What to Watch This Weekend: The Knick, Outlander, and True Blood's Penultimate Episode

By Andy Daglas

Aug 15, 2014

What to watch on Friday, August 15...

12pm Eastern, Nick.com
The Legend of Korra
Chaos reigns in Ba Sing Se in “The Ultimatum,” bedeviling Mako and Bolin’s efforts to convey Zaheer’s message to Korra. However, ironically enough, the local cabbage dealer’s cart has remained totally undistributed.

9:45pm, Disney
Girl Meets World
A school art show features Maya’s handiwork in “Girl Meets Maya’s Mother,” giving Riley a chance to help Maya patch things up with her mom. On the grown-up front, old buddy Minkus drops in on Cory and Topanga, possibly before then disappearing for another five years.

10pm, Cinemax
The Knick
Thackery demands more cadavers in “Mr. Paris Shoes,” which works out well because Game of Thrones was running out of room in its morgue. Meanwhile, Edwards opens a secret basement clinic, Sister Harriet crosses a line, and did someone say “typhoid fever outbreak”?

– Jason Statham, Demi Lovato, and David Chang on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, 11:35pm, NBC 


What to watch on Saturday, August 16...

9pm, BBC America
Doctor Who: The Ultimate Companion
Before next week’s Season 8 premiere, Fifth Doctor Peter Davison hosts this special focusing on the Doctor’s various traveling partners. Previous occupants of the role will share their insights on journeying through time and space, as well as tips for maintaining control of the TARDIS’s radio.

9pm, Starz
Claire’s medical aptitude proves attractive to the clan, prompting them to both keep her in the fold and endorse her for “healing” on LinkedIn. Also in “Castle Leoch,” Claire befriends the beguiling Geillis Duncan.

9pm, AMC
Hell on Wheels
Back to the railroad grind, Cullen immediately clashes with his new boss in “Chicken Hill.” In other conflicts, Durant and Campbell vie for an attractive piece of real estate, an especially critical contest since Durant already owns the other two Light Purple spaces plus all three Oranges.

10pm, Logo
Don’t Trust the B---- in Apartment 23
A dispute over James' love life fractures his and Chloe’s friendship in “The Seven Year Bitch.” When each of them begins to rapidly crumble without the other, June and Luther work to repair the rift.

10pm, HBO
Katt Williams: Priceless: Afterlife
The standup comic performs a set in Ontario, CA, in this special directed by Spike Lee. Don’t miss next month’s even more colon-laden follow-up, Katt Williams: Priceless: Afterlife: Ghost Protocol.


What to watch on Sunday, August 17...

9pm, HBO
True Blood
Hoyt faces the past, Sam faces a decision, and Eric faces a sticky wicket in “Love Is to Die.” Meanwhile, Bill keeps Sookie at arm’s length.

9pm, BBC America
The Musketeers
The team must defend Queen Anne en route back to Paris in “Knight Takes Queen,” and along the way they hole up in a fortified convent. At court, Louis breaks bread with a wealthy German banker who wishes to play matchmaker for his daughter.

9pm, Lifetime
Witches of East End
In “When a Mandragora Loves a Woman,” Joanna and Alex are forced to team up and track down the titular fiend. Elsewhere, Freya enlists Dash’s help to rescue Ingrid, and Wendy grows suspicious of Freddie’s true allegiance.

9pm, CBS
Carrie and Al probe the death of a college dropout who had taken up with an off-the-grid commune in “The Island.” I mean, the Smoke Monster did it, right? In circumstances like this, nine times out of ten, it’s the Smoke Monster that did it.

10pm, HBO
The Leftovers
Kevin fears for his sanity after a dust-up involving Guilty Remnant leader Patti. Elsewhere in “Cairo,” Jill presses Aimee for answers, Nora stands up to Laurie, and Meg flips her lid during a run-in with Matt.

10pm, TNT
Falling Skies
“Till Death Do Us Part” sends Tom and company after the Volm, hoping to scrounge some vital supplies. Back at the camp, sparks (the good kind) fly between Maggie and Ben, and sparks (the bad kind) fly between Pope and Sara.

10pm, WGN America
The Hill welcomes a high-profile guest in “The Last Reasoning of Kings,” and knowing a thing or two about how these things usually go, I’m guessing it's either Phyllis Diller or the Harlem Globetrotters. In less star-studded events, Frank’s past causes him consternation.

10pm, Showtime
Masters of Sex
Masters takes matters into his own hands after Hendricks bars him from including black participants in his study. Elsewhere in “Blackbird,” Johnson comes to grips with DePaul’s decision to end her chemo, Libby learns about Coral’s fib, and Gene realizes the true nature of Betty and Helen’s relationship.

10pm, FX
The Strain
The FBI arrests Eph in “Occultation,” perhaps because any number of federal agencies have concerns about allowing that wig to muck about in society. Meanwhile, Eichhorst tasks Gus with a new job and Setrakian comes to a startling realization about the impending eclipse.

SEASON 7 FINALE, 11:30pm, Cartoon Network
Robot Chicken
Brainy velociraptors, a sentient Bop-It, and Mr. & Ms. Pac-Man are among the skit stars in “Chipotle Miserables.”


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