's Weekly Podcast: Totally Tubular! Episode 008 (AUDIO)

By Staff

Nov 15, 2012

Another week, another wheelbarrowful of fantastic television! Listen as Editor Jen joins Price and Tim to discuss this cornucopia of television goodness. Press play below (or subscribe on iTunes!) to hear our occasionally worthwhile thoughts on the following hot topics:

... commenter shout-outs! (00:34)

... Can we do more Nikita coverage? (00:49)

... Why aren't more shows being canceled? (07:05)

... Tuesday-night comedies! (13:25)

... This week's episode of The Walking Dead! (21:49)

... This week's episode of Homeland! (23:43)

... Last week's episode of American Horror Story: Asylum! (24:30)

... Last week's episode of The Vampire Diaries! (27:15)

... Price hasn't stopped watching Beauty and the Beast for some reason! (34:35)

... Price laments the unpopularity of MTV's remake of The Inbetweeners! (38:00)

... MTV's The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons! (40:24)

... The strange appeal of home shopping channels! (43:50)

... Plus more! [SPOILERS ABOUND]

Hey! Is there anything YOU want us to chat about next week? Please leave any topics or suggestions in the comments below!


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  • gpgurl50 Nov 20, 2012

    I definitely recommend rewatching Nikita, Price. Do try to finish Veronica Mars first. As well as Teen Wolf. Nikita had a weak pilot but each episode got better. It’s pretty ridiculous at times but high quality ridiculous.

    I did watch Malibu Country. I try to give new TV shows a three episode test if I’m not watching other things at that time. The show got even worse after the pilot. They kept the fake gay guy thing going which made all the characters look dumb. They did a hilariously bad job of hiding Sara Rue’s pregnancy via large objects. Also, last week’s episode focused on the son trying to lose his accent while his sister made fun of him. This called attention to the fact that these siblings have radically different accents even though they were raised together and are roughly the same age.

    In an unrelated notes, do you guys have any favorite Thanksgiving/Christmas episodes of TV?

  • LydiaWilson1 Nov 19, 2012

    The main problem with the US version of the Inbetweeners is Will is too good looking - he's awkwardness seems forced - On the plus side - Will is much nicer to look at.

  • Anonymous_A Nov 19, 2012

    It's been a while since I've heard you guys talk about SPN and I wanna know if Price has caught up to Season 2 of it since it's one of the best seasons in the show's history imo.

  • emmy021889 Nov 19, 2012

    uh oh it looks like you guys got alot of people mad about your reaction to New Girl in your FTW & WTF post..... again... which i actually agree with you guys this time!

  • qbe_64 Nov 18, 2012

    Good thing you stopped saying your last name in these podcasts Tim. You keep pronouncing it wrong. It's Sure-rette not sah-rette. Geez, you'd think you'd be able to pronounce your own name.
    Also, if you start this podcast when Dorothy lands in Oz in the Wizard of Oz, and mute the movie it totally works as audio.

  • emmy021889 Nov 18, 2012

    Hey so when reading through the comments for the newest TVD post, Im finding a lot of people questioning and complaining about the new comments setup.. maybe you guys could talk about that?

  • stanking Nov 18, 2012

    I like the reply notification, but there are obviously some bugs in the new code. I've heard of people clicking the thumbs-up and instead ending up flagging the comment. There are now only 2 sublevels of comments, and the order of the comments changes so the oldest-to-newest order is completely messed up. Other than those obvious bugs, it's fine. Even the reply notification would be more useful if I were notified when people replied to my comments, not to any comment in the same string. But baby steps, so okay.

  • jcouto513 Nov 17, 2012

    I watch everything on Fridays from Nikita to Malibu Country to Grimm, I even watched the Whitney Houston Tribute and the Firefly special and I never even watched Firefly (Don't shoot me). So if you're looking for someone to cover Fridays, I'm your guy. ;)

  • milkhaswings Nov 18, 2012


  • stanking Nov 17, 2012

    *sigh* nothing interesting about m''s just m'name: Stan King. Sorry to disappoint, but I love the theories.
    As for the cancellations/pick-ups, if the pick-ups didn't disgust me, the fact that Last Resort gets cancelled but The Neighbors lives? It's just Jar-Jar Binks all over again.

  • EsmeBuffay Nov 17, 2012

    I totally agree with everything that one guy on the american inbetweeners, the first few episodes (with the exception of the first which was pretty good) were a little lame but the second half was pretty strong and I personally lover the season finale.

  • bicelis Nov 16, 2012

    By the way, thanks for a comprehensive answer to my second question. I understand that you guys don't have time and you have your own Nielsen ratings to worry about, I was just putting forward a request :) I remember there once was a Lost vs Fringe article and it had a lot of comments, around 500 if I'm not mistaken, so maybe something around that area could be 'click-worthy'. Perhaps not a comparison of two shows, but more of a reminiscence piece and overlook over the entire genre. Just a thought

    Also, I can't believe you guys don't do anything special for series finales... I thought you TV fanatics would have some sort of rituals for shows' endings.

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