Watch a Trailer for The Governator, Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as a Cartoon Superhero (VIDEO)

By Brian Abrams

Apr 05, 2011

It's really difficult to believe this is legit, but the video below does actually feature Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice (Larry King's, too!) and the Black Eyed Peas did, in fact, provide the beats in this first look at The Governator, a 'toon series inspired by the hacky nickname assigned to the last action hero during his reign as Governor of California.

According to, the series will use Schwarzenegger's personal life as source material on which it can build a wacky fictional world—one that will include "an evil organization called Gangsters Imposters Racketeers Liars & Irredeemable Ex-cons (or G.I.R.L.I.E. Men, for short)." And as a site called Ecorazzi has noted, The Governator captures the spirit of prior comic-book cartoon successes like Batman: The Animated Series and Captain Planet, despite cheesy animation and totally inept one-liners. At worst, it deserves a chance or two with the DVR.

Though it's scheduled for a 2012 release, the series hasn't yet been picked up by a network. But, as Ah-nuld and co-creator Stan Lee announced last week, they plan to develop the idea into a 3-D feature film and comic book franchise.

What do you think of the Terminator's debut as a cartoon superhero?

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  • hakone1 Apr 12, 2011


  • PutSthCoolHere Apr 12, 2011

    Ahahaha. The Governator. =D What a name.

  • dboulay Apr 10, 2011

    This might just be the worst idea EVER... But it looks so hilarious and ridiculous that I want to see more :) LOL

  • slpolk Apr 05, 2011

    Wow...I love Arnold movies...I have loved many cartoons in my life...I have even been a comics fan, especially Marvel...but this Governator cartoon is just terrible looking. I honestly did think it was an April Fool's day joke...I feel very bad for the person that greenlit this series...

  • roams Apr 05, 2011

    It had not struck me before how a good cast for a live action Duke Nukem would be arnold... except for the voice.

  • DennisVeldhui Apr 05, 2011

    Did someone actually find this a good idea??

  • TimSpot Apr 05, 2011

    what is this i don't even

  • AllieAllie Apr 05, 2011

    Looks pretty cheesy.

  • Kimc311 Apr 05, 2011

    Haha, I'm totally watching this when it comes out. It's so wrong, it's right!

  • Maximum_Taco Apr 05, 2011

    URG! Are you senile Stan Lee? First that garbage with the NHL Guardians and now this? Quit ruining the medium you did so much to advance!!!

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