Talks to Kermit and Miss Piggy About the Oscars (VIDEO)

By Seth Abramovitch

Feb 24, 2012 scored a little interview with a celebrity couple this morning: Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy. Perhaps you've heard of them? And they were accompanied by Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences president Tom Sherak, there to tell us all about their upcoming appearance on this Sunday's Oscars broadcast! It's all very exciting! And while I repeatedly got on Miss P.'s bad side, Kermit kindly smoothed things over before she could dispatch us with one of her trademarked karate chops. HaayyyyyYEAH!

The 84th Annual Academy Awards will air this Sunday, February 26 at 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific.

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  • meathead704 Feb 25, 2012

    This video is probably better than the Oscar ceremony.

  • TimSpot Feb 25, 2012

    The guy in the middle looks so lifelike!

  • bboys577 Feb 25, 2012

    aww give Miss Piggy the Oscar!