's Top 100 Everything of 2012, Vol. 5: Items 60-51

By Staff

Dec 27, 2012

Don't stop now! You're almost at the halfway point! Every item after this gets to tell its friends it was in the top half of the 100 best things about television in the whole of 2012! Everything on this list will probably say something like, "Oh, I was in the top half too," and then under its breath mutter, "...of the 120 best things about all of television for the whole of 2012." Nice try, 60 through 51, but there ain't no shame in almost the Top 50. Besides, if ten items in the Top 50 die, you get promoted! So give that Cuban hit squad a call and make it happen. (Note: does not condone violence among Top 100 items.)

We'll trot out our picks 10 at a time through the end of the year, so check back regularly to see what else made the cut or to learn how to count down from 100.

60. Joss Whedon has a pretty good year

Perhaps you've heard of this guy Joss Whedon? The creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer has long been a god among some, but in 2012 the man went mainstream with the super blockbuster The Avengers (which he wrote and directed), and now he's fending Hollywood off with a stick. He also released the indie horror film The Cabin in the Woods and started development on a S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series, the latter of which is headed to ABC in 2013. We guess the sequel to Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog will just have to wait.

59. Google makes us weep and miss our parents

Normally ads are totally UGH but this spot for Google's new Chrome browser had us mesmerized every time it aired. The commercial features a college chick, her dad, some video-chatting, and their attempts to stay in touch and keep her late mom/his late wife in their thoughts while she's away at school. Hold on a sec, we have to go Google "How do you get tear stains off your shirt?"

58. Eric Andre makes an entrance

Adult Swim's The Eric Andre Show comes from a production studio that's run by Tim & Eric, so it shouldn't be surprising that the show's opening is what it is, which is totally weird and awesome. Bonus for the contrast between the entrances of Eric Andre (yep, the guy from Don't Trust the B----) and Hannibal Buress and the fact that each week the sequence is slightly different.


One of the creepiest images of the year came from ABC's short-lived The River, which we think was about a jungle in the Amazon that was full of well-placed security cameras? The found-footage ghost story had its moments, but none made us freak out more than this screeching monkey wearing a doll's head, which revealed itself in the weirdest way possible.

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56. Ben and Kate's Lucy Punch

Quick question: WHERE ON EARTH did Lucy Punch come from? We gather she's European (or wherever it is Britain is located these days) but did she just spring fully formed out of Zeus's head, or was she made in a laboratory, like some kind of genetic hybrid of Cheryl Tiegs and Jennifer Saunders? How does someone look like that but also wield such talent for throwaway one-liners and awkward line deliveries? You know what, it's time to stop asking questions and just appreciate the one-woman force of nature called Lucy Punch. There is legit nobody like her on TV right now, and if you're not watching Ben and Kate you're missing what has essentially become a weekly study in her future superstardom. (The rest of Ben and Kate is pretty good too!)

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55. Workaholics fights alcohol with more alcohol

Blake, Ders, and Adam got absolutely hammered on a rooftop in "Real Time," as they're wont to do. But in this afternoon-into-evening-into-night, they spent the hours making prank calls to their boss and calling her all sorts of you'll-get-fired-for-this names. The next morning was not kind to them, but hangovers were avoided because they were still drunk, so they came up with a plan: Keep drinking, stay juuuuuust drunk enough to stave off the hangover, and get to work as fast as possible. Which obviously means a BMX bike race against some future hotties.

54. Chatswin's best neighbors

While the Altmans represent the audience's window into the world of Chatswin and the Royces represent all that is wrong with the place, it's the Shays who've become Suburgatory's best family. Ana Gasteyer and Chris Parnell are amazing as buttoned-up parents Sheila and Fred, Allie Grant plays their captive teenage daughter to perfection, and adopted Adonis Ryan (Parker Young) has come around as one the show's best surprises. Yeah, most of the show's action happens at Chez Altman but screw them, we're most excited when we head across the street to the Shays'.

53. A new era of SNL Digital shorts

In the post-Lonely Island age of Saturday Night Live, something unexpected happened to the pre-taped sketches: They stayed good! No offense to Andy Samberg and Co., but the team at SNL has more than picked up the slack when it comes to high-quality digital shorts. From Jamie Foxx's Tyler Perry parody to the Jeremy Renner Mexican-stand-off trailer, this season has not been lacking for viral potential. But two segments in particular really stood out: A truly bizarre Taran Killam character (and his sloppy strut), plus a decidedly poignant short starring Bruno Mars in a mouse costume. No, really.

52. The emergence of Jeremy Allen White as Lip Gallagher

Through two seasons of Shameless, viewers' sympathies were firmly with Fiona as the Gallagher family caretaker battling against poverty, her alcoholic father, and a whole lot of bad luck. Emmy Rossum's nuanced performance is already criminally underrated in the awards arena, but quickly rivaling it is Jeremy Allen White's performance as her brother Lip, an angry, frustrated genius who can't seem to get out of his own way. His loud confrontations with Fiona over dropping out of high school resulted in Season 2's best scenes, with Lip hitting an absolute rock bottom before a heartwarming pay-off. If he keeps it up in Season 3, Showtime might soon have to re-think its marketing to place both Rossum and White front and center.

51. Michonne and the Governor's big throwdown

The Walking Dead is best known for zombie violence, but this rumble between Season 3's two new human characters was by far the most memorable. The enemies went primal on each other as they skittered across the floor, avoided snapping zombie heads, and smashed heads into walls (and fish tanks). We'll call Michonne the winner since she put a shard of glass through the Governor's eye, but this was clearly just Round 1. Also worthy of a mention: Glenn's fight against the walker while he was taped to a chair, Maggie versus the SWAT zombies, and Rick's psychotic rampage in the bowels of the prison.

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  • MarkFromOregon Jan 03, 2013

    Multiple noteworthy moments in this list. Glad Shameless was mentioned. That show is awesome. Also glad they mentioned the Walking Dead fight. I jumped to my feet during that. Lol

  • shootingstar609 Dec 29, 2012

    maybe a network will finally recognize Joss Whedon's talent for longer than one season! Also, Google Chrome commercial=win.

  • caine878 Dec 29, 2012

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  • CharmedOneP391 Dec 28, 2012

    Joss Whedon YES!
    that Chrome commercial yes!
    Michonne vs Governer YES (GLENS scene close second!)
    Lip from Shamless YES! Great actor there! He brings a vulnerability to the role.Emmy Rossum still the best though

  • RachelFarrar Dec 27, 2012

    Yup. Still stupid. Still rewatched that Google Chrome commercial. Still cried like a baby.

  • fatimavh Dec 27, 2012

    Mokiki was pure perfection.
    The Micchonne-Governor fight should've been in the top 50!

  • JT_Kirk Dec 27, 2012

    Awesome, glad to see The Eric Andre Show finally get some recognition. And yeah, the opening bits are such a kinetic thrillride of comedy that they can't help but be jawdropping and hilarious. I'd love to see a behind-the-scenes shoot from when he shot all that stage-ruining content (pretty sure it's all from a single shoot edited into different pieces).

    Bruno Mars in Times Square was a great piece, but many of the others this year have felt like great ideas stretched too thin to pad time. I'd rather watch a shorter short if it meant a punchier effect.

  • saxyroro Dec 27, 2012

    Joss and Lip. Lip is becoming a standout on Shameless, and that's hard to do with such a wonderful cast.

  • liisterinen Dec 27, 2012

    go joss!

  • Sbriseno07 Dec 27, 2012

    Although Glenn's fight was good. Michonne''s was better. It was the best scene of the finale.

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