's Swell-o-vision vs. Hell-o-vision (December 10)

By Staff

Dec 10, 2011

It's the holiday season, which means it's time to check your self-restraint at the door and enjoy yourselves like the gluttons you are! All the 'nog we've been drinking has put us in a TV-watching hypnotic coma! So here's an extra-large batch of what we liked and didn't like about TV this week.


Paul's Jimmy Stewart impression on New Girl

Jess trying out her new sex moves with role playing, starfish lingerie, and light choking was all fine and sort of funny, but Paul really stole the show with his Jimmy Stewart impression. Hilariously spot on and very, very unsexy.

Carrie's interrogation of the Saudi diplomat on Homeland

Brutal, tense, surprising, and masterful, the scene was an eye-opening glimpse at the (semi-illegal) lengths a CIA agent might go to get their job done. Note to self: don't get locked in room with CIA agent Carrie, but do get locked in room with Carrie the lonely alcoholic.

Marshmallow Ron Swanson on Parks and Rec

"His licorice arms are crossed because he's mad at the other marshmallow workers."

Man Up's cancellation

We don't normally celebrate others' misfortunes (publicly, at least), but no one in our office is going to cry over the loss of this stinker. And hey, ABC's gotta make room for Work It!

American Horror Story's stakes-raising twist

This week we learned that [SPOILER ALERT] Violet didn't survive her suicide attempt from a few weeks ago and she's now just another soul bound to the world's worst home. It was a genius way to ensure that the Harmon family will stay in the house for a while, but also a frequently unlikeable, two-dimensional teenager just got a lot more sympathetic.

Enlightened's penultimate episode, "Consider Helen"

It was a bold move to focus on a secondary character, but this artful, elegiac look into Amy's mother's daily life constituted an origin story of sorts: Helen's grief made Amy who she is today. Diane Ladd's powerful, understated work deserves all the awards. ALL of them.

The reveal of Mac's REAL name on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

And its simplicity was one of the funniest parts of one of the funniest episodes of It's Always Sunny in a long time.


Alec Baldwin's brattiness

He acted like an entitled brat on his flight, was reprimanded, and then took to the web to make matters worse. Yes, Alec, 9/11 is preventing you from playing Words With Friends. Just shut up and go away for a while.

No more Hermain Cain for The Daily Show

The pizza-mogul-turned-lady-fondle-turned-presidential-candidate has withdrawn from the presidential race, proving that the comedy gods have a cruel sense of humor. As the Germans say, "Nein! Nein! Nein!" But Jon Stewart's piece on his departure was HILARIOUS, and the Pokemon Movie quote was a heck of a way to go out, Herm! We'll miss you! (Also: Plus one for a The Room clip.)

The continued success of Brandon on Survivor

While admittedly an interesting and complex guy, Brandon's ascension to power player is just a straight-up bummer. His bad decisions and righteous attitude may make for a great villain, but this one is just unpleasant to watch.

Sons of Anarchy ducking out during its finale

For 13 episodes, Season 4 was one of the greatest things ever. Unfortunately, Episode 14 featured a Deus Ex Machina for the ages.

Claire Dunphy's ribs

It's not just the fact that you can see them, it's that Modern Family's wardrobe department put them on blast this week by putting her in a bathing suit. Eat a cheeseburger, Julie Bowen!

What made your list of TV loves and hates this week?

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  • MatthewDinnin Dec 14, 2011

    Misfits had a Zombie episode. That, it's Always Sunny and the Community swan song were the real highlights.

  • headclub Dec 14, 2011

    Ronald Mcdonald. Enough said.

  • jasonbaird Dec 13, 2011

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  • Faithin1 Dec 12, 2011

    Can you believe Julie Bowen is the same girl from Happy GIrlmore? She was so curvaceous then! Now she is so thin it looks unhealthy. Maybe she is trying to audition for a half-decomposed zombie on Walking Dead?

  • Miz_Tasha Dec 12, 2011

    very true! Julie Bowen is gross looking these days. Did you see her at those awards? ewwwww

  • vitakato Dec 12, 2011

    Justin Long on New Girl? Damn I might actually have to start watching again.

  • phonzee101 Dec 12, 2011

    Who would have ever thought a presidential candidate would use a pocket monster quote eh?

  • misslee022884 Dec 12, 2011

    I thought Mac's name being revealed as Ronald McDonald was absolutely hilarious. I also agree that Alec Baldwin whining and trying to bring up 9/11 was insanely annoying. I actually am a fan of Alec's but blaming 9/11 when a flight attendant asked you to turn off your phone is a bit much. Sorry, Alec but turning your phone off before a flight has been a requirement since long before 9/11. Man up and move on.

  • Tlev1992 Dec 11, 2011

    I love that Mac's real name is Ronald McDonald, that was just hilarious, and that show needed something truly funny like that, its been getting bad the last couple of seasons. But what was up with The Kings of Leon just makin a cameo, that was pretty random.

  • safi_z Dec 11, 2011

    Swell: Abed on Community. Abed and Shirley from Community on Chuck!

  • CiaraGlynn Dec 11, 2011

    Soooo...Abed. Hey, me too. :-P

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