What to Watch Tonight: Arrow, The Americans, and Legit

By Andy Daglas

Apr 16, 2014

What to watch on Wednesday, April 16...

8pm, The CW
In “The Man Under the Hood,” Deathstroke hits Oliver close to home—in more ways than one. While one member of Team Arrow lands in the hospital, Laurel tries to process her new knowledge of the Emerald Archer’s true identity.

8pm, CBS
Paranoia drives one castaway to make a drastic decision in “Bag of Tricks.” On the challenge front, mentally taxed contestants strain their brains on an elementary school memory game.

8pm, ABC Family
Melissa & Joey
Mel’s dad arrives with big plans to boost her state senate campaign in “Born to Run.” Naturally, those plans are immediately derailed by a mortifying selfie he unleashes upon the world. Will his hijinx also interfere with Ryder’s brainstorming for an Entrepreneur Club contest, or will the Chinese wall between the A-story and the B-story hold firm?

8:30pm, ABC Family
Baby Daddy
Bonnie hopes to reignite things with her former flame Brad in “Play It Again, Bonnie.” She enlists Tucker’s assistance, but it’s Ben’s attempts to help that may accidentally torpedo the whole thing.

9pm, The CW
The 100
“Twilight’s Last Gleaming” finds the blossoming romance between Clarke and Finn under pressure. Also under pressure: Kane, after Abby divulges his population-thinning plan, and Octavia’s head, after someone clobbers it.

10pm, PBS
Your Inner Fish
Part two examines the pieces of human biological heritage that stemmed from reptiles, including skin, teeth, and ears. No word on whether the episode will feature the insights of Empire State University professor Dr. Curt Connors.

10pm, FX
The Americans
Philip and Elizabeth’s latest missions lead them down treacherous roads, but hey, at least it gets them away from Henry’s endless talk about Intellivision. Elsewhere in “New Car,” Stan tries to finagle his way into a U.S. military program that could give him an edge against Oleg.

10pm, FXX
After catching Billy in flagrante delicto, Walter up and vanishes in “Homeless.” While searching for him, the guys turn up a secret about Janice.

10pm, Comedy Central
“Friendship Anniversary” celebrates the guys’ common-law marriage. I believe the traditional gift for such an occasion is weed.

10pm, TV Land
Hot in Cleveland
In “The Undead,” Elka fakes Victoria’s funeral so she can go into hiding alongside her husband, and her rival Susan Lucci is on the guest list. In less morbid shenanigans, Simon and Joy’s relationship hits a speed bump.

SERIES PREMIERE, 10pm & 10:30pm, TV Guide Network
Unusually Thicke
Alan Thicke, America’s 12th Favorite Canadian, stars in a sitcom-esque reality show about his family life, because TV Guide Network has to fill 24 hours a day just like everybody else. “Hoarders” and “The Anniversary” open the series with a garage sale and a botched anniversary dinner, respectively.

– Artie Lange, Nick Thune, and Bastille on Conan, 11pm, TBS
– Ellie Goulding on Chelsea Lately, 11pm, E!
– Kunal Nayyar and Tom Segura on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, 12:37am, CBS


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