The X Factor's Top 6: Cece Survives Again!

By Staff

Nov 30, 2012

The X Factor can be quite cruel, and in the opening moments of Thursday's show, Paige Thomas got the boot following Wednesday's decision to Rickroll the audience with a performance of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up." Frankly, for song choice alone, America made the right decision. But there's also the fact that Paige failed to really impress on stage, despite Demi's attempts to dramatically stage her performances.

Mario introduced the evening's sing-off: Vino Alan vs. Diamond White. Vino was a bit of a surprise following three straight #3 finishes in the audience vote rankings. As you may recall, Diamond returned to the competition after having been eliminated because the judges (Simon) decideded that a mistake had been made. In the weeks that followed, Diamond did quite well, so her drop from fifth place (out of eight contestants last week) was surprising.

Before we get to the decision, let's take another look at the performances...

Diamond White:

Vino Alan:

With elimination on the line, Simon voted to boot Vino. To L.A.'s credit, he seemed genuinely upset, calling Vino family.

Top 6 Power Rankings

6. Diamond White - hanging on by a thread now.

5. Cece Frey - with her leopard spots back in play, Cece survives! What say you, America—will feisty Cece keep this going?

4. Fifth Harmony - while they've stayed consistent, the girls really need a breakout performance if they're going to survive much longer.

3. Emblem3 - moving up one spot, they still feel like a threat to win it all if Tate Stevens' legion of country fans loses its loyalty.

2. Tate Stevens - he always seems genuinely terrified that this could be the week he's going home. And for that, we love him.

1. Carly Rose Sonneclar - despite the manufactured drama, we're all pretty sure Carly's got this competition on lockdown right?

"Let's do it live!" Our favorite judge and host moments of the night

– Britney rocked a revealing suit and a fedora, which gave us flashbacks to the glory days. Remember?.

– Khloe's mic cut out for an extended period of time following Vino's elimination. Several weeks into these live shows, you'd think Fox must be a little annoyed with these glitches.

– Mario channeled Nate Silver once again, claiming that only one percent of the votes seperated the top three acts and that one tenth of one percent separated Tate and Carly Rose. Impressive.


1. What happened to Vino's fans and where did he go wrong?

2. Will Fifth Harmony ever crack the Top 3?

3. Will Emblem3 ever crack the Top 2?

4. Do you believe in a Cece miracle?

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  • AhmedIhab Dec 04, 2012

    vino and diamond both deserved to go through. funniest moment was when cece stayed. simon and LA shook their heads and britney's facial expression was "ewwwwww" it was the highlight of the episode

  • mwatzz Dec 04, 2012

    I can not understand at all how Cece is still in this all.
    I think Paige was a way better performer than people here and also the tvcom staff gave her credit for. I am not saying she's a good a singer as carly but she is a performer/pop star, she was entertaining and her singing was good enough.
    Anyway, judging from the pattern of people not getting enough votes, i think Diamond is going next, no matter how good a performance she does this week. *heavy sigh*

  • BrendaPalmer1 Dec 03, 2012

    Not only can Cece not sing on key but she has a very annoying pitch to her she is screeching or something.Her personality is extremely fake and unlikable. I can't believe she is still in the competition and singers with real talent have gone home.There is something wrong with the voting process!!!

  • LoriDegarmo Dec 03, 2012

    Rant all you want. I agree with your comments wholeheartedly! How Cece is still in the game is beyond me? It makes me think that something very fishy is going on. The girl couldn't sing on key if her life depended on it! Is there some kind of "vote for the worst" group out there keeping Cece in? I'm beginning to think that's the case and, if so, there should be a way to put a stop to that kind of thing.

  • PattyGenovese Dec 03, 2012

    Seriously do you think this show is for REAL.....They want the people "THEY" want to win!!! You seriously keep CECE over Vino who actually CAN sing!! I am honestly not watching this show anymore because we all know who is going to win whether they get the votes or not! Just SERIOUSLY sick about last week......Cece is tone def...she sucks soooo bad...she does not deserve to win 5 million Carley or Tate or Emblem 3 or 5th harmony even...Sorry for the rant!

  • JaimeHernande3 Dec 03, 2012

    I love Fifth Harmony! I really hope they make a breakout performance this week. I could really see a group like them in the market.

  • JaimeHernande3 Dec 03, 2012

    I love Fifth Harmony! I really hope they make a breakout performance this week. I could really see a group like them in the market.

  • AdaHui Dec 03, 2012

    This is a travesty that Cece remains the final member of Demi's team. Seriously, there is something so incredibly wrong with that. She does not have the talent to still be in the top 6.

    I'm surprised that Vino got eliminated but his past few weeks have been similar (aside from the Thanksgiving performance) and personally, watching him move around is uncomfortable. The only reason I can see that Diamond landed in the bottom 2 instead of Cece is the unfortunate happenstance on being in the first spot.

    Here's hoping America gets it right and boots Cece stat!

    As for Khloe's mic cutting out - that's a good thing. I'm all for that glitch!

  • ch0c0nutz Dec 01, 2012

    finally paige is gone!! she's incredibly boring...
    i think next to go home is fifth harmony, unless they perform like reaaaaaaally well next week. but truth is they work good as a choir, maybe backup singers... individually, they'd do better...
    and i hope cece goes too...

    i love both vino and diamond but i thought vino did way better than diamond during the sing off... oh well...

  • jagh55 Nov 30, 2012

    "Cece's got this competition on lockdown right?" Did you mean Carly Rose?

  • patsully Nov 30, 2012

    We did indeed. Updated!

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