Want to Watch the Weeds Premiere Early? Watch Episodes First!

By Tim Surette

Jun 25, 2012

Don't you want to find out where that Weeds bullet ended up? Showtime is taking the social media thing to the next level by making its fans and followers work for their free TV. The pay-cable network has released the first episode of Weeds' upcoming eighth season (which premieres July 1) on Facebook for all to see. There's just one catch: You have to watch Episodes to get access.

Facebook users who watch the Season 2 premiere of Episodes (which first hit the internet last week) on the show's Facebook page will be provided with further instructions on how to watch the Season 8 premiere of Weeds on the social media site, no subscription necessary. It's a pretty crafty promotion by Showtime, which is trying to get new viewers hooked on the comedy Episodes as Weeds begins its final run.

Of course, that is if it works at all. Facebook users are commenting that the Weeds episode doesn't unlock after Episodes, but that's probably because they're trying to cheat and fast forwarding all over the place. Give Matt LeBlanc a chance, people!

The Season 2 premiere of Episodes is also currently available elsewhere, including Showtime's official website, YouTube, and on-demand. But why would you watch it there when all it gets you is the enjoyment of watching subscriber-based television without paying and nothing else? You deserve more! You've earned it with painstaking clicks!

Watch Episodes on Facebook now, and then get your Weeds on.

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  • MatthewDinnin Jun 29, 2012

    I couldn't get more than three episodes in to "Episodes". The British actors are so unlikeable.

  • Dprasad123 Jun 27, 2012

    Ya way mislead me into thinking i could watch weeds Tim, those of us outside the states will have to wait( and i actually like episodes : ( )

  • Tomaszwio Jun 26, 2012

    not for all to see only for americans!

  • BlairAlistyn Jun 26, 2012

    episodes? i like weeds a lot but not that much im afraid >_>

    ill wait for the real premiere date or until some freedom fighter rescues it

  • Sbriseno07 Jun 26, 2012

    Episodes....I think I'll just wait for July.

  • piranhapete Jun 26, 2012

    I think you have to be actively watching Episodes for like ten minutes, then the Weeds episode will unlock. I got to see it just fine and was very pleased with the episode. [:

  • Locutus-of-Borg Jun 26, 2012

    cant wait to DL the torrent

  • safibwana Jun 26, 2012

    Don't bother, it's censored, which is annoying. Like all the actors have the hiccups when they swear.