Truth: ABC Family Cancels The Lying Game

By Tim Surette

Jul 15, 2013

There will be no more of The Lying Game, according to one of the show's stars. Alexandra Chando, who plays twins Sutton and Emma on the ABC Family drama, announced the show's cancellation via Twitter and Instagram this morning. The news was first reported (to my knowledge) by TV Line.

The Lying Game finished its second season in mid-March. The series was far from wrapped up, with a bunch of people freaking out after the murder of one of the main characters via blunt weapons to the head and a dump in the pool. Sheesh, I thought this show was all sweet and carefree! 

And of course we can't talk about ABC Family and renewals and cancellations without mentioning Bunheads and the news there is that there's still is no news. Hey ABC Family! Flip a coin or something, the wait is even worse.

Will you miss The Lying Game?

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  • kelseybennett756 Jan 01, 2015

    Bring back the lying game!!!!!

  • amandarbogast Nov 21, 2014

    this is total bs it's an amazing show I know ABC don't care what we think like what sammystokke said but come on put a little bit of effort into it and on Netflix it ends with only 10 epsiods ?? idk what's that is about 1st sesion was 20 but yea The Lying Games is way better than The Fosters I watch it trust me and Switched At Birth Cansel both of those for all I care The Lying Games is the best series I've watched in a while and I just started it a while a go but knowing their ant no 3rd sesion is bs

  • sammystokke Oct 06, 2014

    There are so many people commenting that they want the show back and I bet there are sooo many more people that are not commenting on here because they think that there is no point because ABC family doesn't care about what there viewers have to say about what they want to watch... They know that people will watch anything that is put in front of them and will do anything to show that they are in charge of what we watch... Well I say they need to start to listen to the people because we can make it so that they don't have a TV station anymore... BRING BACK the lying game so that people can know what happened to the secrets and who the murder is...

  • lauraaxo Sep 25, 2014

    You cannot just end an amazing show on a unanswered note like that and expect us to be okay with it! I mean there are so many questions that are left stirring in all of our minds, is alec dead?, is ted going to end up telling kristen?, is thayer the murderer? and is the secret of the twins going to get out?. It should be our decision as the viewers as to whether it stays or goes, not the networks.

  • lauraaxo Sep 25, 2014

    I'm sorry but, how on earth could they end the show? Especially on that note and with so many unanswered questions like ***SPOILERS*** Is Alec dead? Is Thayer the murderer? Will Ted end up telling Kirsten ( im sorry not completely sure how to spell it )? Like seriously? Please bring this show back! For at least one more season!

  • aarickaswanson Sep 18, 2014

    This show needs to be brought back!

  • mzladyjayne Sep 13, 2014

    Just finished watching all 30 episodes on Netflix thinking there would be an ending where all loose ends are finally tied up. Not so and now I'm fuming. How can they cancel a series without a proper ending. Bring back the Lying Games!!!! Oh, and I should say that I'm 67 years old and I loved these characters.

  • marlenajackson14 Aug 19, 2014

    Need to bring it back

  • charliedrop Aug 17, 2014

    they so need to bring this back i want to know will happen next! come Abc please bring it back!

  • kimberlycomarsh1 Aug 08, 2014

    Bring back the lying games we all need to know what happens to the killer this is so unfair

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