What to Watch This Weekend: The Stanley Cup Finals, Orphan Black, and the Season 4 Finale of Game of Thrones

By Andy Daglas

Jun 13, 2014

What to watch on Friday, June 13...

8pm, NBC
The Stanley Cup Finals
After avoiding the sweep in Game 4, the New York Rangers look to shift the series’ momentum on the Los Angeles Kings’ ice. The Kings lead the best-of-seven series 3-1.

9pm, Showtime
David Beckham Into the Unknown
The hunky footballer and his friends delve into Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, visiting some of the communities and tribes who call it home.

10pm, Syfy
In “3 Minutes to Midnight,” Kiera is struck by both a Liber8 assault and a bracing discovery about John Doe. Meanwhile, Alec comes to grips with the consequences of his new invention.

10pm, CMT
CMT Crossroads
Katy Perry and Kacey Musgraves team up for the show’s 50th episode, performing hits like "Roar" and "Merry Go 'Round” side by side in L.A.

– Dave Chapelle and Body Count on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, 11:35pm, NBC
– Max Greenfield and Ben & Ellen Harper on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, 12:37am, CBS


What to watch on Saturday, June 14...

9pm, BBC America
Orphan Black
With Cosima on thin ice in “Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done,” Sarah must take drastic—and risky—action. Elsewhere, the Proletheans kick off their master plan, and Alison and Donnie clash with the cops.

9pm, Starz
Ghost and Tommy strike back after an attack on their drug business in “Whoever He Is.” In personal affairs, Ghost reconnects with a former flame while his wife manages her new career.

SEASON 2 FINALE, 10pm, BBC America
In the Flesh
With Roarton readying for its annual winter festival, Kieren faces twin threats from Simon and Gary. Meanwhile, Maxine’s public facade comes crashing down.


What to watch on Sunday, June 15...

7pm, Fox
Army Ranger trials bring out Pete’s and Randy’s competitive sides, and the brothers’ rivalry is only amplified when both fall for fellow testee Jill. Meanwhile in “Army Men,” Derrick envies Erin’s handy ex-husband and tries to prove he can match up.

Game of Thrones
Bitter truths abound in “The Children,” as Dany comes to grips with the situation in Meereen, Bran discovers more about his destiny, and Tyrion clings to the end of his rope. North of the Wall, an unexpected player emerges on the scene.

The Escape Artist
This two-part miniseries stars David Tennant as a Will Burton, a virtuoso defense lawyer with a reputation for getting even the most guilty crooks off scot-free. In the first half, Will takes on a particularly grisly case that threatens to shatter both his personal and professional lives.

Bo and Tate hope to make a clean break and start over in “Second Chance,” but Dani has other, far more destructive ideas. As she targets Orchestra and Bo, Skouras seeks assistance from Winter and Channing.

9pm, Showtime
Nurse Jackie
Jackie resolves to sweep away any obstacles between her and her drug use, including those pesky loving human bonds. Elsewhere in “Sidecars and Spermicide,” the DEA closes in on a suspect, Zoey makes a career decision, and Coop’s 40th birthday slips Carrie’s mind at a particularly sensitive moment.

9:30pm, Showtime
Hank persuades Karen to join him for a meal in “Dinner With Friends,” but Julia quickly puts a kibosh on the evening. If that weren’t enough, Charlie, Marcy, Krull, and Levon make sure to pitch in their own personal varieties of crazy.

10pm, Showtime
Penny Dreadful
Sir Malcom, Ethan, and Sembene go exploring in the wake of Vanessa’s latest vision in “What Death Can Join Together.” Meanwhile, Van Helsing divulges more details about Mina’s captor to Dr. Frankenstein, and Vanessa wrestles with a surge of darkness after spending the night with Dorian.

10pm, NBC
A hostage swap sends Finley behind enemy lines in “Best Laid Plans.” Meanwhile, Meg helps Gibson carry out the next phase of his plan, even as Gibson goes to great lengths to convince the world he’s an innocent man.

10pm, AMC
Halt and Catch Fire
Joe and Bosworth try to convince potential funders that there’s money to be made in the computer racket. Meanwhile in “High Plains Hardware,” Gordon and Cameron hit some hurdles as they try to translate Joe’s vision to reality.

SEASON 12 FINALE, 10:30pm, PBS
Independent Lens
“The New Black” chronicles the debates about marriage equality within African-American communities and institutions, centering on Maryland’s 2012 referendum on same-sex marriage.

SEASON 4 PREMIERE, 11:45pm, Cartoon Network
“Superhell!” finds Superjail becoming an Earthly inferno of the damned. I know, I know, that hoary old storyline again. If I had a nickel for every show that’s done it, am I right?


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    7pm- Bitten: s1e13 (catchup)
    8pm- Lost: s5e5 rerun)
    9pm- Believe: Series Finale :'(
    10pm- Game of Thrones

    I'll watch Penny Dreadful Monday night, and Salem on Tuesday night.
    If i have time today, i'll watch the following:

    Earth Final Conflict: s1e2 (rerun)
    Supernatural: s2e21 (catchup)
    Elementary: s1e4 (catchup)

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