What to Watch Tonight: Suits, Graceland, and the Season Finales of Melissa & Joey and Baby Daddy

By Andy Daglas

Jun 18, 2014

What to watch on Wednesday, June 18...

SEASON 3 FINALE, 8pm, ABC Family
Melissa & Joey
Joe invites his family to move in, but neglects to get Mel’s okay first, so he’s off to a bang-up start in the husband department already. Meanwhile in “At Last,” Lennox is courted by both her gentleman suitors, and Ryder gains an unusual credential through an online course.

SEASON 3 FINALE, 8:30pm, ABC Family
Baby Daddy
When Bonnie’s former neighbors revive a block party competition that she created in “You Can’t Go Home Again,” she flies off the handle and vows revenge. In non-supervillain-origin-story business, Riley learns of Danny’s childhood crush on her, even as Danny considers moving to Paris with Georgie.

9pm, USA
Harvey and Mike butt heads (I know, right? I was surprised too) in a high-stakes takeover fight in “Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner,” while Louis teams up with an SEC defector to take on Woodall.

10pm, Science
Through the Wormhole With Morgan Freeman
“Does the Ocean Think?” asks an episode of Through the Wormhole that has clearly gotten into a batch of the funny brownies. The episode also wonders whether the ocean possesses an immune system that could obliterate all of Earth’s land-dwellers. Presumably Namor the Sub-Mariner will be interviewed.

10pm, ABC
In “Dead End,” Flynn raises Vega’s hackles with her headlong approach to investigating a high schooler’s slaying. In personal affairs, Lucas and Sung discover a new layer to their relationship.

10pm, A&E
Duck Dynasty
Jase takes Reed frog-hunting in “Quack and Gown,” though perhaps they shouldn’t've set their sights on a frog with an unlimited line of credit at Acme Industries. In other business that may or may not involve dynamite-laden cakes, Korie, Jep, Jessica, and Kay prank Missy and Jase.

10pm, USA
To help Mike get the skinny on the cartel, Briggs delves into a seedier corner of his past in “Connects.” Meanwhile, Paige needs more resources to nail a drug manufacturer, but luckily there’s a frog in Louisiana with an Acme catalog who may be able to help.

10pm, TV Land
Hot in Cleveland
Joy and Bob pose as an item in “Undercover Lovers,” but could the caperers wind up becoming the caperees? (That made sense in my head, I swear.) Elsewhere, Elka goes toe-to-toe with new political rival Bill Bellamy.

10:30pm, TV Land
Jennifer Falls
“Triangle” finds Jennifer smitten with one of her mother’s patients, a man who has difficulty opening up about himself. In fact, even by their fourth date he still refuses to take off the blank-face mask or reveal his name as anything more than “Mr. Q.”

– Elijah Wood, Jason Mantzoukas, and The Both on Conan, 11pm, TBS
– Ludacris on Chelsea Lately, 11pm, E!
– Kevin Hart on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, 11pm, Comedy Central
– Journalists Katty Kay and Claire Shipman on The Colbert Report, 11:30pm, Comedy Central
– Rosario Dawson, Jeff Musial, and Fun. on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, 11:35pm, NBC
– Dana Carvey, Ellie Kemper, and Sam Smith on Late Show with David Letterman, 11:35pm, CBS
– Mike Tyson on Jimmy Kimmel Live, 11:35pm, ABC
– Mike Myers, Shep Gordon, Whitney Cummings, and Tove Lo on Late Night with Seth Meyers, 12:35pm, NBC
– Noah Wiley and Abigail Spencer on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, 12:37am, CBS


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