's Weekly Podcast: Totally Tubular! Episode 014 (AUDIO)

By Staff

Jan 10, 2013

It's a new year and a new attitude! Okay, same attitude but definitely a new year. (Right? Which calendar are we using these days?) Anyway, the TV midseason is here and there's all kinds of new stuff to discuss. Press play below (or subscribe on iTunes!) to listen in!

... commenter shout-outs! (03:52)

... Jen attended Archer Live! (07:35)

... The Winter TCAs are happening! (14:11)

... The Walking Dead's showrunner shakeup! (24:14)

... American Horror Story: Asylum's "Name Game" scene! (31:23)

... MTV's Buckwild! (36:20)

... The Bachelor returned! (40:50)

... The Joe Schmo Show returned! (46:43)

... Justified returned! (48:13)


... Plus more! [SPOILERS ABOUND]

Hey! Is there anything YOU want us to chat about? Please leave any topics or suggestions in the comments below!

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  • rasa_radz Jan 16, 2013

    I love the new intro song, hope you keep it longer - Beirut are great! I was wandering who picks the intro music and if you'll be changing it up each week?
    Also, I'm ecstatic about the return of Justified. In your review, Tim, you said that it's a show you don't wanna miss a single shot or word of, and that's exactly how I feel, too. I just get so immersed in the Justified world, I have to see/hear every second of it, and I rewind it a lot too, just to understand every little joke or witty line (plus, sometimes it's hard to understand their southern accents, at least at first).

  • bendylegsnick Jan 15, 2013

    Item to consider: did Roswell have an underachieving cast? It seems like only Katherine Heigl really came out of it well. If you compare it to the cast of Dawson's Creek the difference in their post teen-show careers is vast...

  • Montana_Katana Jan 15, 2013

    Hmmm, either this article is not letting me post a comment. OR it *is* accepting my comments, and not letting me see them while you guys have to deal with my comments x5 due to my internet-rage.
    Not the first time this has happened on the podcast articles. I post, it shows my comment, yet F5ing or leaving and re-entering the article cause my comments to disappear. :(

  • gpgurl50 Jan 13, 2013

    I enjoyed Roswell. A lot of teen drama with a supernatural back drop. Heigl kinda retroactively soured that for me but still good times. I remember she was dating her onscreen brother while that show was on the air.

    As for the TCA's, I am kind of interested in them but like Tim said, most of it could just be put in a press release. There are a couple of panels that have some good interview moments, if one of the critics covering it considers it their favorite show or something.

  • PerJonsson Jan 12, 2013

    I kinda liked the old intro tune better. Just sayin'. The podcast is great!

  • qbe_64 Jan 11, 2013

    So I was curious after last week whether the different intro was just for Christmas or if there would be a new one each week. I hope you'll keep trying different intros. I suggest an open forum, choose 8 or 16 songs, play two a week and let people vote between them. After a month or two you'll have your intro.

  • Montana_Katana Jan 15, 2013

    After a month or two the voting/brackets would have fallen by the internet wayside.

  • ReneeQuintero Jan 11, 2013

    Hey I love the music you used in the intro on this podcast!!

  • luislobillo79 Jan 11, 2013

    Was that Do Make Say Thing at the end? I love that band!

  • ben45tpy Jan 11, 2013

    Happy 2013 guys. I love these podcasts! I have a question: What's a TNT and a TBS? They sound like VDs (not Vampire Diaries, the other VDs!) but apparently they do watchable shows now? Would they ever show anything that would be worth watching?

  • chrisdeli Jan 11, 2013

    I loved the 'Justified' premiere so much. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Patton Oswalt was awesome too. The only problem with that show is that I can't watch all the episodes of the season at once.

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