's Top 100 Everything of 2011, Vol. 1: Items 100-91

By Staff

Dec 19, 2011

With Baby New Year ready to plop out of the womb and Father Time being carted off against his will to the Old Folk's Home, it's once again time for our annual Top 100 Everything list, where we spout off our favorite moments of television from the year. We thought about changing things up and starting with numbers 68 through 77, but quickly realized that was a stupid idea and fired the person who came up with it. Instead, we're sticking with tradition and starting from the top (or bottom, depending on your half-full/half-empty stance). Today we'll reveal items 100 through 91, and then continue posting 10 items each weekday through December 30, so keep checking back to see what made the list. Now let's get this party started!

100. Jersey Shore doesn't go down the toilet

Season 4's Guidos in Italy experiment was a disaster and deserves no love from this list. But toward the end of Season 3, frustrating roommate passive-aggressiveness reached the rim of one poor toilet in what became the series' most disgusting moment to date (and that's saying something). Mamma Mia! There was a wife beater in there! Finally, Karma was more than just the name of some shitty club.

99. TLC, not just circus freaks anymore

There was a time when TLC was actually about learning, and featured educational programming in the fields of science, home improvement, and topical events. But all of a sudden, it seemed like every program in the network's lineup was about little people, pageant kids, or baked goods. Now TLC is becoming watchable again thanks to unusual, but intriguing, subject matter: obsessive-compulsive penny-pinchers (Extreme Couponers), extravagant kids' parties and the uncomfortable dads who pay for them (Outrageous Kid Parties), adult virgins (Virgin Diaries), and soon-to-be adult virgins (Geek Love). Baby steps.

98. V ends with a bang and a stab

ABC's alien-invasion series stormed or screens with a ton of hype, flopped, and wrote its own death sentence. But the series finale would not go quietly, putting on a spectacle that included Queen Anna impaling her mother and one of those series-ending cliffhangers that will never be resolved, almost changing our minds about whether we wanted the show to stick around or not.

97. Adventure Time goes gender-bending

One of the most creative stunt episodes of the year didn't involve Abed or singing doctors. It came from the mind of a lonely Ice King. Pendleton Ward's intensely creative 'toon created an alternate universe for a single episode ("Fionna and Cake") in which the sexes of the main characters were swapped (and a gruff dog became a beatnick cat). Plus, it featured Neil Patrick Harris as a guest voice.

96. ESPN's 30 for 30 bonus pack

TV's leader in sports continued to prove that it can do more than air replay clips of Blake Griffin dunking and Tim Tebow praying by extending its series of probing sports documentaries beyond the original 30 installments. Scoring big with us this year were The Fab Five, Catching Hell, and Unguarded.

95. True Blood makes a juice box out of someone's ticker

This one's pretty self-explanatory.

94. Jon Benjamin had a van and quite a year

He's the voice of Archer on Archer! He's the voice of Bob on Bob's Burgers! He's Jon Benjamin on Jon Benjamin Has a Van! Well deserved recognition for this underrated comedian.

93. Corny karaoke videos from Community and Breaking Bad

Two of's favorite shows put their stars front and center in front of the green screen, cued up some great singalong songs, and let the bizarro rip.

92. Wonderful wondering over Wonder Woman

David E. Kelley wrote a new take on the Amazonian Princess, and every single detail that leaked made it sound worse and worse until we realized we had to see it. NBC passed on the remake, which was good for the network's business but bad for our annual Garbage Television viewing parties. Thankfully, someone posted a few scenes online and we were blessed with the greatest line of superhero dialogue ever: "I never said to merchandise my tits!"

91. Onion News Network's Ice Queen

IFC's fake-news offshoot of the popular satire weekly needed a mouthpiece, and the show hit gold with Brooke Alvarez, its condescending, self-important, MILFy anchor. If it seems like she was plucked from the most evil of Fox News' hosts, it's because she was: actress Suzanne Sena, who knows exactly how to play the part, previously did a stint on the conservative cable-news network.

Come back tomorrow for items 90 through 81!

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  • angeland8 Dec 27, 2011

    Eric drinking from a fresh-ripped heart and Kiss from a Rose by Community should be in top ten. Seriously.

  • Nakama Dec 24, 2011

    95 should be way higher, at least higher than 92!

  • FusterCluck1 Dec 21, 2011

    No. 93 rocks!

  • ll-essy Dec 20, 2011

    That True Blood scene was awesome!!! I don't know what's next in your Top 100, but it should have been on a higher number!

    Also, I just found out TLC means The Learning Channel (I'm not from the US) and I was absolutely flabbergasted!

  • anneso129 Dec 20, 2011

    the True Blood scene taken out of the episode is really disgusting! I love it!!!!

  • GirishStewart Dec 20, 2011

    I was surprised that they actually used that line in the pilot episode. lol. I think I am the only one who liked the Wonder Woman pilot. It had potential and the lead made one hot eye candy. Imo, she was not that bad at acting either.

    How awesome was that scene from True Blood! Eric was a total badass! It should have been in the Top 50!

  • ValentinCrisa Dec 20, 2011

    You should really think of adding in the next volume the scene from the vampire diaries when klaus compels stefan to turn his humanity off.

  • MollieDonohue Dec 20, 2011

    True Blood was great, Eric's so hilarious lmao

    Also Community, Jesus loves drinking human blood...whaaaaat?? lol

  • bonezrulz05 Dec 20, 2011

    Ice Queen reminds me of Sue Sylvester.

  • Bottron Dec 20, 2011

    I didn't find much of anything to be cooler than the "Kiss from a Rose" video from "Community". I'll wait until the entire list is out to render judgement but both "Adventure Time" and "Community" getting 90's ranking?

  • MollieDonohue Dec 20, 2011

    Look forward to Community popping up multiple times on the list...

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