What to Watch This Weekend: The Finales of Fringe, Once Upon a Time, Survivor, and Desperate Housewives

By Price Peterson

May 11, 2012

Man, this week, am I right? Get out of here, week! You were hard and slightly annoying. Fortunately the weekend is now here, and with the sunshine and naptimes it brings we'll also get a batch of some pretty great television. Buckle up, fella!

What to watch on Friday, May 11...

SERIES (?) FINALE, 8pm, Fox
The Finder
What was to be the first season finale may now be the series finale as this week Fox strongly hinted that The Finder was dunzo. If you were one of the lucky few who watched the entire run of this show, you'll be interested to know that "The Boy With the Bucket" concerns Walter's older brother who shows up and asks that Walter visit their dying father. The father's last request? For The Finder to find their mother. Oh dang, show.

"Brave New World" continues what last week's episode began and finds the Fringe team attempting to thwart a cataclysmic disaster. Seeing as there WILL be a Season 5 now, it's safe to say they probably will! Phew!

Well, Mac's summer vacation won't be as fun as yours and mine: Tonight he gets SHOT! Will the team find his shooter? Will Mac die? These questions will probably be answered tonight.

Blue Bloods
In "Mother's Day," Frank attempts to prevent a biological-weapons attack on the city without alarming his family too much about it. Elsewhere Danny and Jamie finally have it out once and for all. Take it outside, guys.

Common Law
The USA Network's newest blue-sky hourlong debuts tonight and tells the saga of a pair of odd-couple detectives who are forced into couples therapy after they start getting on each others' nerves. Also they'll solve crimes, specifically they'll find the killer responsible for murdering a federal judge's son. Also, banter.

Nikita, 8 p.m., CW
Shark Tank, 8 p.m., Fox
Undercover Boss, SEASON 3 FINALE, 8 p.m., CBS
Who Do You Think You Are?: Jason Sudeikis, 8 p.m., NBC
America's Most Wanted, 9 p.m., Lifetime
Craft in School, SEASON 4 FINALE, 9 p.m., PBS
Fairly Legal, 9 p.m., USA
Grimm, 9 p.m., NBC
Primetime: What Would You Do?, 9 p.m., ABC
Supernatural, 9 p.m., CW
The Ricky Gervais Show, 9 p.m., HBO
Tyler Perry's House of Payne, 9 p.m., TBS
Whale Wars: Viking Shores, 9 p.m., Animal Planet
20/20, 10 p.m., ABC
Dateline NBC, 10 p.m., NBC
Magic City, 10 p.m., Starz
Real Time with Bill Maher, 10 p.m., HBO
The Ultimate Fighter Live, 10 p.m., FX
The Half Hour, SERIES PREMIERE, 11 p.m., Comedy Central

Jenna Fischer & Jay Mohr on Tonight Show with Jay Leno, 11:34 p.m., NBC
Larry King on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, 12:37 a.m., CBS
Matthew Modine on The Wendy Williams Show, 12 a.m., BET
Stephen Colbert & Nick Cannon on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, 12:37 a.m., NBC

What to watch on Saturday, May 12...

8pm, Comedy Central
Gather up your children or your, I don't know, weird uncle, and tune into tonight's brand new lineup of Nickelodeon sitcoms! In "iPear Store," Sam gets on Freddie's nerves when they both begin working together. Meanwhile Carly attempts to score a date with some guy.

8:30pm, Nickelodeon
Big Time Rush
"Backstage Rush" presumably tells of all the sordid tales of America's most scandalous made-up band! I actually don't know, Nickelodeon didn't release a description of the episode. But use your imagination!

11:30pm, NBC
Saturday Night Live
Tonight's host and musical guest are Will Ferrell and Usher, respectively! I hope respectively. Actually, you know what, even if their roles were reversed it still would probably be a good show. Either way!

Cats 101, 8 p.m., Animal Planet
Tanked, 9 p.m., Animal Planet
The Firm, 9 p.m., NBC
Suze Orman Show, 9 p.m., CNBC
48 Hours Mystery, 10 p.m., CBS
Bizarre E.R., 10 p.m., Discovery Fit & Health
Flipped Off, 10 p.m., A&E;
The Thick of It, 12 a.m., BBC America
Katy Brand's Big Ass Show, 12:40 a.m., BBC America

What to watch on Sunday, May 13...

Once Upon a Time
Seeing as this joint is from the makers of Lost, I think it's safe to expect some kind of game-changer in the finale. In "A Land Without Magic," Emma and Regina team up to save Henry. Meanwhile in the fairy-tale land, Prince Charming attempts to get with Snow White but discovers that she'd bitten the poison apple. So tune in and then be sure to come back for Lily Sparks' presumably killer recap!

Survivor: One World
We know a lady will definitely win this season, so it's only a matter of which one! In tonight's 2-hour finale (followed by a 1-hour reunion special) we'll ascertain whether Bridal Shop Owner Kim, Medical Saleslady Chelsea, or High School Teacher Sabrina will be the one to win over the jury and take home the cool mil. Plus, if you're into such things, the reunion special promises to include a tease for next season. Rumor has it it's going to include returning players, which, um. Sigh.

8pm, Fox
The Simpsons
Tonight Marge offers to throw Ned and Edna a party after everyone finds out they'd secretly gotten married. Meanwhile Edna attempts to change some of the house rules in order to make Ned's kids more social acceptable. Marital strife ensues!

Desperate Housewives
ABC's hit dramedy that your mom stopped watching six years ago finally concludes tonight with two straight hours of quips 'n schadenfreude and the full-circle event of Susan selling her home. Who will live? Who will die? All of them? Could it please be all of them?

9pm, PBS
In "The Hound of Baskerville," Sherlock and his main dude look into a murder from 20 years earlier that may or may not have involved a supernatural dog. And because this series takes place in the modern age, it shouldn't surprise you that the plot concerns a top-secret military base where animal-mutilation experiments occur, obviously.

9pm, HBO
Game of Thrones
This spicy-hot season barrels onward with "A Man Without Honor" in which Daenerys pays a visit to the House of the Undying; Theon attempts to find Winterfell's recent emigrants; and Jon gets lost in the wilderness. (With sexy results?)

SEASON 8 PREMIERE, 9pm, Food Network
Food Network Star
One of cable's most engaging reality shows returns tonight with 15 new wannabe TV chefs who are divided into teams mentored by Bobby Flay, Alton Brown, and Giada De Laurentiis. Their first challenge? Create a fully functioning pop-up restaurant without becoming too transfixed by Robert Irvine's biceps.

60 Minutes, 7 p.m., CBS
America's Funniest Home Videos, 7 p.m., ABC
Dateline NBC, 7 p.m., NBC
The Cleveland Show, 7:30 p.m., Fox
Harry's Law, 8 p.m., NBC
Mob Wives, 8 p.m., VH1
Bob's Burgers, 8:30 p.m., Fox
Army Wives, 9 p.m., Lifetime
Celebrity Apprentice, 9 p.m., NBC
Family Guy, 9 p.m., Fox
MythBusters, 9 p.m., Discovery
Nurse Jackie, 9 p.m., Showtime
Sister Wives, 9 p.m., TLC
The Killing, 9 p.m., AMC
Wilson Phillips: Still Holding On, 9 p.m., TV Guide Channel
American Dad!, 9:30 p.m., Fox
The Big C, 9:30 p.m., Showtime
Khloe & Lamar, 10 p.m., E!
Mad Men, 10 p.m., AMC
River Monsters, 9 p.m., Animal Planet
Shannen Says, 11 p.m., WE
The Borgias, 10 p.m., Showtime
The Client List, 10 p.m., Lifetime
Veep, 10 p.m., HBO
Girls, 10:30 p.m., HBO
Loiter Squad, 11:30 p.m., Cartoon Network
Metalocalypse, 12:15 a.m., Cartoon Network

What are you watching this weekend?

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  • AdaHui May 20, 2012

    Has Lily written her recap for OUaT finale? I can't find it anywhere!

  • TrueTvWatcher May 15, 2012

    Fringe, Supernatural, Grimm

    Once Upon a Time, The Simpsons, Desperate Housewives, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, The Cleveland Show, Family Guy, Nurse Jackie,

  • Mesden May 14, 2012

    I've set up a Facebook Page to promote the resurrection of Harry's Law. Anyone with an interest in promoting a renewal for Harry's Law, come join our Facebook Page and let's get this series back on Television!


  • RobGrizz May 14, 2012

    Desperate Housewives has been appointment viewing for me on Sunday nights for 8 years. Not ashamed to say I've never missed an epsiode. Will miss the ladies, but it's about damn time

  • joostin_cdn May 14, 2012

    ummm...I hope that was speculation for Survivor...OR you just gave up the final three before it aired. We knew the final 5 coming in. Very very bad.

  • DustinEsquire May 13, 2012

    Metalocalypse!!! Game O' Thrones , Veep , Bobs Burgs , maybe Mad Men and some more animation ,

  • MohammedHasan2 May 12, 2012

    Looking forward to DH finale! Its been a great 8 years!

  • Jacks420 May 12, 2012

    Friday: Fringe, Supernatural, Grimm

    Saturday: Young Justice, Legend of Korra, Green Lantern

    Sunday: Once Upon A Time, Game of Thrones, The Killing, Sherlock, Animation Domination, Avengers, Ultimate Spider-man, Loiter Squad, Metalocalypse

  • darnok69 May 12, 2012

    Well Fringe to start the Magic City,Once Upon a Time,Desperate Housewives finale,The Borgias,Game of Thrones,The Big C,Nurse Jackie and The Simpsons....

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