TV Fireworks: The Best July 4th Marathons

By Seth Abramovitch

Jul 01, 2011

It's the Fourth of July weekend, everyone! Woo-hoo! I don’t know what you have planned, but I’ll be spending a good chunk of it wandering around sketchy Chinatown back alleys, looking for the kinds of explosives-grade fireworks that really make a patriotic impact (or blow off your forearms). If you’re looking for less hazardous/illegal ways to spend the holiday, how about watching one of the dozens of marathons airing on cable TV? Here’s a smattering of some of the best:


Star Trek: The Next Generation
BBC America, 8 am – Saturday, 7 am
Can’t get away to the beach this weekend? Not a problem! You can splash around on the holodeck, with 23 hours of classic TNG episodes.


James Bond Movie Marathon
Sleuth, 6 am – Tuesday, 5:30 am
This Bond movie marathon runs for 48 hours, and includes back-to-back airings of classic 007 films. Every bond is represented! Even George Lazenby. All you need now is to figure out what channel the Sleuth network is on.

Mob Wives
VH1, 2 pm – midnight
Badabing, badaboom! Did you miss the first run of the reality show that makes Real Housewives of New Jersey look like Pride and Prejudice? Good news: VH1 is airing the whole series again.

Teen Mom
MTV, 4 pm – Sunday, 12:30 am
The Citizen Kane of reality shows about 15-year-olds getting knocked up will air all day on MTV. Nothing quite says “Happy Birthday, America” quite like Justin Bieber-edition Pampers! Baby, baby, baby, ohhhhhh....


Arrested Development
IFC, 11:45 am – 3:15 pm
Remember when Michael Cera was still an awkward, smooth-faced kid best known for playing a geek who couldn’t get up the courage to tell the girl that he loved how he truly felt? Oh wait–he’s still that. Anyway, catch up with the Lucilles and the gang on this marathon of the cult-classic sitcom.

The Twilight Zone
Syfy, 9 am – Monday, 5 am
Every July 4th weekend, Syfy unspools 40 solid hours of Rod Serling’s sci-fi anthology masterpiece. Which one’s your favorite?


Oxygen, 6 am – 6 pm
The chemistry of this brilliant, working-class American sitcom from the ‘80s will likely never be replicated. Luckily, it lives on in re-runs. Gorge yourself on 12 hours of the Connors.

Science Channel, 8 am - Tuesday 2 am
Starting with the film Serenity, Science Channel airs the entire run of the cherished sci-fi western from Joss Whedon and gives fans more reason to complain about it getting canceled.

TV Land, 11:21 am – 8 pm
Everybody, now: Bewitched theme song sing-along! “Da da! Da da! Da da da da da da!”

The Golden Girls
Hallmark Channel, 3 pm – Tuesday, 2 am
Okay, fine. So it’s hard to sing-along to a song with no lyrics. Let’s try this again, with Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia on backup.

Have a great long weekend, everyone! God bless America, cheap beer, and BBQ'd hot dogs! What will you be watching this weekend?

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  • NobleWalter Jul 05, 2011

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  • muggle421 Jul 05, 2011

    Firefly marathon ftw

  • blakbluu Jul 05, 2011

    Oh yeah, logo got me too. Pic of TNG made me look too.

    BTW, we did get Firefly back, it got cancelled too,, they called it Stargate: Universe. Problem was, they called it Stargate Universe.

  • vicbjones Jul 03, 2011

    linkthehero82 mentioned my favorite episode of The Twilight Zone, The Howling Man, and I agree that as many times as SyFy and its predecessor have had Twilight Zone marathons, the channel needs to mix it up a little. I might check my cable guide to see if there are any episodes I want re-watch though. My other favorites are The Grave, Living Doll, The Obsolete Man, and The Jungle.

  • PedroBramo Jul 03, 2011

    i click here because of firfly

  • pjamese3 Jul 03, 2011

    Simple solution: After you watch the Firefly Marathon, watch Serenity (the big damn movie) on your Xbox, Wii, Playstation, computer or Netflix-enabled TV. It's a Netflix "Watch Now" movie.

  • MooncalfReviews Jul 02, 2011

    Who else clicked here PURELY because they saw the firefly logo? lol

  • KevinG87 Jul 02, 2011

    VConn, they're not airing Serenity the movie, they're airing the two hour pilot which is also named Serenity. Seth just hasn't editted his article yet. Firefly is Fox, but Serenity (the movie) is Universal, so Science Channel probably doesn't have the rights to air the movie anyway

  • AllieAllie Jul 02, 2011

    Ill try to watch Firefly if I can find the Science channel on my tv.

  • linkthehero82 Jul 02, 2011

    Don't get me wrong, I love the Twilight Zone but there's only so many times you can watch the same old episodes before you've had enough (and now the entire series is available for streaming on Netflix!) they could at least tap into some episodes from the 80's or 2000's revival series!

    That said my favs are:

    "Monsters are due on Maple Street", "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge", "Time Enough at Last" "The Jeopardy Room" and the one where the guy has "evil" locked in a room, damned if I can't remember the name.

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