What Are Your Favorite TV Characters' Favorite (Real) TV Shows?

By Andy Daglas

Oct 25, 2012

As anyone visiting this site knows so well, television is an ingrained part of most people’s lives. Increasingly, that seems to also hold true for the people who exist on television. Community makes no secret of Abed’s devotion to Cougar Town. On Girls, Shoshanna effused about Sex and the City and the game show Baggage. Everyone from Parks and Recreation’s Leslie and Ben to The Big Bang Theory’s Leonard and Sheldon has tipped their hat to Game of Thrones.

Characters’ viewing habits often reveal something crucial to who they are. That’s why my crack research staff (i.e., me) has compiled (i.e., made up) this list of some of your favorite TV characters’ favorite TV programs. If you’ve got inside information on a character I’ve missed, please share it in the comments.

Emily Thorne (Revenge)

How does a hardworking gal unwind after a long day of revenging? With a few episodes of Veronica Mars on DVD, of course. Even during couch potato time, Emily can’t shake her zeal for nefarious rich people taken down a peg or twelve by a woman with superior wits.

Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad)

A man with new-found enthusiasm for the wonders of science can hardly resist the appeal of Mythbusters. Sometimes it’s nice to appreciate the physics of an elaborate, kind-of-bonkers plan without worrying about whether it will threaten and/or save his life.

Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

Ever since Netflix Instant became available in Equestria, the ponies have been enchanted by Freaks and Geeks. Yes, she’s more Geek than Freak, but the bookish Twilight also relates powerfully to Mathlete Lindsay Weir’s trials and tribulations discovering her own (somewhat askew) Elements of Friendship. Rainbow Dash is SUCH a Kim Kelly.

Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)

Damon never used to be much for the boob tube, but after the heart-rending death of his trusty partner Alaric Saltzman he’s been marathoning the BBC’s Sherlock and USA buddy dramedies like Suits and White Collar pretty hard, not to mention going through like three quarts of ice cream a day.

Kalinda Sharma (The Good Wife)

When she’s in the mood for a cathartic hate-watch, Kalinda fires up one of the many syndicated repeats of Criminal Minds. Prurient dirtbags whose asses she can envision kicking, bland cops she can yell at for running their investigations incorrectly—it covers all the bases for a satisfying snarkfest.

Schmidt (New Girl)

For an unapologetic douchebag like Schmidt, Archer qualifies as aspirational viewing. The animated comedy's titular star—a highly skilled, nattily tailored, and sexually voracious secret agent—proves that it’s possible to live high on the hog even if everyone you meet thinks you’re a majorly punchable tool.

Which TV characters do you think watch the most TV, and what do you think they're watching? List as many show/character pairings as you can think of in the comments!

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  • daniellecio Sep 04, 2013


  • bonnierexeus1 Apr 23, 2013

    Booth on Bones <3 him!

  • itsmemadie01 Oct 30, 2012

    Chandler and Joey watching Baywatch

    I love it when Sheldon makes his Spock hand.

  • AndreaMcCooey Oct 26, 2012

    House watched General Hospital.

    Rachel in Friends loved soaps, especially Days of our Lives, which "starred Joey" also.

    Daria and Jane loved "Sick Sad World".

  • Writerpatrick Oct 26, 2012

    I recall an episode of I think was the Bionic Woman remake where a clip of Battlestar Galactica was airing on the TV. Although most of the TV clips are from old black and white shows that no station ever airs anymore.

  • Genzie Oct 26, 2012

    Rory and Lorelai ( Gilmore Girls ) watched E.R. and Desperate Housewives. Emily ( also GG ) watched Sex and the City.

    Veronica Mars ( Veronica Mars ) watched Gilmore Girls.

    Brittany ( Glee ) loves One Tree Hill

    Phoebe (Charmed ) watched Bewitched

    Kurt ( Glee ) watched Grey's Anatomy

    And more, but I cant remember them atm :P

  • brag0031 Oct 26, 2012

    Just watched the Don't Trust the B____ in Apt. 23 where June tries to get James to put together a Dawson's Creek reunion. Barney on HIMYM grew up on classic Price is Right. The gang on Cheers used to reference a lot of classic shows such as Bonanza, the Addams Family, and the Munsters. Cliff often talked about Jeopardy!, and they did an episode where he actually got to be a constestant. They also did an episode where Woody was an extra on Spenser For Hire, and Robert Urich makes a cameo at the end.

  • BrianHdot Oct 26, 2012

    Abed would probably be watching Community. He's THAT meta.

  • brag0031 Oct 26, 2012

    He could do reviews on Troy and Abed in the morning. Maybe that could be an end tag.

  • bobster_bsas Oct 26, 2012

    Spike on Buffy watched Passions (i dont know if thats a real show), sometimes with giles or Joyce.

    Fargo from Eureka was in love with Sarah Michelle Gellar and i think he mentioned Buffy more than once.

    Malik from suburgatory loves Medium

  • TQB Oct 26, 2012

    Passions was real - it was a soap with lots of weird supernatural elements, like a doll that to some people was a real boy. I never watched it but I found Spike's love of it so amusing I had to find out.

  • EsmeBuffay Oct 26, 2012

    Everybody on friends likes the days of our lives.

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