's Swell-o-vision vs. Hell-o-vision (November 4)

By Staff

Nov 05, 2011

Swell: The candy mountain we built after Halloween! Hell: The candy hangover we've been dealing with since we turned that mountain into a molehill. There's only one thing that will cure these blues... MORE CANDY! And our top choices for what we thought was great and low-rate this week!


... Stephen Colbert's chat with two Occupy Wall Street protesters
Even though we eat instant mac n' cheese five times a week while banking fat cats spit on us, we now don't know which side to support. (Watch Part 2 right here.)

... Mindy Kaling's book promos
She recruited some Office buddies to help promote her first foray into the literary world, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?. We totally want to have lunch with her.

... Top Chef Texas
YES. 29 chefs vying for 16 spots. Eliminations every few seconds. Based on who they've already let in, I'm totally hooked. These kids can COOK.

... New Girl's Jess seeing Nick without his knickers
As if Jess wasn't adorably annoying enough, imagine how you'd feel if she saw your "peen and bubbles" and then tried to talk out the awkward situation in the open.

... The makeup scene on American Horror Story
At some point cable's most ridiculous drama became just as much a showcase for raw emotion as it is a horror homage. Just give Jessica Lange all the awards this year.

... Shane going REALLY dark on The Walking Dead
This wasn't in the comics! THIS WASN'T IN THE COMICS! And we LOVE the show for it. No more complaining about not having complex characters. Now we just need Rick to get interesting.


... Giancarlo Esposito on Once Upon a Time
The show is cracktastic, yes, but we just can't deal with Gus Fring in such a silly role. Or maybe we just really, really miss Breaking Bad.

... Glee's leprechaun-ization of Damian McGinty
Really? Was it his lucky charms that gave it away?

... Parenthood stretching for stories
The "Julia is worried because the woman carrying her soon-to-be-adopted child is eating sushi" plotline? No amount of wasabi could make it worth our time.

... Clyde Frog is dead!!
And Cartman is... maturing?!?! South Park's second attempt to rid the 4th-graders of their lost boys syndrome was a depressing development for anyone who's ever had to grow up, ever.

... 2 Broke Girls is apparently trying to break some sort of record for the use of the word "vagina"
It just seems like anytime the writers can't come up with a joke, they're like, "I know, let's have Max say 'vagina'!" There's lot stuff on the show that could be funny, but it's trying so hard to be crass that it forgets to still try to be clever.

... The cast of Work of Art
Too many of the artists were outshone by kids this week. We were willing to give them a chance, but Bravo picked a lousy bunch this season.

... Allen Gregory's unlikable main characters
Putting aside the fact that the rare-for-TV gay parents are presented as an abusive nightmare scenario, what on earth made anyone think the public would be interested in following such a douchey, hateful kid? At least Stewie and Cartman have charming aspects to their personalities.

What made your list of TV loves and hates this week?

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  • TheMirayShow Nov 08, 2011

    Swell: Peter Bishop is back; Bones pregnant (even though the writer's did waste 6 seasons of built up emotional tension of the "will they or won't they)

    Hell: Anyone else feel that community was boring this week?

  • DrSpongejr Nov 07, 2011

    Hell: Everything about MTV's Good Vibes. That is the laziest example of television writing I've probably ever seen and it's painfully unfunny.

  • SokkaAppa Nov 07, 2011

    where is the love for Bones. We have been ALL been waiting all summer and half of fall to see what happens and it didnt disappoint at all. I mean brennan said i love you!!!!

  • vicbjones Nov 07, 2011

    Additional swell: Joe Dante directing Hawaii Five-O. I'm not sure if it was his directing or a script that didn't get bogged down in ongoing subplots, but this episode seemed a little more briskly paced than usual to the point where I was wide awake through the whole thing.

  • hh71 Nov 07, 2011

    New Girl....uuugh.

    Jess is "adorably annoying", nope just plain annoying. Probably the most annoying out of the lead characters that came out this fall.

    Why does everyone love this hipster so much?

  • vicbjones Nov 07, 2011

    Swell: David Paymer's performance on The Mentalist, as well as the climax in the television studio; Joel McHale's closing line on The Soup: "I don't know what they're doing, but it ain't news. Hell: The sturm and damarung over the Greek prime minister calling for a referendum (in a democracy) on the loan deal his government negotiated with the EU (Do the banks and markets serve the people or do we serve the banks and markets?); Colbert's segment with the occupiers (only sat through part one); and the electronic lynching of Herman Cain. If you didn't think someone's behavior was worth reporting 12 years ago, I could care less about it now. Or maybe the bar for harassment is set too low.

  • chas031 Nov 07, 2011

    HELL: A week without power!!

  • zampognaro Nov 07, 2011

    HYMIM was seriously bad this week .. surprised it didn't make the sh*t list

  • niedermayer27 Nov 07, 2011

    I agree. The original Slutty Pumpkin episode was IMO one of the best episodes of season 1, maybe even the entire series. But that was ruined by this awful episode. Katie Holmes was terrible.

  • memizz Nov 06, 2011

    Gus Fring is too good for this....

  • myaddow Nov 06, 2011

    Surprised Chuck didn't make the sh*t list. After Friday's incredibly stupid and annoying episode, I am officially done. Who ever decided to give Morgan the Intersect should be fired immediately.

  • Watashii Nov 06, 2011

    I so agree. I hate how they gave Morgan the intersect and now they made him so cocky and arrogant, which was just really annoying. Now I am not surprised how bad the show is doing in terms of ratings. I used to like Chuck but this new season just doesn't do it. The only part that I liked about this week's episode was Carrie-anne Moss

  • direred Nov 06, 2011

    They should've killed him off in last Friday's episode. That would have saved the series.

  • shocker713 Nov 06, 2011

    It's the final season and they know it. All bets are off.

  • Arch_Angel88 Nov 06, 2011

    Or feed them to the shark this show jumped over.

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