What to Watch Tonight: Teen Wolf, the Finales of Switched at Birth and The Fosters, and the Premieres of Dallas and America's Next Top Model

By Andy Daglas

Aug 18, 2014

What to watch on Monday, August 18...

MARATHON, 8am, BBC America
Doctor Who
The network’s “Doctor Who Takeover Week” kicks off with 10 episodes of The Doctors Revisited, followed by The Christmas Invasion, a slew of Season 2 episodes, and An Adventure in Space and Time, capped by the debut of Doctor Who: The Ultimate Time Lord at 10pm.

SEASON 3 FINALE, 8pm, ABC Family
Switched at Birth
Bay and Daphne prepare to toss their graduation caps into the air in “And Life Begins Right Away,” but a bombshell about Carlton casts a pall over the occasion. The girls’ post-high-school lives are also far from certain, with Daphne’s past sins coming back to haunt her and Bay’s nontraditional plans raising John and Kathryn’s hackles.

8pm, The CW
Whose Line Is It Anyway?
For the second time in three weeks, Jeff Davis is the guest-comic, with no guest-star is on the docket. Is it a sign that both episodes were shot on the same day, or proof that Jeff Davis is feuding with literally every other person in the entertainment industry? You be the judge.

America’s Next Top Model
A selfie competition and a challenge at a bowling alley greet the 31 women and men assembled for the latest cycle. Miss J rejoins the judging panel, alongside Tyra Banks and PR bigwig Kelly Cutrone.

The Fosters
Callie enlists Robert’s help when Rita and Girls United come under the gun in “Someone’s Little Sister.” Meanwhile, Brandon and Lou clash, Jesus sees things with Hayley in a new light, and Connor’s father continues trying to force an end to his friendship with Jude.

In “Denial, Anger, Acceptance,” the Ewings work to identify the culprit behind the Southfork Ranch fire. I’m no detective, but I would start by asking the fellow with the visible soot marks on his face who’s holding the gas canister behind his back and whistling to himself innocently.

Captivated: The Trials of Pamela Smart
A chronicle of the infamous New Hampshire murder case, which was one of the first trials in the U.S. to receive wall-to-wall media coverage.

10pm, CBS
Under the Dome
While attempting to reach out to Julia, Barbie comes to suspect that Don may know more about the Dome than he admits. Say, come to think of it, has anyone ever seen Don and the Dome in the same place at the same time? Makes you wonder, don’t it? In more straightforward power plays, Big Jim dubs himself sheriff of Chester’s Mill, and also Archbishop of Maine and Green Lantern of Sector 2814, since apparently you can just give yourself titles now.

10pm, ABC
Betrayal stings April, Joss springs a surprise, and Jacob brings an opportunity for Karen. Elsewhere in “Choices,” Dom decides two can play at Toni’s game. (Since the network press release does not specify which game that is, exactly, I’ll assume Parcheesi.)

10pm, MTV
Teen Wolf
At the lacrosse team’s annual bonfire, an assassin has Scott and Liam in the crosshairs. Meanwhile in “Perishable,” Lydia digs a skeleton out of her family’s closet.

10pm, PBS
In “A World Not Ours,” director Mahdi Fleifel examines life in the Ain el-Helweh camp, which has housed Palestinian refugees in southern Lebanon—once including Fleifel himself—since 1948. Footage shot over 20 years by the filmmaker and his family portrays the story of the community, which is currently home to 70,000 people, and of the hazards and traumas with which it deals.

– Josh Groban, Nathan Fielder, and Jenny Lewis on Conan, 11pm, TBS
– Sia on Chelsea Lately, 11pm, E!
– Bill Cosby, Tiger Woods & Rory Mcllroy, and Royksopp & Robyn on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, 11:35pm, NBC
– Bruce Willis and The Gaslight Anthem on Late Show with David Letterman, 11:35pm, CBS


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