's Swell-o-vision vs. Hell-o-vision (October 29)

By Staff

Oct 29, 2011

We know you've been busy putting together your Jim Belushi Halloween costume from According to Jim Season 5, so we went ahead and gathered up the best and worst TV moments of the week.


... The "ZZ Top Gun" Halloween costume on Happy Endings
Or was it Max and Penny's mom-and-baby costume that was the highlight? Or Dave's extended "Ummmmmm"? Or Max's holiday comparisons? Or the "Turn over... this isn't over" messages from the neighborhood kids? Or the uniform/costume confusion in the convenience store? Man, what a fantastic episode.

... Happy 10th birthday, Pardon the Interruption!!
The Emmy-winning best show on ESPN is a decade old and a daily must-watch for sports fans. Tony and Mike are still bringing it after ten years of yelling and laughing at each other. Congratulations, guys. Plus, Obama gave them a shout out! Now please, cancel Dan Le Batard's show.

... It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's "CharDee McDennis" drinking game
The "game of games" indeed! It's like Cranium for masochistic alcoholics. And it's inevitably coming soon to college campus near you... and just after that, an emergency room near you.

... South Park's tribute to Broadway and BJs
The Book of Mormon creators took their Tony Award dominance and made a crude episode about how Broadway is all about fellatio. And Stephen Sondheim got involved in a "bro-down."

... Frasier is a MEAN son of a bitch!
Kelsey Grammer has left all comedy behind as the intense Chicago mayor Tom Kane in Starz's Boss. After a few years off, we can throw his name back into the Emmy race, but this time with the big boys in the Drama category.

... Gabe's "cinema of the unsettling" film on The Office
Poor Erin!


... Rachel Cook's Performance on The X Factor
Of the myriad hellish performances this week, this one was the most uncomfortable to watch. It reminded us of Toddlers and Tiaras with Simon as the show mom.

... American Horror Story's pleas to DirecTV subscribers
Ryan Murphy has lent his voice, likeness, and time to a very important cause: Himself. And he does it with such enthusiasm.

... NBC spending $100 million to find a hit
Good luck with that, guys.

... The mess that is Man Up!
Tim Allen, you're safe. This show makes makes yours look like the best thing since Seinfeld.

... The Walking Dead's Andrea, professional zombie magnet
Why are the meatbags picking on her so much? Hasn't she been through enough already?

What made your list of TV loves and hates this week?

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  • Sbriseno07 Oct 31, 2011

    "The game of Cards that gets you hard"

  • ekwartler Oct 31, 2011

    Swell: American Horror Story. Like, all of it. And Cassie's slutty bee costume.

    Hell: TV getting postponed for baseball, ever.

  • KingsX Oct 31, 2011

    "And she ripped into his torso, like a gerbil shredding a Quaker Oats box, sending chunks of viscera and an aerosol mist of blood all over the skanky concubine. The she flossed her teeth with his tendons. And, because he was a a vampire, he lived through all of it. He had to watch her swallow his last eyeball. She kept it attached to the optic nerve, so he could see down her throat, to his own partially digested flesh in...her...stomach."

    I heart Annie :)

  • Joker62002 Oct 31, 2011

    No credit for v diaries and secret circle dam what about supernatural

  • Clear Oct 31, 2011

    Also Hell: BASEBALL.

  • Cortexifan Oct 31, 2011

    swell: Fringe is no. 1 on the most popular shows scale!!

    Watch live on Friday!

    Fringe Rocks!

  • Big_Pecks Oct 31, 2011

    Ultra Hell: Baseball Happened.

  • movieblogger Oct 31, 2011

    Whoo! PTI! But please, don't hate on Lebby.

  • staind47 Oct 30, 2011

    Happy Endings was a definite Swell! It was very funny. I think out of all the comedies they did the best halloween episode. Suburgatory was also hilarious.

  • vicbjones Oct 30, 2011

    Swell: Stephen Colbert's take on the Herman Kane ad, the camaraderie between Michael Ware and Cornell West on Real Time, the Prime Suspect episode I watched since CSI was a rerun from last season. Hell: The sexy costume fashion show on Real Time, Grover Norquist sounding like Charlie Sheen at the end of his interview on Real Time, and hearing that NBC plans to soften Tennyson's image on Prime Suspect. Way to throw away whatever goodwill you might have gotten from the Prime Suspect marathon, NBC; no wonder your network is last.

  • commeca Oct 31, 2011

    CAIN, not Kane.

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