's Swell-o-vision vs. Hell-o-vision (January 7)

By Staff

Jan 08, 2011

Here's what was out of sight and just not right on TV in the first week of 2011.


... The press kit for SyFy's Being Human remake
The "tips, tricks, and tools" manual for living a normal human life came with a phases of the moon calendar, a bag of blood, and pop-out human teeth. Oh, and the first few episodes of the series.

... Archer Season 1 on DVD
Released just in time to re-watch every episode before this month's Season 2 premiere. Plus, the set includes the original, unaired version of the pilot—with a shrieking, snarling dinosaur in place of Sterling Archer, apparently because producers had initially cast a different voice actor in the role.

... Pat Sajak's Twitter feed
The Wheel of Fortune host solves the puzzle of Twitter with zingers that make us feel like we're kids again and our dad is cracking corny jokes in front of the friends we're trying to impress and now we'll never get invited to Andrea Thompson's birthday party! Sample Tweet: "Tried to get on Dancing With the Stars. They said to call back when I was out of work." We'll take a G, an R, an O, an A, and an N.

... IFC's Larry Sanders Show marathon
The series features an incredible cast (including Rip Torn, Scott Thompson, and Sarah Silverman) and still holds up—Jeffrey Tambor's Hank is one of the funniest unlikable characters ever.

... This preview for the season finale of Hoarders
Really, Glenn? There's such a thing as "waaaaaay too many rats"?

... John McCain finally gets his own Daily Show muppet
A well-deserved effigy for the cantankerous ol' homophobe. He makes those old guys in the balcony seem amiable. (Watch the full episode here.)


... The CNBC special The Facebook Obsession, with Lester Holt
It was so dated and sad and doomsday-ish and all together late-to-jump-on-the-bandwagon. Where's the Dislike button?

...The premiere of the wholly unoriginal Live to Dance
It's like they mushed every other talent competition show into one show and slapped Paula Abdul's name on it. It inspires us neither to live nor dance.

...You "People"!
$#*! My Dad Says winning best new comedy at the People's Choice Awards proves that the people chose... unwisely.

...Katie's forced nerd dialogue on No Ordinary Family
Yes, we get that she's into geek culture. But not every line of hers has to include a reference to Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, or another other obvious franchise. And no, we don't buy that she's a virgin.

What made your list of loves and hates this week?

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  • A2H Feb 19, 2011

    Huh? I don't get this "now we'll never get invited to Andrea Thompson's birthday party!" Can somebdoy explain?

  • JennieHerie Feb 11, 2011

    I Love the Middle and Mike and Molly other then that give me svu,criminal minds and csi and csi ny also like blue bloods but they never should have moved it from Friday especially with medium going loved that too can't wait too see the new criminal minds

  • boneslover4 Jan 12, 2011

    On January 10, 2011 Jon Stewart made a very heartfelt speech at the beginning of his show about the shooting of the Congress woman. For a review of next week, please involve it in swell. Jon said exactly what needed to be said. Thanks.

  • RuthDickson Jan 12, 2011

    Five minutes of "Live to Dance" was three more than I could stomach. As for sitcoms, the only one that comes close to funny is "Modern Family"...the rest of ABC's Wednesday laugh-track crap is a yawn.
    IFC and AMC are the only channels that cater to grownups. The major networks need to get a clue.

  • joenamherst Jan 12, 2011

    Maybe you phony 'critics' dislike $hit My Dad Says, BUT it is waaaay funnier then that trainwreck of a show 30rock!

  • irg19 Jan 12, 2011

    Fringe won for sci-fi Tasha. Yeah I hate that "Crap my dad says" won the best new comedy award. Then again there weren't as many great new comedies this year as last like Glee, Modern Family and Cougar Town.

  • agforrester Jan 12, 2011

    Always NCIS; keeps getting better.

  • BILOXIPAT Jan 12, 2011

    Hated finding out that MEDIUM won't be back. Love DETROIT 187, THE GOOD WIFE, NCIS, wish BURN NOTICE and THE CLOSER weren't finished for the season. And where is L & O: CI????

  • Miz_Tasha Jan 10, 2011

    jkinsip, actually Supernatural DID win for sci-fi...

  • DebraMcClure Jan 09, 2011

    IFC is definitely turning into the best place to see intelligent, adult, comedies. Loved that The Larry Sanders Show is back!

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