The X Factor Top 8 Power Rankings: Who Do You Think Is Going Home Next?

By Staff

Nov 29, 2012

Welcome back to The X Factor's special brand of on-the-edge-of-a-trainwreck live performance shows! We were off last week for Thanksgiving, but Fox decided to go ahead with a holiday episode; while we were eating turkey, the show knocked out two of its weak links in Beatrice Miller and Arin Ray. Both contestants hailed from Britney's group, leaving her with only Carly Rose and Diamond. Going forward, it's going to be much tougher to identify the easy cuts, but of the remaining acts, Cece at #8 and Paige at #6 have historically been the most vulnerable.

And now, here's a quick review of this week's performances, presented in order of last week's audience vote ranking...

1. Carly Rose
- In case you forgot that this show is happening live, Mario Lopez apparently managed to catch Britney on her way back from the bathroom in time for Carly Rose's intro. At least he got her name right after last week's unfortunate "Sonenblurgh" incident. On song choice, Carly Rose again made a bold decision to sing Adele. This girl does not mess around with lesser-known stuff! It's go big or go home every single week and she crushed this one. Britney even brought out the wind-tunnel effect to match. L.A. said the performance wasn't actually Carly Rose's best, but it was still better than everyone else's. Demi muttered a mess of words that didn't really form a full sentence, but she was impressed. Simon thought the first half was good and the second half was sensational. We're expecting she'll defend her #1 ranking.

2. Tate Stevens - In the pre-song promo, we were reminded that Tate worked construction and will be hard-up for money without a recording contract to his name. L.A. responded with a reality check: Second place won't cut it. And Tate admitted that Carly Rose's showing was deserving of last week's top spot. You could see the fear in his eyes. And so this week, he played the guitar and even danced a bit during his performance of a Keith Urban song, and then broke out a banjo and some pyrotechnics to boot. It was faster, it was fun. Demi loved it and pined for a country singer of her own. Simon delivered some pretty funny bad news: Tate shouldn't be dancing. But we're confident he'll be in the running for the next few weeks at least.

3. Vino Alan - Vino's had three straight #3 rankings and L.A. wasn't satisfied by that, even if Vino was. "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" was pretty solid even though he strayed from his backup singers and dipped into a brief moment of reggae. Britney weighed in that Vino serves up the same thing each week and that he needs to freshen things up. Demi agreed. He had soul, but she wasn't entertained. Simon hated the song and called out the weird reggae turn. L.A. completely disagreed, but admitted some timing issues.

4. Emblem3 - In perhaps the most staged moment of the night, we were treated to a video of Emblem3 being mobbed by fans at The Grove in Los Angeles. Simon is really in full sales overdrive to make sure we know that the girls love these guys. They sang the Monkees' "I'm a Believer" with some girls in American flag cut-off jeans writhing in the background. It wasn't the group's best performance, but their stage presence was still superior to most of the other acts. L.A. says they ARE the X factor. Britney's also a believer, but she didn't like the song. Demi agreed and defended herself to Simon: "I'm a 20-year-old girl and those boys lost their spark." Simon came back with his trump card—"I've sold 300 million records, sweetheart"—and crowned it his favorite Emblem3 performance.

5. Diamond White - After two weeks of ballads, she upped her tempo with "I Wanna Dance with Somebody." Thus continued the season of Whitney, and again Diamond seemed up to the task. L.A. gave her an A for effort and a B for execution. Demi loved how fun the performance was, but wants Diamond to work on the performance. Simon actually loved it, calling it "an important performance." Given her unexpected return and ability to stay high in the rankings, it wouldn't be a surprise to see Diamond move into the Top 4 with Vino slipping back.

6. Paige Thomas - Last week Demi called Paige pitchy, by far the harshest criticism any judge has handed to their own act. In this week's intro, Paige said that Demi doesn't yet understand her as an artist—burn! But Demi did make a good point that Paige has only moved up the rankings in a week where the performance element was minimized. Naturally they compromised with a decision to Rickroll us, sensually. And L.A. absolutely loved it. Britney thought it was a risky move that worked. Simon thought it was the first time Paige looked like a legitimate pop star, and he was eager to throw Demi directly under the bus to credit Paige for the transformation.

7. Fifth Harmony - We were disappointed in America's #7 ranking for Fifth Harmony last week. It was a bit out-of-nowhere after the group spent a few weeks at the top of the rankings. We learned of some additional motivation for Ally, whose grandfather passed away during the week. The cameras made sure to focus on Ally as the song started, but the most interesting development was letting Lauren carry the song instead of Camilla. The result was solid enough, but L.A. heard unison instead of harmony. Britney and Demi came out on the positive side, but Demi thought it was strange that Fifth Harmony didn't move off a stationary platform during the performance. Demi's observation raises a legitimate question—can these girls dance? Simon again ignored any criticism and hyped up the performance.

8. Cece Frey - Cece is getting angry now! She's blaming America for her low ranking, but you know what? We like the fire. We miss Cece the villain. We might even miss the leopard spots. So after a proper pump-up for her performance, we were... generally impressed by her "Lady Marmalade" and its ridiculously over-the-top staging. L.A. said Cece would be going down, but that she'd go down fighting. He enjoyed "that circus." Britney said Cece stepped it up. Simon thought it was all too much and advised that she pack a suitcase. Demi boldly returned to the "Simon is too old for this" argument that eventually got Nicole Sherzinger fired last year.

"Let's do it live!" Our favorite judge and host moments this week

– Mario asked Britney to provide a song suggestion for Vino and she responded with a vague "something more up-tempo." L.A. offered "Oops, I Did It Again." Britney was quick on her feet with a funny "No."

– We loved Simon and Demi facing off over whether Simon would ever get married. They cut the argument short before it got personal, but is anyone else feeling like Demi's button-pushing might actually be getting to Simon?


1. What did you think of and Britney's music video? Why did she sound British?

2. Were you as impressed by Cece's "Lady Marmalade" as the non-Simon judges?

3. We're assuming you're excited about Alicia Keys' performance next week. But how about last year's runner-up Josh Krajcik?

4. Who do you think is heading home tonight?

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  • ch0c0nutz Nov 29, 2012

    1. that video was just stupid and the song didn't entertain me either... and i had high hopes for that

    2. cece's song choice was good, the whole stage thingy was too but she got lost sometimes... there were some blank moments during the song... guess she got distracted with everything that was going on on that stage...

    3. josh rocks!

    4. i hope it's paige cuz i'm tired of her

  • patsully Nov 29, 2012

    With you on Paige. Even though the judges loved the Rick Roll performance, that was probably the last song I wanted to hear her sing.

  • ch0c0nutz Nov 30, 2012

    i thought her performance was ok but she's boring and has no personality...

  • patsully Nov 29, 2012

    Wow, shocked at the lack of love for Vino in the poll... is it a result of his performance this week?

  • bendylegsnick Nov 29, 2012

    I still love Cece, there's something about that shot they use for her intro that's so incredibly cute and attractive, and I like her going back to being fierce, it's basically the reason I liked her in the first place. I still hate Paige, I didn't enjoy the performance at all, and I don't enjoy her. Tate was a lot more entertaining this week and that was fun, and I like him in general because he seems like a top bloke. I've not really got any thoughts on Fifth Harmony...they were ok I guess. Carly is just stupidly talented, it's just not a fair fight. Vino was definitely weak this time round, and I think it may put him in trouble. I still don't like Diamond, I thought her performance was ok. I still think Emblem 3 are incredible, if only for the bags of personality, charisma and stage presence they bring to the table. They may not sing the best, and they might be becoming cornered into particular songs, but they are 10 times more entertaining than everyone else...

  • shack88fan Nov 29, 2012

    So ready for Emblem 3 to go home! I feel like they should just send Carly and Tate through to the finale already. lol

  • patsully Nov 29, 2012

    But all those screaming girls at The Grove?

  • badugi Nov 29, 2012

    1. That video was a joke. So bad. The song may be good if you are drunk at a club and want to grind with someone while it's on. When Britney said she didn't like Emblem3's performance, if I were the guy in the tanktop I would have said "I didn't like your retarded video"

    2. I was impressed by Cece. She was way better at the beginning when she was sexy, sassy and playful instead of lately when she's been desperate to become lovable. This song showed more of that again. When the show was creating drama between her and Paige, I was 100% on team Cece, and I still am! I also think that Demi is the worst coach...worse than Britney!

    3. Don't really care4. VinoShort summary of what I thought:

    Diamond: I've been in love with her since the beginning. This performance was very hard for her since she has a hard time singing and moving. She doesn't need bright lights behing her to shine. I think she did very well and I believe she has the most potential out of everyone. I like her more than Carly because Carly is weird and makes funny faces...but as of ow Carly has more skill.

    Vino: He sucked alot. His movements on stage seem the same no matter what song he sings - gangsta. There are many songs he should be singing instead. He has a strong and unique soulful voice. Unfortunately, I feel he may be done.

    Paige: This was her best performance. She didn't need to wear outrageous costumes or fall from the sky...but she sucks big time and I can't wait for her to leave. I think America is voting for her because they don't want her to cry anymore.

    Tate: I love the song he sang. But I am totally bored of nice guy Tate. Nothing new from him. He is just a nice country singer. He will finish 5th.

    Carly Rose: I agreed with Simon that the end was better then the beginning, and I think that's how songs should be. She did a good job making us wait for the climax. She is 13 but I feel like she has the maturity of a 40yr old. I also think she makes weird faces when she sings. I admit that she has amazing talent and she must of been practicing her whole life. I believe she can win.

    Emblem3: I also believe these guys can win. I didn't like how the show set them up last night showing herds of girls (yes a herd...I saw some barn animals in there :)) chasing them and letting them go last after Britney's new video setting them up as the epic finale. Then they come on stage seeming so desperate pleading that this is all they want...blah...blah. I admit they are good and I have been a fan of the main guy in the hat since the beginning.

    Cece: She did pretty good. I like sassy sexy Cece. I loved when she sang - sexxy and I know it by LMFAO at the judges house. We need more of that. I need more of that :) I hope she stays or lasts longer than Paige...but I fear this won't be the case.

    5th harmony: I loved them at the beginning. But they havent done much. My favorite girl - Camilla, didn't have a solo as only 2 girls did. They need to sing songs with girl power and stick out more as individuals. They should sing some Spice girls or something...I think Simon knows a bit about that group.

  • patsully Nov 29, 2012

    Bold prediction on Tate, but I think you may be right. As each of the contestants tries to show they can do something outside their comfort zone, he might be unable to adjust. Especially after Simon killed his confidence with "don't dance."

  • 007intraining Nov 29, 2012

    1. You noticed the british too?
    2. No. I don't like Cece.
    3. I'm excited!
    4. Cece.

  • InkramNestoes Nov 29, 2012

    I gotta agree with Demi, Emblem3 really lost it, that was horrible. My favorites were Paige and Fifth Harmony. Cece can go and Emblem3 too.

  • patsully Nov 29, 2012

    I think Emblem3 has to get at least one more week to redeem themselves... Simon is clearly a big believer so I think he'd twist the rules to make sure they stay.

  • InkramNestoes Nov 29, 2012

    Yeah probably but Simon is also just too full of himself, he thinks he can do no wrong. Simon is just making another product for his company and the boys were so arrogant on stage after their performance. But yeah, I guess we'll see what happens.

  • AdaHui Nov 29, 2012

    Please America, for the love of music, send Cece home!

  • mwatzz Nov 30, 2012

    for the love of god(or wateva u love) send her home!