What to Watch Tonight: Garfunkel and Oates Wigs Out, Married Does Date Night, and 7 Deadly Sins Tackles Pride

By Andy Daglas

Sep 04, 2014

What to watch on Thursday, September 4...

8pm, NBC
NFL Football
NFL Kickoff 2014 precedes the National Football League’s first tilt of the 2014-2015 season, with the Green Bay Packers visiting reigning Super Bowl champs the Seattle Seahawks.

9pm, USA
Reuniting with Sarah shows Rush just how much his former flame has changed. Meanwhile in “Get Lucky,” Alex finds himself out of his depth in Rush’s world, and Manny prods Eve to take control of her life.

10pm, Sundance
The Honorable Woman
A shocking discovery casts Nessa’s release from captivity in a new light in “The Mother Line.” Meanwhile, Nessa is approached by a Palestinian businessman seeking a partnership.

10pm, IFC
Garfunkel and Oates
“Hair Swap” finds Riki and Kate taking a page out of The Americans’ playbook and sporting shiny new wigs. The blonde and the brunette trade hair colors to find out how their new hues influence their fortunes.

10pm, USA
In “...Through Security,” Neil receives a portentous warning while Grace unearths disturbing information. Sounds like their local takeout place is serving from a particularly rough batch of fortune cookies.

10pm, FX
“The Old Date” sends Russ and Lina back to their former neighborhood for a date night. In less romantic nights out, AJ and Bernie head out to patronize a gentlemen’s club but find themselves sidetracked.

10:30pm, FX
You’re the Worst
Jimmy meets Gretchen’s parents in “Finish Your Milk.”

11pm, Cartoon Network
Black Jesus
The weed crop languishes in “Fried Green Tomatoes.” But all is not lost for the gang’s horticultural hopes as the garden yields a miraculous bunch of the titular fruit.

11pm, Showtime
7 Deadly Sins
Dying folks seeking cryogenic preservation are among those profiled in “Pride.” I’m just disappointed that no clever Showtime programmer decided to follow this episode with the 2006 movie The Fall.

– Chris Hardwick, chef Keizo Shimamoto, and David Gray on Conan, 11pm, TBS
– Adam Levine on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, 11pm, Comedy Central
– Historian Doris Kearns Goodwn on The Colbert Report, 11:30pm, Comedy Central
– Steve Buscemi, the 2014 Indy Car season champion, and Alt-J on Late Show with David Letterman, 11:35pm, CBS
– Taraji P. Henson and Hunter Hayes on Jimmy Kimmel Live, 11:35pm, ABC
– Larry David, Gisele Bündchen, and Jeezy w/Future on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, 12:05am, NBC
– Rachael Ray and Ted Alexandro on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, 12:37am, CBS
– Heidi Klum, Kieran Culkin, and Leslie Jones on Late Night with Seth Meyers, 1:05am, NBC


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    You’re the Worst and GRACELAND episodes on the DVR

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    Same. Can we start a Thursday TV sucks club.

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    Same here.... worst tschedule ever....

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    Black Jesus. I find it highly amusing.

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    Also: Married, and You're the Worst!

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