What to Watch This Weekend: The Premiere of Korra, the Series Finale of Californication, and the Debuts of Girl Meets World andThe Leftovers

By Andy Daglas

Jun 27, 2014

What to watch on Friday, June 27...

SEASON 3 PREMIERE, 7pm, Nickelodeon
The Legend of Korra
Book 3 gets underway with three episodes exploring the aftermath of the Harmonic Convergence. “A Breath of Fresh Air” finds Republic City lousy with spirit vines, while airbenders are springing up all across the world. Korra, Tenzin, and company seek to recruit these new benders in “Rebirth of a Nation.” Then in “The Earth Queen,” Team Avatar’s quest to rebuild airbender society takes them to Ba Sing Se.

9pm, PBS
Great Performances at the Met
Enjoy Franco Zeffirelli's production of La Bohème, Puccini’s enduring opera centered on ill-fated lovers in 1830s Paris, because television is large and contains multitudes.

9pm, Fox
When a mother and her son each confess to the same murder in “Mammophile,” Keegan must rake out his... rakiest… um… look, I’ll level with y’all, I’ve kind of forgotten the premise of this show already. Tim still keeps trying to convince me the guy’s name is Rake, but that doesn’t sound right. Anyway, whatever his name is, there’s also an auction at his son’s school and some romantic jealousy.

SERIES PREMIERE, 9:45pm, Disney
Girl Meets World
In what scientists believe is the first TV show willed into existence solely by the sheer force of Internet-fueled nostalgia, this spin-off/sequel to ABC’s ‘90s comedy Boy Meets World follows the adventures of Riley Matthews, the plucky adolescent offspring of Cory and Topanga. In the opener, Riley gets her dad’s goat by emulating the rebellious behavior of her BFF Maya.

10pm, NBC
In “Antoinette,” Lowe sends word to Jagger after catching wind of Blackbeard’s impending dastardly deeds. But the spymaster himself may prove an even more dire threat, putting Lowe in what we in the nautical-adventuring business call a real Scylla-and-Charybdis situation.

SEASON 3 FINALE, 10pm, Syfy
In the grand tradition of hero-villain team-ups, Kiera and Liber8 must join forces to stymie a megalomanical Alec in “Last Minute.” Meanwhile, Scar Alec uncovers Kellog’s secret agenda, and a growing conflict drives a wedge between Kiera and John Doe.

– Ice-T, Mackenzie Davis, and Body Count on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, 12:37am, CBS


What to watch on Saturday, June 28...

MOVIE PREMIERE, 8pm, Lifetime
Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs
After three seasons portraying the sentient bag of awful that is President Fitzgerald Grant, Tony Goldwyn takes on an even more odious persona in this original movie, based on the real-life efforts of Jeffs’ wives and the FBI to bring the predatory cult leader to justice. It’s followed at 10pm by the documentary Warren Jeffs: Beyond the Headlines.

9pm, Starz
Ghost and Tommy sit down with their gang leaders in “Who Are You,” with Angela surveilling the confab in full. Probably with those nanny-cam things they hide inside teddy bears. Completely inconspicuous.

9pm, ABC
The Assets
Sandy crosses swords with a senior officer after discovering that a breach still persist at the CIA. Elsewhere in “What’s Done is Done,” Ames feels the heat from the Soviets and worries about his wife’s spending habits, because apparently he’s undercover in a stock “ladies be shoppin’!” sitcom plot.

10pm, BBC America
Almost Royal
On their trip to the Lone Star state, Georgie and Poppy visit a ranch, record Tejano music, and bid for some cattle semen. According to the official What to Watch Tonight archival staff, this marks the first instance of a column mentioning both La Bohème and cattle semen. Mark your calendars, folks.

11pm, Comedy Central
Whitney Cummings: I Love You
The comedian performs a stand-up set at the Barclay Theatre in Irvine, CA, recorded in February. Topics include orgasms, her defunct sitcom, and the trouble with men who deem women “crazy.”


What to watch on Sunday, June 29...

Last Tango in Halifax
Alan and Celia carpe the proverbial diem as Season 2 gets underway, but Gillian is having a much rougher go of things. Elsewhere, tension with John prompts Caroline to reconsider her living arrangements.

Beyoncé: X10
For the next 10 weeks, HBO presents a four-minute concert video every Sunday night before True Blood. The performance footage is drawn from the superstar’s recent Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.

9pm, HBO
True Blood
The Stackhouses head to a neighboring town to learn what may be in store for Bon Temps. (They tried consulting a Magic 8-ball first, but it kept coming up “Dude, I Quit This Show Two Years Ago.”) Meanwhile in “I Found You,” the hostages have designs on getting sprung, Lettie Mae tries to tap her family’s past, and Vince rustles up a posse.

A sex scandal involving the police department pits a hotshot defense attorney against a newly appointed prosecutor. Given the Charleston, SC, setting and the promise of romantic sparks between the courtroom opponents, I am required by TV Law #4548 to describe at least some portion of the proceedings as “steamy.”

9pm, BBC America
The Musketeers
In “Sleight of Hand,” the Musketeers must ride to the rescue when an infamous brigand foments a riot and plots to take down the monarchy. Because if there’s one thing they don’t stand for in France, it’s anti-monarchical uprisings.

SEASON 6 FINALE, 9pm, Showtime
Nurse Jackie
Jackie’s back is against the wall in “Flight” when Akalitus orders her to take a drug test. Could this mean the end of the road for Jackie, with consequences that truly alter her status quo? Ha, just kidding, this is Showtime.

SERIES FINALE, 9:30pm, Showtime
Hank disapproves of Becca’s plans in “Grace,” leading Karen to try and keep the peace. In other series-wrapping business, Hank and Levon reunite with Hank’s former student Tara, and Hank invites Julia to a special dinner.

SEASON 1 FINALE, 10pm, Showtime
Penny Dreadful
Vanessa and Sir Malcolm confront their gravest fears in “Grand Guignol.” So, it’s probably gonna be a whole mess of clowns, right? Creepy Victorian clowns? It’s probably clowns.

The Leftovers
Three years after a Rapture-like event claims 2% of the world’s population, the residents of a small town struggle to come to terms with their new reality in in Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta’s adaptation of Perrotta’s novel. The pilot follows the local police chief’s efforts to maintain normalcy in his personal and professional lives.

In “New Hundred,” Carrie and Al team up with the Secret Service when a murder case leads to a counterfeiting ring operated by an assassin. At last, an episode of TV brave enough to tackle the economic struggles forcing today’s assassins to take second criminal jobs just to make ends meet.

10pm, AMC
Halt and Catch Fire
Cameron’s new manager raises her hackles in “Adventure,” while Joe and Gordon head out on a fetch quest for a vital piece of their PC puzzle. They’d try asking the old man who lives in the cave for a clue, but that jerk just speaks in riddles.

10pm, TNT
Falling Skies
The Espheni divulge their plan to Tom, possibly in the form of a grandiose monologue while he’s bound to a death trap. Elsewhere in “The Eye,” Weaver and Pope plot an escape plan, Matt keeps his true colors hidden, and Anne searches for her daughter.

Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi star as an elderly couple with a prickly relationship in this British sitcom which asks, “Wouldn’t it be cool if Magneto and Emperor Claudius were an item?” In the opener, the pair host a wake for a longtime friend that takes several turns for the socially awkward.


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