What to Watch Tonight: Hot In Cleveland, Young & Hungry, and Through the Wormhole With Morgan Freeman

By Andy Daglas

Jul 02, 2014

What to watch on Wednesday, July 2...

8pm, ABC Family
Young & Hungry
After a rough first day on the job—including a lavish meal for Josh’s investors and the disappearance of a pricey item—Gabi frets she may not be able to hack it in “Young and Ringless.” If it’s any consolation to her, those sort of second-episode jitters are highly common in characters from a sitcom background.

8:30pm, ABC Family
Mystery Girls
Hoping to tackle more adventurous and glamorous cases, Holly and Nick train their magnifying glasses on an upscale robbery ring in “Partners in Crime.” Charlie, however, is reluctant to follow Holly’s investigative instincts, which lead to a snazzy club.

10pm, NBC
Taxi Brooklyn
An acclaimed designer hires Cat to track down her missing enfant terrible son in “Brooklyn Heights,” but the investigation leads down a rabbit hole of high-society secrets and lies. Meanwhile, Leo is booked by I.C.E. thanks to a betrayal.

10pm, FX
In “Loyalty,” Kristen’s custody battle divides Ryan and Wilfred. For those of you who’ve always thought that what Kramer vs. Kramer needed was a grown man in a dog costume, your day has come at last.

10pm, A&E
Duck Dynasty
The West Monroe Fire Department show Willie and his brothers the ropes in “Quackdraft.” Later, Kay shops for burial plots. Willie and his brothers spend the day training with the West Monroe Fire Department.

10pm, Science
Through the Wormhole With Morgan Freeman
“Is Gravity an Illusion?” considers theories of the force that keeps us earthbound, holds the planet in its orbit, and drops anvils on the heads of coyotes who impotently guard themselves with tiny umbrellas.

10pm & 10:30pm, TV Land
Hot in Cleveland
Hoping to land a key endorsement, Elka persuades Melanie to take a political bigwig out on the town in “People Feeding People.” Then in “Murder House,” the ladies are trapped in the house on a dark and stormy night, which practically guarantees the arrival of spoooooooooooky visitors who may or may not actually be a crooked old banker in search of buried treasure.

– Melissa McCarthy on Chelsea Lately, 11pm, E!
– Susan Sarandon, Ramón Rodriguez, and Robin Thicke on Jimmy Kimmel Live, 11:35pm, ABC

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