's Weekly Podcast: Totally Tubular! Episode 002 (AUDIO)

By Staff

Oct 06, 2012

Another week, another basket full of TV-related topics! In this week's (now-downloadable!) episode of Totally Tubular!, Price and Tim discuss the following hot items:

... commenter shout-outs! (01:55)

... Price is still watching Supernatural! (02:47 and then again somewhere around 22:00)

... Revolution being one of the season's first full-season pickups (05:07)

... Which shows might get canceled! (09:00)

... Homeland's Season 2 premiere! (12:15)

... Fringe's Season 5 premiere! (13:55)

... The benefits of a Revenge marathon! (16:00)

... Person of Interest! (18:55)

... What even IS baseball? (25:30)

... Second episodes! What we liked, what we didn't. (26:00)

... Plus more! [SPOILERS ABOUND]

Hey! Anything YOU want us to chat about next week? Please leave any topics or suggestions in the comments below!

P.S. Also just so you know FYI as we mentioned in this week's episode, we are working on making this thing available on iTunes. Stay tuned!

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  • bicelis Oct 08, 2012

    I meant "which do NOT sit in a large swivel chair" :)

  • bicelis Oct 08, 2012

    I have mixed feelings about Tim's opinion on Person of Interest. On one hand You call it awesome and on the other - stupid. I see where you're coming from but I wouldn't call this show stupid.

    It has multiple villains who cannot even be easily called that. They are compelling, complicated characters which do sit a large swivel chair and stroke a white cat (btw, stroke a white cat is the name of a sex act I just made up). The discussions about privacy and morality of watching everything and everyone are also quite interesting in the show. Story arcs are rather complex and not just we have one guy who we are told is bad and on the season finale he will be killed by our good guys.

    Yes, the show's one liners and Reese's robot-leg-shooting-cool-guy-in-a-suit make for some cheesiness (and that is what you, Tim, meant probably), but it is clearly intentional. It's not a show that is cheesy 'cause the writers don't know how to write clever stuff, but the writers actually try to come up with perfect cheesy lines and actions for Reese.

    If anything, I'd argue, this show is one of the smarter ones on network TV. It knows what it's doing and it does it very well.

  • emmy021889 Oct 08, 2012

    Ahhh! i got a shoutout from Price!! :) So about the recaping of supernatural when are u putting those out Tim? Because the only ones i have seen are of the new seasons. I used to read your recaps for last season but now Mary Ann writes them :( but i still get my weekly dose of Tim with Fringe! But Price can't wait for the Vampire Diaries!! Ur Teen Wolf recaps are what made me decide to sit and watch TVD :)

  • mad-pac Oct 08, 2012

    Two incredibly nice gentlemen. It's a real treat to listen to both interacting. I just hope Price gets to watch more of the shows Tim covers so they can discuss them in audio.

  • GirishStewart Oct 08, 2012

    Hey Price, I swear I'll come and break your legs if you don't watch Supernatural with the proper music. (Not kidding) And get on that Fringe marathon as soon as you're done with your Supernatural fix.

  • Writerpatrick Oct 07, 2012

    Setting up an RSS feed isn't that difficult. Since you're using Soundcloud you should probably look at their help page about it.

    There's a setting accessible in the top right corner of your public profile but you have to login to access it. ( If it doesn't show up then it may be that the account isn't setup for podcasting.

    The other option would be to host the files on a server that allows you access to the mp3 files then use those in a blog. The blog will automatically create an RSS. Then you can use Feedburner to create a suitable iTunes feed. It's not really that difficult. It just takes a little time to setup.

  • Taccado Oct 07, 2012

    A white haired female villain in Arrow? IMDB says that China White appears in the second episode of Arrow. (Played by Kelly Hu, by the way!) She is a villain from Green Arrow: Year One.

  • bendylegsnick Oct 08, 2012

    I loved Year One!

  • emmairis Oct 07, 2012

    and let's all cross our fingers for Last Resort!

  • emmairis Oct 07, 2012

    loving these talks guys

  • MisbahKaleem Oct 07, 2012

    You should defiantly watch ALL of Supernatural!! Cuz even if 6-7 weren't as great as 1-5, season 8 shows amazing potential, and i would just ike to know why Tim stopped reviewing SPN????

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