Throwdown, the Results Show: Which Night of the Week Has the Best TV?

By Tim Surette

Dec 15, 2011

I learned a lot of things by reading through the comments on last week's Throwdown, which asked, "Which Night of the Week Has the Best TV?" I'm happy to know that I'm not the only one who thinks that staying in to watch Friday's TV slate counts as having a social life (me and the Winchesters are friends, right?). I also learned that a lot of you really like Psych, and that I should never, ever leave Castle off a list of Monday's highlights. And did you know that someone's aunt makes $83 an hour on her laptop?! I'll have to check in on that.

But the most important thing I learned was that there's no clear-cut best night of television: You all made great cases for every night of the week. But this isn't a preschool teddy-bear contest or Unlimited Supermodel Giveaway where everyone is a winner. There can only be one competitor left standing in a Throwdown, and this week, the prize goes to Sunday, which you voted as the best night of TV. (Note: There were several votes that mentioned multiple days; I didn't count those. Next time, please vote for only ONE thing.)

Sunday came in just ahead of Thursday; those nights earned 47 and 44 votes, respectively, proving that the current slate of good television is spread throughout the week. Those of you who favor Sunday cited its boatload of critically acclaimed shows (Homeland, Boardwalk Empire, and Dexter, as well as Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones during the rest of the year) and the breakout hit Once Upon a Time. Thursday fans like to laugh, naming NBC's comedy block (Community FTW!) and FX's comedies, as well as other upstarts like Person of Interest and The Vampire Diaries. There's obviously no clear-cut answer as both days are jam-packed with quality tubeage, but since my vote would have gone to Sunday, I'll get started on an embroidered sash that reads "Sunday: Best Day of the Week!" right now.

Our survey yielded a few more interesting results. Though it shouldn't come as that big of a surprise (as is frequented by plenty of Supernatural, Fringe, and Chuck fans) it was still shocking to see Friday—once a night where TV went to die—receive 30 votes. Just goes to show how much the TV landscape has changed in the past few years. In fourth place was Wednesday, with ABC's new comedy block earning that day many of its 20 votes. After that, the drop-off was STEEP. Tuesday received only three votes, Monday received a pair, and Saturday actually mustered one vote, but with good reason (see your responses below).

You know what time it is? PIE TIME!

Which Night of the Week Has the Best TV?
Sunday 47 | Monday 2 | Tuesday 3 | Wednesday 20 | Thursday 44 | Friday 30 | Saturday 1

So I guess we should all hang out on Mondays and Tuesdays, right? Taccado, you host on Mondays. Make sure there is enough guacamole for 274 people. Chas031, we'll fly to your home planet on Tuesdays! In the meantime, here's what you all had to say about your favorite TV days of the week:

smithinjapan shared the same thought as most of those who voted for Sunday: "There really is NO question about it, the answer is Sunday. Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Dexter, Homeland, Californication, Hell on Wheels, and others (not in order of my favorites). While some individual shows are comparatively good, there's no night like Sunday."

chas031 made the only reasonable argument for Saturday: "Saturday is best!! Why? There's no competition for scanning the DVR and web for faves!! The last commercial I watched was so loud my ears bled. After that, I gave the tube the boot. Within the next three months I'll also be cable-free. Currently setting up the H.O.S.T. Hottest Online System Tasker. Designed to simply, effectively, and silently record, sort, and schedule my viewing faves!! Now, if I can juuuuuust get it to learn a good foot rub"

Like many of you, shre123 was torn between Sundays and Thursdays, but got a little extra descriptive: "It's a tie for me: Compelling-Story Sundays and Rib-Tickling Thursdays!"

Rampager9 needs to man up and take control of his DVR (I hope the missus isn't recording Whitney): "The fact that my wife needs three DVRs on Thursday, I would have to say that's her choice, but my addiction to sci-fi has the Friday-night schedule as my favorite. My choice was made a lot easier with a poor season of Walking Dead and a slow-moving Terra Nova."

Whedonrules pointed out another block on Wednesday that deserves attention: "How can you possibly leave Psych off of the Wednesday list? It has been on fire this season. In addition, Dramaville on BBC America with Luther, The Hour and Whitechapel has also crowded up Wednesdays at 10."

Arch_Angel88 would have earned more points if he'd said "North of the Wall" instead: "I was perusing the comments and I don't think there is one person who voted solely for Tuesday. Makes sense. You take away Sons of Anarchy (which just ended its fouth season), and the rookie hit, New Girl, you're left with a desolately barren wasteland (and yes, I know I didn't mention Glee). It's like the Mordor of the television week. Tuesdays, am I right?" Also, Arch, why didn't you tally up the votes this week? I had to do it all myself!

I loved the simplicity and poetic flow of anar's comment: "I'd have to say first Wednesdays then Sundays then Thursdays then Mondays then Tuesdays and at the bottom Fridays. That's it."

lagataporcristo said the future is now, and then he pooped on our Throwdown: "Aren't we past watching TV on the telly?,,, Watch your favorite shows daily, without surrendering your schedules to the networks' season."

darkitp summoned the devil in this comment: "Just like Rebecca Black said once: 'It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday / Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend.' She sucks but she speak the truth!" Whatever, we all know you love her.

That's it for this week! Throwdown is taking the rest of 2011 off, but we'll be back with more friendly debates next year! Thanks for playing! Exclamation mark!

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  • KimberlyVilla Dec 28, 2011

    LOL on the $83 an hour. hahaha my mind's trained to skip reading those comments. =)

  • Faithin1 Dec 17, 2011

    If that were really a pie, I would be ticked off to get the saturday piece.

  • TheMirayShow Dec 16, 2011

    Very fair :P Also, to the comment about not watching TV on TV: It's just easier to get your shows straight when you categorize them by day :) Especially if you watch 30+ shows!

  • mksystem74 Dec 17, 2011

    30? I at least watch 50.... Some good, some bad but they all entertain me in some way

  • Writerpatrick Dec 16, 2011

    It's interesting that many networks consider Monday a good day for a show so it's surprising that it didn't get more votes. But then again, NBC did move Chuck from Monday to Friday. And some of the best shows in the past years have been on Mondays. I suspect the numbers would have been higher had Chuck been on Mondays.

  • lucdejonge Dec 16, 2011

    Quite surprised that the monday didn't get more votes, has a lot of my favorite shows(HIMYM, Hawaii Five-O, Castle) And yet...wouldn't have been my first choice either.

  • Faithin1 Dec 17, 2011

    So are you surprised or not surprised?

  • Geek_Queen Dec 16, 2011

    Mondays and Tuesdays still have some darn good programming, though.

  • Taccado Dec 16, 2011

    I'm happy that the voting results reflect so accurately how quality is distributed over the week. Sunday deserves to be number one. It gets the most TV nominations and awards of all days, which is telling of how many great shows is aired on that day. Only a deafblind person can deny that it is the best TV day of the week. While Thursday is my second personal favourite, I'm still surprised how close the race was with Sunday. I thought Sunday would have won by a clear margin.

  • saxyroro Dec 16, 2011

    I too am torn between Comedy Thursday (NBC and FX) and Sundays. I'm old motto stolen from HBO is Sundays are HBO. I amend that to Sundays are HBO and Showtime.

  • slerman12 Dec 16, 2011

    Did you steal that exclamation mark joke from me? I think I posted a comment on this website recently in which I ended with "Exclamation mark!"

    It's okay, I forgive you. Although it's probably just a coincidence...

    Also, Psych IS a really good show! I mean, not Community good, but still good.

    Aww, why did I have to bring up Community? Now I'm sad. Today is my first Thursday in a while without a new Community episode.

    Time to go into my corner and wallow in a pit of depression.

    Bye! Exclamation mark!

  • GirishStewart Dec 16, 2011

    Sometimes I watch shows up to a week late. As much as I love Sundays, there are only 4 shows which I simply cannot wait to watch asap: Supernatural, Person of Interest, The Vampire Diaries and Fringe. So, mine is a tie b/w Thursday and Friday.

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