's Swell-o-vision vs. Hell-o-vision (April 15)

By Staff

Apr 16, 2011

Here's what we thought was out of sight and just not right on television this week.


... Parks and Rec's surprise nuptials
Congratulations, April and Andy!

... Norm MacDonald + Blake Griffin = Comedy
What are the odds that one of Tim's favorite comedians would pair up with the star of his favorite basketball team for a skit that is hilarious? (Apparently 100 percent.)

... Syfy's Being Human's successful first season
Our fears of the show being a vastly inferior adaptation of the original were sucked dry by fantastic writing, acting, and production.

... The last scene of The Good Wife, in which—spoiler alert!—
Alicia learned that Peter slept with Kalinda.

... Gay stereotypes being CRUSHED on Happy Endings
Alex is a beer-drinking, sports-watching, non-lispy regular dude who just so happens to like having sex with men.


... Alexandria on America's Next Top Model
Usually the contestant all the other girls hate is the kind of person we love to hate, but she's just coming off as the kind of girl we hate to hate because we just plain hate her.

... Modern Family's product placement
Are we watching an episode of our favorite comedy or are we at the local Toyota lot?

... Community's Troy subplot
The acting class was funny, but his lies about being molested by his uncle were a bit tasteless.

... Stupid Royal-Wedding-themed programming
Sorry Brits, royal family hoopla is only a step above The Hills. And the Food Network has enough shows about cake as it is.

... The return of Paul Reiser
We don't know where he's been, but we strongly recommend he goes back there.

... CBS's announcement of a new summer reality show called Same Name
It sounds like the reality spawn of Arrested Development's George Michael Bluth and Office Space's Michael Bolton—and David Hasselhoff is the star of Episode 1.

What made your list of TV loves and hates this week?

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  • elainecleo Apr 21, 2011

    AT&T; mifi placement on The Vampire Diaries..dumb
    OK I have watched and enjoyed syfy Being Human, but I guess the reason you liked it was it had almost the same scripts as the BBC version. I watch and on most of the shows I already know what is going to happen as I have been there and done that 3 years ago.

  • boneslover4 Apr 21, 2011


  • fivecentfamily Apr 20, 2011

    Maybe some find Paul Reiser's banter annoying or boring, but I like him. He's a guy I think I would get along with well in real life. I thought the hybrid reality/sitcom format was very clever, and the exchange with Larry David nearly had me on the floor. I guess I don't need "sophisticated", "with it" comedy to be happy. I could live on a comedy diet of Reiser and The Middle.

  • boopsygirl Apr 20, 2011

    The only shows I watch on these lists is The Good Wife and Modern Family. I dvr everything so I can fast forward through commercials. I don't pay any attention to product placement;do people actually buy things based on their being on a tv show?
    As for that last scene,so sad and a much bigger betrayal than the prostitute.

  • mcflyer54 Apr 20, 2011

    I suppose we should be happy that "Happy Endings" has decided on a non-stereotypical gay character. Honestly it's about time but still shouldn't be something to cheer about since most of the gay people I know don't fit the usual stereotypes. Now if only "Modern Family" would bother to do the same - it's a shame that such a popular show has chosen the most obvious of stereotypes for not only their gay couple but also for the big bosom, broken english, hot tempered latino woman. As in the past tv caters to the lowest possible denominator.

  • chicagorob1 Apr 20, 2011

    The surprise this week was the jaring product placement in Fringe. I cringed when Astrid gave Walter her XOOM tablet and announced she downloaded the old PBS show "Zoom" for him to watch.

    How much more obvious can they get? Using homonyms to force the product's name into the show. Pathetic...

  • ManfromUNC Apr 20, 2011

    The Paul Reiser show was just do I ever get back that lost time in my life wasted on watching this show.....

  • chrismarks28 Apr 20, 2011

    So what's the big issue with product placement? Every day of our lives we live with these products - they are natural, normal and appear in our homes, offices, garages, etc., etc., etc.. I look back at years of phony looking cereal boxes, newspapers and magazines that don't exist, and realize how stupid and distracting they were. So we see products in a show that are actually part of all our lives - move on people there is nothing to see here. What I do hate is when they blur out logos on t-shirts or try to disguise real products so that some company doesn't get "free" advertising - that is distracting and totally stupid because, once again, we all live with that stuff every day and seeing it within a tv show is unlikely to cause anyone to stop watching and run out and buy the products.

  • jaysturt Apr 18, 2011


  • dofuscato Apr 18, 2011

    Why are everybody complaining about product placement? I think product placement is GREAT, it is MUCH better than commercials. I want more product placement, so maybe the commercial breaks could disappear, or at least be shorter and fewer. Product placements is good for several reasons:

    1. They are (likely) cheaper than making commercials, thus companies can earn more money from them.
    2. They are unobtrusive and subtle, they do not really disturb your watching unless you let them, while commercial breaks are HORRIBLE in those aspects. Also commercials usually are retarded, loud and can probably also cause seizures with all noise, flashing lights and everything.
    3. They WORK better. I usually can not stand commercials at all, they are annoying and also always very fake and ridiculous. So i rather get a hostile attitude towards the products, if i even watch it at all. With product placement on the other hand, we get to see a product in everyday use without special effects or anything, and then i have found myself thinking "that looks cool" or something. they make me like the product.
    4. They seem real, and not fake. Maybe a part of my previous post but in reality all homes are filled with products, labels, brand names and so on so why not put them in there? In any regular kitchen you will find lots of different products, so why should it not be like that on tv?
    5. If companies used product placements instead of ads, they would make more money as i said, and better yet, they could FIRE all the people in the advertising-business, maybe even end the whole business? Also if the ad-business was destroyed, the "modeling-business" would take big hit too, even better. All of those people should be forced to do something useful and non-evil with their lives anyway. That would be nice, and make me happy. And the world would be a better place, without anorexia, bulling and everything evil advertisers and models create.

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