USA Renews Psych for Season 8

By Tim Surette

Dec 20, 2012

Twitter once again became a legit news source last night as USA Network executive Ted Linhart announced some good news for Psych fans:

If for some reason the embed above doesn't appear on your Kindle Fire or Nokia text message alert, it says, "Psych has been renewed for an 8th season -- S7 starts Feb 2013 -- details to come later." However, we now know that Season 8 will only be eight episodes long.

"But Season 7 hasn't even started," you say. Correct! Season 7 starts in February, meaning creator Steve Franks has plenty of time to map out Season 8.

But why so much time? Why the super advanced renewal? Why why why? I can only relay what others are prognosticating: Season 8 could be Psych's last. Fans, what do you think—is that a bad thing, or is it time?

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  • oufanjessie1 Aug 29, 2013

    I love Psych it is the best show they have on TV. I look forward every week to watch it. I do not miss a show. Just when I really like a show it gets cancelled.

  • Teesha15 Aug 18, 2013

    HECK NO. THIS SUCKS. i swear every time i find a really good show that i get addicted to it gets cancelled or ends!!! i mean seriously??? i just found this show last month and i already watch all seven seasons i DO NOT want this to end if people like it so much then you shouldnt end it.

  • elisecwharton Jul 01, 2013

    I agree with smarcos3, IT WILL NEVER BE TIME!!! Psych is the best show on the planet!!! They can't stop it!! The Show must go on!

  • adri1wald Mar 24, 2013

    I'd rather the world end today than not being able to watch psych tomorrow. Keep it coming... For ever

  • smarcos3 Mar 07, 2013


  • adri1wald Mar 24, 2013


  • nafisat13 Mar 01, 2013

    Even if it is our last, which pains me more than finding my pet bird dead one horrifying morning, at least let it have more than 8 episodes and maybe just a little speech from the cast. Psych can't get cancelled, if that's the reason they're stopping it.

  • coochman23 Feb 12, 2013

    This is one of my favorite shows on tv, ever. Def my fave comedy. Its the only show where Im constantly using quotes from the show. Id like to see it go to a nice round 10 seasons. Hopefully it will, cause its a unique and really funny show unlike anything else on tv. And god knows we could use much more of that. So c'mon usa...dont be exactly half of an 11 pound black forest ham and keep it going please.

  • timalen Dec 28, 2012

    Keep it going as long as possable every episode it as good as the last one

  • mancnbhoy Dec 26, 2012

    Glad to hear we've got more Psych to look forward to. Like others, I don't know how long the show's basic premise can be sustained, but there should still be some play in it. Not sure if Dual Spires will ever be surpassed tho'

  • hbf716 Dec 23, 2012

    Psych is my #1 favorite show on t.v. and the day it ends will be the day my joy ends.

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