's Top 100 Everything of 2011, Vol. 5: Items 60-51

By Staff

Dec 23, 2011

We're almost at the halfway point of our Top 100 Everything of 2011! It's always important to take proper care of yourself when reading a Top 100 list, and the things people overlook the most are the most important things! So once you finish today's installment, make sure you do plenty of stretches and hydrate yourself. We don't want anyone to pull a muscle. Okay, deep breath, and let's get started. Once you're finished, you can feel good about yourself and enjoy the rest of the day.

We'll be posting 10 items each weekday through December 30, so check back often to see what made the cut!

60. Daryl Motherf'ing Dixon

For most of the second season, The Walking Dead's hillbilly turned hero was the only character we didn't want to become zombie chow. While others bickered and pandered to the needs of their flimsy rebuilt moral codes, Daryl and his crossbow took care of business. Especially in this scene.

59. Ringer's amazingly bad boat scene

Ha ha ha ha *wheeze* ha ha how long was I out for ha ha ha green screen ha ha *pant* ha ha ha jumping into the ocean ha ha ha giant sunglasses ha ha ha "acting" ha ha ha oh man this is history in the making ha ha ha *gasp* ha ha ha yes this is a real show on network television.

58. Charlyne Yi on House

When alt-comedienne Charlyne Yi (Knocked Up) first appeared as Dr. Park, an awkward, mumbling girl with a Velma haircut and an occasional violent streak, she was a far cry from the show's usual underqualified-yet-hot-lady-doctor paradigm. Throughout her Season 8 stint she's proven herself one of the most realistic (as in, people who might actually exist in real life) characters on TV and certainly the House character whose personal evolution has proven to be the most fascinating. Plus, for as insecure, bizarre, and slightly annoying as she can often be, who didn't smile when she worked up the nerve to ask out Dr. Chase? Work it, girl!

57. Revenge

ABC's primetime soap is our newest addiction, and always leaves us wanting more. While the series is a constant blur of scandalous reveals and decadent one-liners, its most jaw-dropping moment so far hasn't truly aired yet: It's in the promo for the next new episode, and features a table of petrified millionaires being held captive around a birthday cake by a Tilda Swinton lookalike/secret hustler. The "Moonlight Sonata" score playing in the background of the single dramatic shot clinches it: This belongs in a gallery.

56. Portlandia's "Dream of the 90s"

The pace-setting music-video sketch from IFC's most hipst-a-matic comedy is an homage to the equally weird, creative, and scary movements of counter-culture idealism and trust-funded laziness. And it's catchy, too. Put it on your iPhone, bro.

55. The Big C's sense of loss

It's a show about cancer, so we knew loss was going to be a pervading theme. But Cathy, the lead character afflicted with the disease, is the one who's still standing, while her friends and family are dying. And no loss hit harder or underscored more clearly what the series is really about than the death of Paul, Cathy's husband, in the Season 2 finale. Cathy will soldier on--she's the star of the show, after all. But death is playing a really cruel game with her, and The Big C somehow still manages to make it introspective and funny.

54. Being Human's idea of daycare

The Syfy version of the BBC show took one of the latter's pedophile storylines and twisted it in a way that started off lame: Aidan's idiot stalker vampire plaything turned a child, creating a confused rugrat who was a handful of bloodlust and staying awake past his bedtime. But the kid gloves came off in the end, when Aidan had to take care of the problem himself, and we're still stunned. Beautiful, tragic moment.

53. This So You Think You Can Dance routine

So You Think You Can Dance has long been one of TV's most underrated series. Those who watch it know what we mean, but for those who don't, it's the reality competition with the most truly talented competitors in their own field. These dancers' athleticism, youth, and skills are amazing even to viewers who know nothing about dance. More poignantly, unlike shows where the competition seeks to groom a winner who will go onto greatness, for these dancers this show IS the greatness. It's a celebration, basically, and perhaps no routine embodied that fact more than this lyrical hip-hop routine in which (ultimate season winner) Melanie comforted her best friend after his wedding day went awry:

52. Modern Family forgets to lock the bedroom door

Well duh, of course one of our favorite moments included Luke. In "Caught in the Act," the Dunphy kids decided to surprise their parents with breakfast in bed, but Phil was already eating some scrambled eggs, y'know what we're sayin'? We're saying Phil and Claire were totally boning. Luke's response: "Whatever they were doing, Dad was winning." As if it's possible to lose when you're in bed with Julie Bowen.

51. Dempsey passes the torch on The Event

One of the biggest flops of the year, NBC's alien series barely made any sense, no matter how many times we banged our heads into the wall. Each week it delivered utter nonsense, putting it on par with cult movies so horrible they actually became awesome. In this clip (via Hulu; sorry, international friends!), old man Dempsey (the excellent Hal Holbrook, who clearly did not know what he was signing up for) promotes Sean Walker to master alien-killer, or something. But it's how he does so that earned the scene a spot on this list. If anyone can crack this nut and tell us what's going on, please don't! We prefer not to know and relish in the show's WTFness.

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  • jekyll Dec 29, 2011

    Meh, Charlene Yi? I've just hated every female member of House's team from the get-go, though the new ex-prison doc is perfectly cromulent. Honestly, it could be just House, Foreman, Taub, and Chase (with the usual Wilson hijinks tossed in for good measure) and I'd be perfectly happy.

  • torontogirl98 Dec 27, 2011

    SYTYCD is one of the most annoying shows on the planet how and why is it on this list, and it is not underrated at all it is always playing on at least one channel at all times I can never escape it

  • Tigerbob Dec 26, 2011

    Ringer' is a great show but that scene was really cheesy, couldn't they afford to actually film it at sea? Daryl is great, best character o Walking Dead. I like Revenge but most the characters are irritating especially Amanda and Tyler. We can only really relate to Jack as he isn't rich.

  • TheMirayShow Dec 26, 2011

    Daryl, so you think you can dance, and portlandia... totally forgot about them! Thanks for reminding me!

  • tvspot Dec 26, 2011

    and yes Daryl should be on the top 5

  • tvspot Dec 26, 2011

    Daryl was a great addition to the walking dead, shoot first and ask questions later. simple, no fuss. and fearless. the only things he needs to change is that he should not eat with his hands after he does cavity search on a walker..dangerous stuff.

  • shadowysea07 Dec 26, 2011

    panthro hugging the robot bears or the spoiler

    him losing his arms should be on this list soon

  • TeeKay Dec 25, 2011

    why don't I see a 50-41 posted today?

  • RyanMassie Dec 26, 2011

    They'll be posted on Monday.

  • Sbriseno07 Dec 25, 2011

    Daryl Should have been much higher. Also, If Community is number One I am going to punch someone.

  • Air-man77 Dec 24, 2011

    Number 57 is so true

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