Of Thrones First and All the way

  • jtgreat_20 Apr 01, 2013

    the walking dead first. of course!

  • Vabz Apr 01, 2013

    I watched The Walking Dead first just because I felt like watching GoT last.
    My experience was - Walking Dead season finale was a lot more exciting, action packed and of course more fast. Since it was a finale, it had to be thrilling.
    While GoT was not bad, it was great as well, but it felt a bit slow and I felt it finished rapidly without delivering any main messages. All in all, can't wait to see how the story unfolds next episode and the rest of the season.

  • smithinjapan Apr 01, 2013

    I almost think a two-hour finale would have been more justified. I think it was well done, but as I said in an earlier post, while the episode was good, the fighting scene was a little anti-climatic. I can't wait for the next either, but sadly, we all have to -- at a zombie pace.

  • astatos Apr 01, 2013

    Walking Dead first. If it frustrates or angers me, I still have Game of Thrones to put me in a happy place.

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