What's Renewed, What's Canceled, and What's Still In Between? (2014 Edition)

By TV.com Staff

May 07, 2014

Get it? Jack Bauer is the murderous TV network and that dude's hand is a show getting the axe!

Welp, it's that time of year once again, when the TV networks put all their existing shows and all their possible future shows into one giant cage match and not all of them come out alive. As we all know too well, it doesn't matter who we're rooting for or betting against—anything can happen. Especially because networks sometimes play favorites or resort to sabotage in the weeks leading up to Upfronts to strengthen or weaken their players (seriously, sometimes the scheduling they tricks they pull are the equivalent of handing the competitors a folding chair). But at this point, that's neither here nor there: All you want to know is, "Has my favorite show been renewed or canceled or is it in some weird production limbo?" Well, that's what we're here for!

Below you'll find a comprehensive, show-by-show status update as we head into the Upfronts, where final decisions will be made on almost every network program. We've placed each show in one of six different categories: 1. Renewed, 2. Likely Renewal, 3. On the Bubble (meaning their fate could go either way), 4. Likely Cancellation, 5. Canceled, 6. Final Season.

Of course, we've also included a ton of programs from higher up on the dial, because cable is the future! You can filter the list by network, name, and status to help you find what you're looking for even faster. We'll update this list as news happens, so be sure to bookmark it and keep checking back.

Note that you can also combine the filters, i.e. you can select a few networks and multiple letters in the event that you only want to know the statuses of programs that begin with "R" or "G" on History, Fox, and Showtime (or whatever). And if you're looking for a show whose title starts with "The," you'll find under it under "T." To return to the master list, just hit "Clear All" in the bottom right corner of the menu. 

Finally, here's the boring disclaimer: As always, information is subject to change, and putting together a giant list like this isn't easy. If you think something is incorrect or missing, leave a note in the comments, email mailbag@tv.com, or send a tweet to @tvdotcom, @TimAtTVdotcom, or @thekaitling and we'll look into it as soon as we can. 

Please allow a second or five for the hamsters to spin the wheels and load the list.


Upfronts 2014: All the Latest News

Two and a Half Men Will End With Season 12

Phew! NBC Finally Renews Parenthood (for a Final Season)

TBS Renews Cougar Town for a Sixth and Final Season

CBS Renews The Mentalist, Cancels The Crazy Ones, Intelligence, and More

– Depends On What Fails: NBC Cancels CommunityRevolutionDraculaCrisisBelieve, and Growing Up Fisher

ABC Renews Last Man Standing

ABC Renews Nashville for Season 3

NBC Renews Hannibal and About a Boy

ABC Cancels Trophy Wife, Mixology, and The Neighbors

ABC Renews S.H.I.E.L.D., Once Upon a Time, The Goldbergs, and 11 More

The CW Renews The 100, Beauty and the Beast, and Hart of Dixie; Cancels Star-Crossed, The Carrie Diaries, and The Tomorrow People

American Idol Will Be Back for Season 14

NBC Renews Law & Order: SVU for Season 16

Fox Cancels Dads, Enlisted, Surviving Jack, and Rake

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Is Renewed for Season 5

NBC Pulls Believe and Crisis from Its Schedule

Fox Scraps Almost Human (It's Canceled)

CBS Renews Elementary, The Good Wife, NCIS, Person of Interest, The Millers, and 13 More

CBS Renews The Big Bang Theory for Three (!!!) More Seasons

Fox Renews New Girl, The Mindy Project, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The CW Renews Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, Reign, The Originals, and Supernatural

NBC Renews Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., and Grimm

Fox Cancels The X Factor as Simon Cowell Returns to the Original U.K. Series

It's Official: Bones Is Renewed for Season 10

NBC Renews The Blacklist for Season 2

Fox Skips a Full-season Pickup for Sleepy Hollow, Renews the Surprise Hit for Season 2

NBC Is Stocking Up On Its Moneymaker The Voice: Here Come Two More Seasons!

Fox Renews Glee for Season 5, Then Renews It Again for Season 6

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  • brittanyburrus2 2 days ago

    I resent this!

  • brittanyburrus2 2 days ago

    I resent this!

  • brittanyburrus2 2 days ago

    this is a great dracula show...ive been looking forward to season to since it ended why are you taking away that dream really?

    I resent this!

  • brittanyburrus2 2 days ago

    i love the story what the heck! it is a great tv show bring it back please

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  • spottedfever 3 days ago

    Crummy actresses with stupid one liners that fail every time. Show is terrible

    I resent this!

  • mylater Sep 07, 2014

    Could we just pretend the reason this show's been canceled is only because Robin Williams isn't with us anymore?

    I resent this!

  • dvdaddict91 Sep 02, 2014

    Correction, it will be returning in 2015 with season 10, but also renewed for seasons 11 and 12. And it will be tied for 2nd as the longest lasting comedy series (of its kind.) The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet lasted 14 seasons..

    I support this!

  • LuvEveLP Aug 25, 2014

    DARN!!! That's the end, not even a full season :(

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  • LuvEveLP Aug 25, 2014

    I'm chanting in my apt., Re-New, Re-New, Re-New, please, please, please!!!!!!

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  • LuvEveLP Aug 25, 2014

    Don't mess with m'boys TV.com

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