Where to Watch the Oscars (Join Us Here for Tim's Live Commentary!)

By TV.com Staff

Feb 24, 2013

It's Awards Season's Biggest Night: The 85th Annual Academy Awards have arrived. Have you filled out your ballot? Printed your bingo card? Steeled yourself for an evening full of Family Guy voices, courtesy of host Seth MacFarlane? (Hmm, maybe he'll at least reprise his Ryan Lochte impression?) Placed your bets on which celebrity appendage will skyrocket to fame? Here are the evening's vital stats.

When do the Oscars air?

Tonight! As in Sunday, February 24, 2013. The official ceremony begins at 8:30pm Eastern on ABC, and the three-hour telecast will air live in all markets. Red-carpet and pre-show coverage will start much earlier, though: at 7pm Eastern on ABC, and hell, E! is probably eight hours in already.

Is TV.com doing anything noteworthy for the occasion?

This is a TV site! We don't care about no stinkin' movies!

J/K of course we'll be watching the broadcast, even though we haven't seen most of the Best Picture nominees because we've been too busy watching television. And we'll also be playing Oscars bingo, courtesy of the aforementioned card/drinking game that Lily made! Plus Tim will be offering live commentary during the proceedings, so meet us back here when it's time for the main event for some complementary play-by-play.

UPDATE: Here's Tim's live-blog!

Can I watch the awards online?

In a word, no (not legally, anyway). ABC/the Academy won't be streaming the actual awards ceremony, but you can download the Oscars Backstage Pass app for access to behind-the-scenes, pressroom, and other related coverage.

What about on mobile?

See above re: the Oscars Backstage Pass app.

Who's scheduled to present?

Dustin Hoffman, Ted the CGI bear from the movie Ted, Paul Rudd, and more; find a full list over at Vulture.

Are you planning to watch the Oscars tonight? Or will you be sticking with, say, The Walking Dead, BBC America's latest Doctor Who special, or Enlightened?


Live-blogging Hollywood's Grandest Back-patting, the Oscars!

We Made a Special Bing Card for Your Oscars Viewing Party

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  • tobsh Feb 25, 2013

    Where are you, Tim?

  • emmairis Feb 25, 2013

    I'll watch them tomorrow... Shameless + House of Lies are calling! And then who knows, maybe some Girls with a side Walking Dead. The Oscars are my dessert

  • MightyMad Feb 25, 2013

    Watching the red carpet right now... which is, as usual, pure torture, unless you mute the whole thing.

  • gtbell Feb 24, 2013

    I'll be watching the Oscar telecast but my PVR will record my usual TV shows. Tech wins!

  • layton2012 Feb 24, 2013

    I'll probably tune in after The Walking Dead, a night full of zombies.

  • Montana_Katana Feb 24, 2013

    Thanks the tv gods for Canadian shows tonight.

  • FringeFanatic Feb 24, 2013

    Hear hear!

  • rabbani1200 Feb 24, 2013

    I'd rather get a prostate exam from Wolverine or give She-Hulk a bikini wax.
    Big Bang Rules

  • oregon2010 Feb 24, 2013

    I'd rather watch The Walking Dead, grass grow, a train wreck (cargo only), or paint dry.

  • TheGrimAriel Feb 24, 2013

    Does Seth Macfarlane's smirk make anyone else wanting to punch something?

  • JeremyStratten Feb 24, 2013

    Yes. HIM. Repeatedly.

  • jean616 Feb 24, 2013

    It's The Walking Dead for me.

  • rishabhpb Feb 24, 2013

    But you can see more zombies at the Oscars!

  • Taccado Feb 24, 2013

    Yeah, but no one is smashing in the heads of the zombies at the Oscars.