Where to Watch the Super Bowl Online

By TV.com Staff

Feb 02, 2013

When is this year's Super Bowl and where do I watch it?

Super Bowl XLVII—featuring the Baltimore Ravens vs. the San Francisco 49ers—happens Sunday, February 3 in New Orleans. CBS has the broadcast rights to the game this year, and kickoff is 6:30pm Eastern (though pre-game coverage will begin much earlier; check your local listings).

Can I watch it online?

Indeed you can: Stream the game live online at CBSSports.com. You can even choose your own camera angles!

Can I watch it on a mobile device?

Also an option! To watch on a phone or tablet, download the NFL Mobile app at NFL.com/mobile. If you're outside the U.S., try the NFL Game Pass app.

Who's performing during the halftime show?

Beyonce, with a rumored Destiny's Child reunion.

What if I just want to watch the commercials?

They'll be available on demand at CBSSports.com after they've aired, and we'll be posting them here on the site as part of our third annual Bowlie Awards, so please join us to talk about them and vote on your favorites, won't you?

Is there anything to watch on Sunday that's NOT football?

A little, but not really. During the game, folks who prefer baby animals to animalistic men tackling each other should check out Puppy Bowl IX on Animal Planet. Otherwise, Downton Abbey's new on PBS, and this year's post-game programming slot will feature Elementary, which should air a special new episode sometime between 10pm and 10:30pm Eastern. That'll be followed by a Craig Fergurson Super Bowl special at 11:35pm.

Enjoy watching the game/having an excuse to eat endless nachos/squealing over the Puppy Bowl/judging the commercials, and go Niners!

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  • dasbuggingfp Feb 02, 2014

    Go broncos! I'm going to try and watch it live streaming at http://www.watchsuperbowllive.tk/

  • lyokophantom Feb 04, 2013

    I have family in Baltimore. Go Ravens!

  • Montana_Katana Feb 03, 2013

    Ugh! I fully expected US shows to be displaced by this nonsense, but BOTH Showcase and CBC are airing reruns. Explain yourself, Canada.

  • maritimer00 Feb 03, 2013

    Explanation? See ratings for past Super Bowls and wonder why counter progamming is reduced to reruns....the ABC station in my area of Canada was running black and white Donna Reed/Dick Van Dyke eps Sunday afternoon..:)

  • noelrk Staff Feb 03, 2013


  • antdude Feb 02, 2013

    Go commercials/ad(vertisement)s/spots!!

  • AdeleTeras Feb 02, 2013

    I am guessing those links work only inside the States?

  • TVcom_editorial Staff Feb 02, 2013

    A good question, and probably a good guess. Not sure whether the CBSSports live stream will work internationally, but some of the stories we've seen suggest that you'll need a different app - one called NFL Game Pass that's available in iTunes. However, that one might not work for Mexico and Canada?

  • bendylegsnick Feb 02, 2013

    I like (American) football. That is all.

  • Montana_Katana Feb 02, 2013

    I prefer (UK) football.
    Wanna trade countries for the weekend?

  • bendylegsnick Feb 02, 2013

    You don't have to put (UK) there, actual football came first and involves actual feet, so none of this soccer nonsense...
    And yes, I will happily trade!

  • ben45tpy Feb 02, 2013

    Something tells me that Jen's personal NFL preferences have infiltrated this article.

  • noelrk Staff Feb 02, 2013

    Could've been Nick's personal NFL preferences, but that would've involved crying in a corner. Poor Green Bay.

  • TVcom_editorial Staff Feb 02, 2013

    Wha? How could you possibly suggest sort of thing?

    (They absolutely did.)