Watch Jennifer Garner Destroy Jimmy Fallon in Beer Pong (VIDEO)

By Brian Abrams

Apr 08, 2011

As if she was a complete newbie to the frat house life.

Actress Jennifer Garner creamed Late Night with Jimmy Fallon's titular boy scout in beer pong last night. But, considering Fallon had to chug three Bud Light Limes to Garner's two, he might be the real champ here. I mean, have you tasted that stuff? Just sipping it is a challenge.

While Fallon has room in his budget for a beer pong scoreboard, The Late Late Show has to schmear guests with chump change in hopes of nabbing a juicy interview. Low-budget (but lovable) host Craig Ferguson gave comic and WTF podcaster Marc Maron $5 to explain "Groucho" as a sexual reference. Maron's answer was kind of confusing and not worth the money in the first place, but it's nice to see Ferguson support underappreciated comic talent in any case.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Kimmel Live apparently wants to get more involved in public service. Riding the coattails of Bristol Palin's safe sex PSA and Snooki's Rutgers University speaking engagement, JKL gave security guard Guillermo some airtime to soap-box his concerns about men's grooming and weight gain. Thanks, Guillermo.

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  • Kartana Apr 08, 2011

    yeah, it sounded like 'Scheisse'! rofl!

  • IndianaMom Apr 08, 2011

    I'd rather you post the video of Jimmy, Paul Simon and Stomp. That was terrific.

  • jaysturt Apr 08, 2011

    wow, they are both absolutely terrible at beerpong!!!!!

  • fatfreeoreos Apr 08, 2011

    Boo ya. Go Jen.

  • Deadeye666 Apr 07, 2011

    You are right. She does swear in German.

  • JonStryker Apr 07, 2011

    Is Jennifer swearing in German at 01:28?