What to Watch This Weekend: Orange Is the New Black Season 2, the Debut of Starz's Power, and the Finales of Veep, Cosmos, and Turn

By Andy Daglas

Jun 06, 2014

What to watch on Friday, June 6...

SEASON 2 PREMIERE, 12am, Netflix
Orange Is the New Black
Netflix drops all 13 episodes of the ensemble dramedy’s second season, which opens with Piper doing time in solitary after her confrontation with Pennsatucky.

9pm, History
D-Day in HD
Part 1 of a two-part, four-hour documentary chronicling the landmark Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe, which began 70 years ago on this day. The program features rare contemporary footage rendered in high-definition, as well as interviews with Allied and German survivors who took part in the fateful events.

10pm, NBC
Blackbeard’s cunning plan is thwarted by the arrival of a celebrated pirate captain in “The Covenant.” But not all is bad news for Blackbeard, as Tom Lowe is drawn deeper into his machinations.

10pm, Syfy
Kiera's bond to the elusive John Doe strengthens, even while her relationship with the Freelancers is tested. Elsewhere in “Revolutions Per Minute,” Alec crosses the point of no return in order to secure his legacy.

– Channing Tatum, Joshua Topolsky, and Julian McCullough on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, 11:35pm, NBC
– Ricky Gervais and Keb’ Mo’ on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, 12:37am, CBS


What to watch on Saturday, June 7...

From executive producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson comes this drama about a Big Apple nightclub owner/drug kingpin known as Ghost. “Not Exactly How We Planned” kicks off the series with an assault on the less legitimate of Ghost’s business ventures that prompts a round of soul-searching.

9pm, BBC America
Orphan Black
Felix triggers a red alert when a new player in the conspiracy takes the stage. Meanwhile in “Variable and Full of Perturbation,” Sarah agonizes over whether to parley with Dyad as Cosima’s options dwindle.

10pm, BBC America
In the Flesh
Kieran musters the courage to go out in public sans cover-up mousse and contacts, but quickly hits another setback when he’s falsely accused of freeing the rabids at the GP surgery. Elsewhere, Simon suffers a crisis of faith after getting his marching orders from the Undead Prophet.


What to watch on Sunday, June 8 ...

7pm, Fox
“The General Inspection” welcomes a top-ranked Army officer to the base for a comprehensive review of its operations and procedures—or, as one might put it, a general inspec… oh, I see what you did there, Enlisted. While Cody spurs Pete to keep Rear D’s standards lofty, Jill gains new respect for Randy during their preparation duties.

8pm, CBS
The 68th Annual Tony Awards
Hugh Jackman hosts the gala live from Radio City Music Hall (the broadcast will be tape-delayed on the West Coast). Among the cream of the Great White Way's crop this year are A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, with a pack-leading 10 nominations, and the NPH-starring Hedwig and the Angry Inch with eight.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey
“Unafraid of the Dark” profiles Swiss astronomer Fritz Zwicky, whose study of supernovas, neutron stars, and dark matter has contributed more to the sum of human achievement than even his incredibly fun-to-say name. (Go ahead, I’ll wait. See? Fun, right?) The episode also nods to its forefather with a consideration of Carl Sagan’s The Pale Blue Dot.

In “The Battle of Setauket,” Mary comes to grips with the discovery that Abe is a rebel spy, because even she hasn’t really been keeping up with TURN. Meanwhile, Ben and Caleb spearhead a raid to rescue Patriot families from the titular Loyalist town.

9pm, HBO
Game of Thrones
Mance Rayder’s forces arrive at Castle Black in “The Watchers on the Wall,” and they aren’t just there to borrow a cup of Hobb’s three-meat stew. Can Jon, Sam, and the rest of the vastly outnumbered Night’s Watch somehow repel the invaders?

9pm, Lifetime
Drop Dead Diva
Jane comes to believe her Death Row client is an innocent man in “Afterlife.” In less life-and-death matters, Kim represents a small dance company whose routines are swiped by a pop star, and Owen gets cold feet about his nuptials.

9pm, Showtime
Nurse Jackie
Jackie puts on her scheming hat after Frank tips her off to a DEA investigation—complete with a urine test at the hospital. Elsewhere in “Candyman,” Kevin and Mia plan their nuptials, while Coop and Carrie find a loophole to their rule against sex in the hospital.

9:30pm, Showtime
In “Faith, Hope, and Love,” Hank thinks back on past troubles and triumphs, while an encounter with a nun gives him a new outlook.

10pm, Showtime
Penny Dreadful
“Closer Than Sisters” explores Vanessa’s past, including the chain of events that precipitated Mina’s vanishing.

10pm, AMC
Halt and Catch Fire
Having fended off Big Blue at least temporarily, the team gets down to business in “FUD.” Now it’s just a simple matter of building their snazzy new computer or, failing that, a robot capable of mocking terrible movies.

SEASON 3 FINALE, 10pm & 10:30pm, HBO
With Thornhill ahead in the polls, the staff tries to boost Selina’s blue-collar bona fides in “Crate,” while Jonah angles for a job with a strategist. Then in “New Hampshire,” the team faces a hectic campaign schedule in the days preceding the Granite State’s primary.


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