's Swell-o-vision vs. Hell-o-vision (July 28)

By Staff

Jul 30, 2011

We could list a million swell things from last weekend's Comic-Con (Game of Thrones cosplay!), but it's time to return to normalcy. Well, as normal as we can get. Here's what we thought was out of sight and just not right on television this week...


... Curb Your Enthusiasm's "Palestinian Chicken"
An instant classic for Larry David. "LOL!"

... The West Wing's debt ceiling primer
Confused about the current shenanigans in Washington D.C.? Let an old episode of The West Wing help explain things.

... Jesse's Breaking Bad party tunes
Flavor Flav got the party jumpin', and Honey Claws' "Digital Animal" did double duty as a floor-stomper that I'll forever associate with emptiness and loneliness. Sorry, Jesse. :(

... This rad Game of Thrones visual effects video

... Big Brother After Dark on SHO2
Has anybody noticed that this thing is WAY more entertaining than the primetime show? Nothing highlights the nightmare aspect of Big Brother better than the way the houseguests discuss banal topics for ten minutes, then suddenly a booming disembodied voice yells at them to stop doing something. "YOU MAY NOT DISCUSS PRODUCTION" or "STOP SINGING." It's seriously riveting.


... The unwatchable amount of faithfulness on Love in the Wild
We don't watch NBC's "Survivor meets The Bachelor" series to watch people fall in love. Where's the scandal? Where's the partner- and bodily fluid-swapping? Plus this week's elimination round featured one person who left because he was injured and two women who tried to leave the show rather than stick around to suffer more embarrassment. Contestants, don't put yourself above our needs for guilty pleasures.

... Ryan Murphy trash-talking the Glee actors on Deadline
In an interview, Murphy said he's mad that they feigned ignorance about something they weren't allowed to talk about (a spin-off for the graduating seniors). Now he's not gonna do it, just to punish them. Yikes! What a jerk!

Gaga's crying. Mary Murphy's crying. Nigel's crying. The dancer's crying. The mom is crying. My dog is crying. Everyone stop crying, already! It's just American Idol with dancers.

... Entourage producers are dead-set on making a movie
The movie's off! The movie's on! What the show's producers and cast have failed to do is ask us if we want to see an Entourage movie. We'll watch it, right after we watch The Smurfs.

... Community getting lemons at the Emmy nominations
We're still bummed the show didn't earn any nods, but used the situation to whip up a batch of part-joke, part-motivational poster-flavored lemonade. This is exactly the kind of work environment we like.


What made your list of TV loves and hates this week?

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  • memizz Aug 01, 2011

    Don't be mean Ryan Murphy! I want a spin-off! I am so not watching Glee without the original actors... But I can forgive him for that if there's a spinoff. College maybe?

  • torontogirl98 Aug 01, 2011

    Community for sure!

  • Finnegan77 Aug 01, 2011

    Ryan Murphy is an idiot. I couldn't agree more.

  • Shikady Jul 31, 2011

    Walter White transformation into Heisenberg in breaking bad was totally awesome and was the best of the week...month and maybe the year.

  • GoKuVeGeTaGoHaN Aug 05, 2011

    Definitely! I thought that Los Cuates De Sinaloa were gonna come out at some point and start playing Heisenberg's theme "/\/egro y Azul" LOL

  • Arch_Angel88 Aug 01, 2011

    Viva la Heisenberg!

  • fatfreeoreos Jul 31, 2011

    SYTYCD was amazing this week. Emotional routines will do that to you. Dance is a much more pure art than a hyped up talent show.

  • CrimeDramaBee Jul 31, 2011

    Ryan Murphy is a total jerk- no surprise there, but insulting the actors of his own show is wrong. Not even the Fox bosses can control him. *RM & his ugly yellow 'troller' hat*

  • umair_23 Jul 31, 2011

    i would love to watch an entourage movie.

  • CoffeeCake225 Jul 31, 2011

    haha i love community its so underrated

  • Cortexifan Jul 30, 2011

    No new Fringe!

    Still way too long until Sep 23rd.

  • buildam2005 Jul 30, 2011

    No surprise about Hollywood's biggest douche and worst writer Ryan Murphy. Gotta love Community's attitude. That's hilarious.

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