What to Watch Tonight: Nashville, Southland, and Psych's Season 7 Premiere

By Andy Daglas

Feb 27, 2013

What to watch on Wednesday, February 27...

8pm, The CW
Oliver and Diggle are stunned when they find out that the certainly deceased Deadshot is actually very much alive, because Oliver and Diggle did not realize they are living in a comic-book universe where shit like that happens quite literally all the time. The assassin’s got a bead on Malcolm in “Dead to Rights,” which also finds Ollie juggling his superheroics and his new relationship with McKenna.

8pm, CBS
Survivor: Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites
In “There’s Gonna Be Hell To Pay,” the bond between Corrine and Malcolm sparks a discovery that could take the game to another level. I can’t even conceive of what kind of bond could be so game-changing, given that they are at least 13 people shy of a full Voltron.

9pm, The CW
Hey, you know what’s so hot right now? Zombies. Know what else is pretty hip with the kids? Ladies doing archery. Is there some way we can work those into an episode? Like, say, maybe Sam and Dean are tracking a zombie-related case, but then, see, it somehow involves an attack by the Greek goddess Artemis—she carried a bow and arrow, right? And then we can call the episode “Remember the Titans,” because, mythology puns, y’know? All right, I like it, it’s gold. Have the first draft on my desk in the morning.

9:30pm, ABC
When she learns that Ryan hasn’t been completely on the up-and-up, Tessa’s misgivings lead her to mull over their future, as well as her college plans. Now, I’m not much of a “shipper” traditionally, but if these two split up it’s fair to say I will burn the entire Walt Disney Company to the ground with unholy fury. Elsewhere in “Leaving Chatswin,” George is shaken by Marty’s death as he and Noah are tasked with tending to the man’s ashes.

10pm, NBC
Chicago Fire
Severide’s visiting father butts heads with Chief Boden over a tragedy from their past in “Better to Lie,” while Mills lends support to a guilt-ridden driver after a car collision and Shay arrives at a crucial relationship decision. Meanwhile, Hermann, Otis, and Dawson explore a mystery about the bar; could it have any connection to Old Man McGillicuddy, Spanish doubloons, and the legend of the Ghost Knight?

10pm, ABC
“Dear Brother” sees Juliette pulling out all the stops for Deacon’s birthday party, and who doesn’t appreciate a much-younger romantic interest taking the time to remind them that they’re yet another year older? In other Music City transpirings, the press makes a meal of Rayna and Teddy’s divorce, and Scarlett is smitten with Gunnar’s hoodlum brother.

After getting shot in last season’s finale, Henry is clinging to life at the hospital in “Santabarbaratown 2.” The attack sends Shawn on a mission of revenge against the dirty cops he and his dad were investigating. This doesn’t sound like a “Shawn and Gus do zany cosplay” type episode, but you never can tell with this show.

10pm, TNT
When the dispatch system malfunctions in “Babel,” LAPD is forced to revive an old Westerosi technique and communicate with officers via messenger ravens. [Full disclosure: Portions of the preceding sentence may not be entirely accurate.] As for the cops themselves, Lydia catches up with an old flame, John is assigned a new partner, and Ben and Sammy’s working relationship is put to the test.

– Johnny Galecki and the Miz on Conan , 11pm, TBS
– Eli Roth on Chelsea Lately , 11pm, E!
– R.J. Cutler on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart , 11pm, Comedy Central
– Museum of Modern Art design curator Paola Antonelli on The Colbert Report , 11:30pm, Comedy Central
– David Duchovny, J.B. Smoove, and Father John Misty on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno , 11:35pm, NBC
– Tina Fey, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Solange on Late Show with David Letterman , 11:35pm, CBS
– Gordon Ramsay, Stanley Tucci, and Gold Fields on Jimmy Kimmel Live , 11:35pm, ABC
– Christian Slater, Mia Wasikowska, and Jason Aldean on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon , 12:37am, NBC
– Tom Lennon and Mike Tyson on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson , 12:37am, CBS


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