The X Factor's Top 10: Were You Surprised By Who Went Home This Week?

By Staff

Nov 16, 2012

Welcome back to more The X Factor, results as we've finally narrowed down to the Top 10 contestants with Thursday's double elimination. We guessed that Cece and Beatrice would be headed for the chopping block... and we were entirely incorrect. Neither was up for elimination and Cece's survival was particularly shocking. Her reaction was priceless and so was the way she ignored Paige's congratulations as she left the stage. Let the Cece Rehabilitation Tour continue!

Instead, Lyric145 was knocked out early as the last-place finisher after America voted. It's a darn shame that Simon didn't let them write their own songs along the way and Lyric da Queen called it out in her goodbye, saying those lyrics were "snatched away" from them "at the last minute." Simon offered only a smirk in response. We didn't get to see a reaction from L.A., but given his criticism of Simon's coaching, we're guessing his smug level was off the charts.

Following a Taylor Swift performance, Mario and Khloe re-introduced the judges and their contestants and called out, one by one, the acts who were safe. This process, of course, required two full commercial breaks to complete. But the best part by far was Mario completely spoiling the final result by announcing that only Paige or Jennel would move on, despite the fact that Fifth Harmony had not yet been announced as safe. Simon was not happy, to say the least.

For the first time, the sing-off resulted in two solid performances, but the result of the judges' choices was actually stunning. In true X Factor style, check out these performances before we reveal the result:

L.A. and Britney both voted to send Jennel home and Simon decided to stick a knife squarely in Demi's back by forcing her to choose between her acts before he would agree to weigh in. Mario's attempt to prevent this power move was feeble at best. So in an effort to even up the vote, Demi voted to send Paige Thomas home, but Simon quickly ended up Jennel's hopes to bring the votes to 3-1 in favor of Paige.

Good luck looking Paige in the eye next week, Demi! Love, Simon.

Power Rankings

See our last round of power rankings here.

10. Paige Thomas – She survived! But honestly, Jennel had been stronger across the entire competition, so it's sad to see Jennel leave. Especially while even more inconsistent acts (hey, Cece!) are still hanging around.

9. Arin Rey – Up two spots from last week

8. Beatrice Miller – Up two spots from last week

7. Diamond White – Down three spots from last week

6. Fifth Harmony – Down one spot from last week

5. Cece Frey – Up seven spots from last week. Seven!

4. Emblem3 – Up two spots from last week

3. Vino Alan – Holding down the #3 spot again

2. Carly Rose Sonneclar – Still unable to top the country star in the making

1. Tate Stevens – Back-to-back weeks at #1! And even better, he gave a shout-out to "Tate Nation," which is officially the best use of "nation" we can remember.

"Let's do it live!" Our favorite judge and host moments from Thursday's episode

– This was a trainwreck of an hour-long show on the hosting side of things. Khloe was apparently tired of being ignored, so she resorted to repeating instructions to Jennel and Paige to get off stage to prepare for their sing-off.

– As the sing-off was set to begin, Demi had no idea which of her two contestants was slated to sing first, which resulted in a painful intro.

– Mario dropped some math on us. Three percent of the votes separated the top four contestants. And less than a third of one percent separated the top two. Time to call Nate Silver in for our predictions.


1. Are you sad to see Jennel go home?

2. Was Simon cruel to Demi?

3. Cece jumped seven spots this week... how?

4. Are you part of Tate Nation?

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  • mwatzz Nov 19, 2012

    1. Jennel - too soon for her to have gone home
    2. Demi deserved it, her mentoring has been crap and dont see her coming back next season. Maybe its my age but I only know one song by Demi, i dont understand why she is on that judging panel. lacks the know-how to make decisions about someones musical career. totally incompetent imo
    3. Dont care for Cece, crappy attitude mediocre voice. no "x-factor" appeal, probably be a 1 hit wonder
    4. *sigh, Tate.... clearly people like country music. Personally I dont think he deserves to be a the top. I dont think his performances thus far warrant a 5million dollar payout.

    I think carly rose is amazing she should win this. lyric 145 were entertaining and their musicality was unrivaled by anyone in the competition.

  • AdaHui Nov 18, 2012

    1. Are you sad to see Jennel go home? -- Cece should have gone home, hands down no questions. Paige should have gone home before Jennel.
    2. Was Simon cruel to Demi? Simon's an idiot. He did this last year to Steve when he wanted things his way. Such a baby. He knows the rules but feels like changing them whenever the hell he wants. LOSER! And totally cruel.
    3. Cece jumped seven spots this week... how? Cry me a river, Cece! I think X Factor just jumped her up spots, she still sucked...majorly.
    4. Are you part of Tate Nation? YES!! GO Tate!!

  • ch0c0nutz Nov 18, 2012

    and one more thing: seriously, divas week and NO ONE performed a christina aguilera's song???

  • ch0c0nutz Nov 18, 2012

    1. i kinda am sad but truth is, demi screwed up...

    2. with that said, my answer is NO! yeah, well, maybe he's a bit cruel, but he's just telling her the truth!... cuz i've said it before, even tho i love demi, she is a really really bad mentor... she tries to change their images, their styles... that's why even tho she has really good competitors, she's not gonna win...

    3. maybe cuz ppl believe in her fake tears? lol i like her voice but i dont like her at all... even if they want to try and change her image, too late...

    4. hell yeah! he is great! maybe not MY favorite, but he's just too good and i wanted to cry during his performance this week cuz it was so powerful!... i wouldnt be sad if he won

  • borgsblueyes Nov 17, 2012

    I have to admit I love watching Cece each week because she is so utterly fake its hilarious. Can the production team at least give her a tissue with an onion in it so she can produce some tears when she fake cries? Cece is that mean girl in high school movies who will railroad anyone and do anything to get to the top. The worst thing is is that she will probably get there too.

  • ch0c0nutz Nov 18, 2012

    couldnt agree more!... cece does have a good voice but she is so F.A.K.E!!! at least she tries really hard to cry lol it's so funny! i do like her voice tho...

  • tigercub91 Nov 17, 2012

    CeCe is one of the best in the competition. Her performance this week was amazing, I wasn't surprised at all that she came in 5th place. I don't get why people are hating on her so much. Same with Demi. Demi even said that Paige decided what was on her stage this week. Jennel was just not likable I guess. Carly Rose is still the clear best in the competition, it really is hers to lose. I don't get the appeal of Vino or Tate. Vino is just a poor man's Chris Rene with his look and a bland generic vocal, and Tate is just a boring country singer. Tate's performance this week was awful, the annowingly screechy background vocals ruined anything he was doing. I was surprised none of the judges mentioned this.

  • ch0c0nutz Nov 18, 2012

    guess we arent watching the same show

  • AdaHui Nov 18, 2012

    lol I was thinking the same thing.

  • MeitalFineman Nov 17, 2012

    i cant belive jannel was sent home, demi totally screwed her with bad decisions and jannel took it and didnt protest cuz she wanted to suceed...
    lesson: simon is the worst and has no soul!!!

  • MichaelOwens4 Nov 17, 2012

    I wanna know who america sent home, Janel or Paige? Simon sucked eggs, Demi shoulda slapped

  • bendylegsnick Nov 16, 2012

    I loved Simon's power play! Especially when Mario admitted 'OK, you're the boss.'

  • ch0c0nutz Nov 18, 2012

    me too! i laughed so much cuz he was just like "i dont care cuz i'm the boss and i can do whatever i want"

  • patsully Nov 17, 2012

    It's kind of refreshing when he ignores the arbitrary rules. I wouldn't be surprised if he brought another eliminated act back at some point.

  • adeadlygame Nov 16, 2012

    I thought it was kinda stupid when they said people we up X amount in the rankings from the week before, I mean if Tate had gone from 1 to 3 then yeah he went down two points, but besides Cece, I believe Arin finished at the bottom last week, this week besides Paige, once again he finished at the botton, yeah last week he was #11 and this week he was #9, but thats not really moving up 2 places.

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