What to Watch Tonight: The Fosters, Teen Wolf, and the Season 2 Premiere of Under the Dome

By Andy Daglas

Jun 30, 2014

What to watch on Monday, June 30...

8pm, Fox
Luca Manfe and Alexander Weiss, the champs of MasterChef and MasterChef Junior, respectively, lend their seasoned counsel to the winner of this week’s mystery box challenge. They’ll work together to decide which specialty dish will be made in the elimination round.

8pm, ABC Family
Switched at Birth
Emmett learns flabbergasting news while visiting his father, and Travis gets a big surprise of his own when Mary Beth meets his hero, Seattle Seahawk Derrick Coleman. Meanwhile in “Oh, Future,” Daphne applies for a Latina college scholarship as Regina butts heads with Kathryn and John over her higher ed expenses.

9pm, ABC Family
The Fosters
In “Play,” Stef and Lena squeeze in a little pre-baby R&R and leave Brandon and Callie in charge back home. Chances of this resulting in a house party that immediately gets way out of head: 100 percent. Not even a question. All of the percents.

112 Weddings
A documentarian who has been filming nuptials for two decades checks in on his former clients to see how—or even if—they’re enjoying the married life. Also, he lost a discman at one of those gigs around like, ‘98, and he’s really hoping maybe somebody knows what happened to it?

9pm, Fox
24: Live Another Day
With threats escalating, Jack guns hard for his remaining leads in “Day 9: 8:00 PM-9:00 PM.” Meanwhile, Audrey calls out Mark’s treachery and Kate discovers the truth about her husband.

9pm, TNT
Major Crimes
An alleged rapist is offed in “Letting it Go,” while on the homefront, Rusty catches his mom in a lie.

Under the Dome
Big Jim decides what to do with Barbie, Julia recruits help to save the life of an enigmatic girl, and source material/episode scribe Stephen King makes his customary cameo appearance. Meanwhile in “Heads Will Roll,” the Dome becomes magnetized, spelling doom for all of Chester’s Mill’s floppy disks.

10pm, MTV
Teen Wolf
“117” finds Scott joining forces with an unlikely ally to thwart Kate. Teen Wolf watchers: considering how many times this show’s summaries have gone to the “unlikely ally” well, is there any team-up that could genuinely surprise you at this point? Beyoncé? Zombie Grover Cleveland? Doge?

10pm, PBS
“American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs” profiles the 98-year-old Chinese-American activist, who has spent decades fighting for civil rights, the labor movement, and other social causes.

10pm, A&E
With the help of Lucian Connally, Walt tries to make headway in the search for his wife’s killer in “Wanted Man.” Elsewhere, Branch’s behavior sparks trouble.

10pm, ABC
Savi’s romp with Zack has her throwing caution to the wind—and triggering her friends’ Spidey-senses—in “Playing With Fire.” Meanwhile, Karen tries to put the brakes on her new addiction, April gets distressing news about Daniel, and Scott divulges his fantasy to Joss.

10pm, TNT
Murder in the First
“Burning Woman” finds Erich Blunt relieving his worries with a bit of R&R, and by R&R I of course mean a weekend-long drugged-out bender.On the police front, Terry and Hildy deal with the consequences of a shooting.

– Eric Bana on Chelsea Lately, 11pm, E!
– Melissa McCarthy, Marc Maron, and Royksopp & Robyn on Jimmy Kimmel Live, 11:35pm, ABC

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    And... Wander Over Yonder. Whose Line and Conan aren't new, though.

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    - huff - STILL with these auto-start commercials when I click on "What to watch" =\

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    Not even Conan, it's a sad time for television, I tell you.

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