This vs. That: Friends or Seinfeld?

By Jen Trolio

Jul 05, 2013

Welcome to the latest round of's "This vs. That," where we pit two things against one another and you vote on which one should win... in whatever context you choose. And happy belated Fourth of July! HQ is closed today—we're all still observing our nation's 237th birthday by eating hotdogs and getting sunburnt and trying not to blow our faces off with fireworks—but in the spirit of the holiday, let's also celebrate two classic ensemble comedies by naming one of them supreme, shall we? Here we go:

Feel free to show your work in the comments!

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  • shp021196 Apr 06, 2014

    Ok there are people who might have been planning to see friends but who could have been put off by your comments. First, both the shows are great in a way. If you watched seinfeld first, you would definitely stick up to it. I watched friends first and I like it better than seinfeld.
    But I keep changing sides now and then. Let us compare the shows now,
    Chandler vs George = Chandler
    Rachel vs Elaine = Rachel
    Ross vs Jerry = Jerry
    Kramer vs Phoebe = Kramer
    Central Perk vs Monks = Central Perk
    You can only watch Seinfeld like 2 or 3 times each episode but I know people who have watched each friends episode like 10-12 times. But Friends will suck if Chandler Bing was out of the picture. But Seinfeld will exist even if George was not there cause there are Kramer and Jerry but all the other characters in friends without chandler in the show will be pretty boring. Joey can only go on so far. But as a group Friends is more satisfying than Seinfeld. if we inspect each character individually, Seinfeld is greater. But I am pretty tired of watching a show about nothing even though the concept was cool at first. Seinfeld never made me cry. I have cried a river watching friends. No episode could have a better ending than The One With Ross' Wedding. I had gooseflesh that lasted for 5 minutes after he suddenly says Rachel's name at the altar. I cried like a baby watching The One With The Prom Video. I laughed till it ached when I saw The One Where Everybody Knows. Having a show about nothing is really nothing to brag about. I was pretty bummed at seinfeld's series finale. They get all your hopes up of seeing Paris and they end up in jail... I mean what is that? Even though the characters are not so deep in friends I loved them for them. I love Seinfeld too but only if it was not about nothing, I mean, think for a moment that Jerry and Elaine hit it off... They would be bigger than the Ross and Rachel. So, Friends is my favorite of the two.

  • eafisher7 Apr 06, 2014

    Oh one more thing, a testament to how great Seinfeld is, the jokes in Seinfeld still apply, TODAY.

    Just because the set is drab and the wardrobe is horrible on Seinfeld doesn't detract from the material.

    In fact only negatives I can attribute to seinfeld is the laugh track (but a staple in the 80s/90s... And a few of the early episodes before they found their footing - generally it kicks off properly at the end of season 2 with 'The Chinese restaurant' ....

    The first four seasons of Friends when it was basically 'Days of our lives of Rachel and Rosss' suck majorly.

  • eafisher7 Apr 06, 2014

    Your comment is so ridiculous, there are literally almost no words...

    You lose all your validity when you claim There could be Seinfeld WITHOUT GEORGE - George Costanza is arguably the greatest sitcom character ever written (as many reputable reviewers will tell you (also only character from Seinfeld that made it into the top 50 tv characters OF ALL TIME) ...

    And the whole jerry and Elaine should've given it a go.... That was the best thing about seinfeld - because NBC kept pushing Larry David and Herey Seinfeld to make Elaine and Jerry an item and Larry David (and Seinfeld himself refused) - thank God ... One sappy juvenile 'love story' is enough.

    Stick to Friends, as you're clearly reading Seinfeld as though it was a boring version of friends - the two shows are nothing alike.

    I suggest you watch Seinfeld again from start to finish.

    And no character from both Friends and Seinfeld could ever beat George Costanza! (Even though Chandler and Ross are the only redeeming qualities of friends).

  • jerrycooper Mar 30, 2014

    Seinfeld is the best show ever made !

  • seinfeld123 Mar 14, 2014

    Seinfeld is obviously the best .

  • lmtodora Sep 01, 2013

    I think that friends, being as outlandish as it was, attracted people to it. Friends was not relatable in the events that occurred, but in each characters personalities. Sienfeld is very relatable in both events and characters. it shows events that are more likely to occur. This is why people are attracted to it The shows are different. some people are are attracted to the "different" friends. and some are attracted to the more relatable Sienfeld. Both shows were/are great in my opinion. I love both! how can you even compare!

  • mrjimmyjames Jul 16, 2013

    Another reason to vote in favor of Seinfeld: it was one of the first shows I could think of that had the main actor playing a fictional version of himself. And it also critiqued it's own development when "Jerry" was pitched to NBC.

  • Dude97 Jul 12, 2013

    Friends is irrelevant today.

  • Lula19 Jul 10, 2013

    I would really love to know how all the staff members would vote...regardless what they choose. I promise I won't hold it against any of you.

    Friends is a sitcom where Seinfeld is a SCIENCE.

    And I'm not being biased even though I've seen Jerry live and one of my fave episodes aired the day, month and year I was born (The contest).

    But in all honesty, I can't believe this is even a question, Seinfeld all the way!!! This all coming from a massive Friends fan since I was a kid.

    And the people saying how more relatable Friends is! What? I never knew you've also given birth to your brothers children

    Everything they talk about in Seinfeld is so relatable, in what we think, how we act etc.,These plots in some episodes are so relatable (theirs so much more, these are from the top of my head:

    'The Pick' -> Difference between a pick and a scratch
    'The Seven' -> Wash cycle, and outfit rotations lol
    'The busboy' -> best vs worst public toilets

  • mrjimmyjames Jul 13, 2013

    One of the best examples as to why Friends is not relatable was the relationship between Ross and Rachel. A sketchy breakup, they clearly have feelings for one another the entire time, and even have a baby together. And really! It takes Ross trying to stop a plane on the last episode to get them back together.

  • efonsecajr Jul 10, 2013


  • LeahLefler Jul 09, 2013

    uh, Seinfeld, duh.

  • coutterhill Jul 09, 2013

    Don't make me choose! ha! They are both very different shows, I watch Seinfeld every day, but watch Friends when I want noise in the background, but it is still hilarious. I guess Seinfeld for the win.

  • RyanWilkins Jul 09, 2013

    Just put my 50 votes in for Seinfeld. Sorry, Friends' fans (of which I am one) but Seinfeld is superior in just so many ways. Both great shows though.

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