Who's Ready for Some New Show Communities? Launching Now: Veronica Mars, The Legend of Korra, The Simpsons, and Lots More

By Jen Trolio

Jul 26, 2013

It's been a few weeks since we last launched a new batch of community pages, so today we're making up for lost time with an extra-huge release. Basically, in the next month or so we're aiming to have communities for most current shows as well everything that's new or returning this fall (plus a few extras, per your ongoing requests), and as of right now we should be a good chunk of the way there. Naturally, I've linked all the new pages below for your posting convenience. 

But wait, that's not all! We also have another announcement to share with you on this slow summer Thursday afternoon: We've also also added a "community" link to the main site navigation to make it easy to browse the latest and most popular posts:

That'll take you to a community feed, and what you see in that feed will vary according to your membership status and logged-in state. If you're logged out of TV.com, you'll see posts from every community on the site. If you're logged in but haven't joined any communities yet, you'll see posts from every community on the site. But if you're logged in AND you've joined one or more communities, you'll only see posts from the ones you belong to, giving you a personalized view of what's new without requiring you to keep checking each individual page. 

So with that said, have at it! And as always, please don't be shy about piping up if you'd like to suggest a new name for any of the communities on the site, either in the comments on this page or in a post within a specific community. Heck, might I suggest you help improve on our "starter" names by creating a series of renaming polls? 

The 100

Adventure Time


Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Big Brother

Blue Bloods


Burn Notice

The Carrie Diaries

Covert Affairs

Criminal Minds


Da Vinci's Demons

Dog With a Blog

Downton Abbey


Family Guy

The Following

Hawaii Five-0

Hell on Wheels

The Mentalist

The Mindy Project

Modern Family



NCIS: Los Angeles

Parks and Recreation


Raising Hope


Rizzoli & Isles


The Simpsons

Star Trek

The Venture Bros.

Veronica Mars


Got feedback you'd like to share? Our operators are now standing by to field your questions, concerns, and requests, so let's hear it in the comments!

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  • modernfamily120 Jul 29, 2013

    I hope that the next batch comes out sometime soon! Also hope it includes some shows that I watch/am going to watch.

  • Vamps Jul 28, 2013

    You should make communities for shows that have been canceled or are no longer airing but that had a large fan base so we can still talk about them and have a place to talk with others when we get sad that the shows are cancelled.

  • jessicakroeber Jul 29, 2013

    We are not ruling out making communities for canceled shows. Right now we're just slowly rolling out some shows a little at a time. But don't worry, canceled shows will be considered too! Which ones would you like to see? - Jessica, TV.com staff

  • emmiegirl Aug 03, 2013

    May I suggest Fringe and The Wire? Possibly also 24, Friday Night Lights, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Battlestar Galactica, and the original and still the best, Law & Order.

    Also, any chance The Bridge (US 2013) will have a community page before season's end?

  • Vamps Jul 29, 2013

    Sweet! Maybe LOSt or Firefly. Thanks. I love the new communities.

  • jessicakroeber Jul 29, 2013

    GREAT suggestions! Thank you!

  • Vicky8675309 Jul 27, 2013

    I'd like a "generic community" where we can talk about shows that aren't reviewed here, tv OT, and find out about more non-USA produced shows (yes, we have a few BBCA shows on the communities).

    I really think a "generic community" to learn about shows in various countries and to just talk about tv--for example discussions about "who are your favorite tv villains" and other random tv topics....(that was just one I just thought of and there are probably tons of other better potential discussions/polls/etc...).

    Also consider changing the default to "newest" rather then "trending" so you can see how active they are without having to remember to change the default. Sometimes I forget and think a community seems slow/dead but then remember I didn't change the default so it just looks like it's the same old reviews/posts....

    Great job with the communities!! Seriously!!

  • jessicakroeber Jul 29, 2013

    Thanks for your suggestions! We will take them into consideration! - Jessica, TV.com staff

  • Vicky8675309 Jul 30, 2013

    I messaged some of the staff last week and I was under the impression (from their response last week) they planned to change the default this week and add a generic community once they were done adding all the tv communities.

  • jessicakroeber Aug 02, 2013

    Vicky8675309, I believe my coworker patsully PMed you to respond to some of your concerns directly. If you still have further questions, please do feel free to respond to Pat or PM me at jessicakroeber. Happy to talk through your thoughts!

  • Vicky8675309 Aug 02, 2013

    Thank you and Patsully for responding (and being so nice). Keep up the great work;-)

  • jessicakroeber Jul 31, 2013

    Yup, it does look like the feed is defaulting to Newest again! - Jessica, TV.com Staff

  • Vicky8675309 Aug 02, 2013

    it's ONLY the feed that defaults to newest and I think it is mainly the people who come here a lot that use the feed. Others (newer people or less frequent users) will just go to the individual communities which has the default set to trending which makes it look inactive/dead.

    What's the rationale in not changing all the defaults to newest? Most people are use to the default being newest (like with comments on reviews) so to have the opposite for each community is not user friendly. I went to the breaking bad community and was disappointed to see the default still as trending. I know the site well enough to change it to newest if I remember but if trying to attract new users to the communities or regular users who haven't used the communities then the inconsistency in defaults from reviews/articles (default newest) just isn't user friendly.

    Now if we had a generic community we could do a poll about this and list the pros and cons of each default and see what the users want. It just seems scattered to have some defaults (reviews, articles, feeder or leader board) set to newest and then individual communities set to trending.

    There is a high ranking community member that I had to point this out to and once explained they had the same argument as I. We like consistency! I just trying to offer suggestions to improve the site and user friendliness of the site and not meant as a negative criticism (it's a constructive suggestion/criticism). Please pass this on to Jen and Patsully---I was under the impression all the defaults would change. The feeder is the least helpful since I suspect that is what the "regulars" check and not the less experienced users (what you are trying to attract to the communities).

    This doesn't really affect me anymore since I usually remember now to change the default but maybe less people will post since if they go there since it will look inactive. It's usually the same people posting and those are the experienced ones....I maybe wrong about this but I don't think so.

    Also clicking the link to get to an original off site article seems pretty obvious but it seems like some people don't know how to do it or don't realize that feature (I am just guessing that based on some comments left in response to links). Maybe there is a way to make it more obvious for the less experienced people or less computer savvy people....

    I misread your comment and thought it meant all the defaults were changed but they weren't. If you all want to go with trending (ugh) then why not make it the default for reviews and article comments? My arguments for newest still apply~~ so do the sites arguments for trending also apply (they should if they are good arguments) then why haven't they changed the defaults for reviews/article comments? I'd hate for them to change to trending but consistency is important for user friendliness (user ease).

    Don't you all have committees and polls/surveys to look into this stuff? I've messaged staff before and heard that it's a good idea and will be implemented but it hasn't been implemented--what's the rationale of not "fixing" it (improving it). I'm open to hearing logical/rational explanations since I can't think of any reason for the default to be trending---you answer the trending poll once and if it is still there a few days later then it looks like nothing else has been added to the communities. Also I bet most people don't use the feeder. I had to tell a top rank community user about the leader board and that is in the same drop down as feeder...I think most just click the community button and then scroll to the community they like and click that community (bypassing the feeder).

    If you have an IT department they should be able to gather numbers on how many users use the feeder and how many use the various ways to access communities. Get IT to pull the numbers and review them and then consider asking users what they want (maybe a new article since a lot of people may be like me and just go to an article once unless I get a notification and then I just go to that notification). So a new article asking about the set up of the communities (mainly the defaults) may give you the numbers to decide what to do...that plus the data gathered by IT. Lots of programs can generate lists of information but I'm not sure about sites like this (I'm not a computer person)

    I actually like the communities and want them to do well so I just make these suggestions with the hopes of improving the communities and improving the ease of use of them and in turn improving the number of people who go to the communities.


  • Vicky8675309 Aug 01, 2013

    This comment has been removed.

  • Iodselle Jul 28, 2013

    Great ideas Vicky! A community to talk about and compare all kinds of shows has to be the best idea ever!

    And I also second your opinion to change the community-defaults to "Newest" because I also tend to forget to change it from "Trending" into "Newest"..

  • jessicakroeber Aug 01, 2013

    Your My Communities Feed is now defaulting to Newest, rather than Trending. I hope that helps! -Jessica, TV.com staff

  • Hauntme1 Jul 26, 2013

    i know "the middle" is not that famous it's really under rated but it's really good...make the middle's community

  • littlebitliz Jul 26, 2013

    Thanks for the new comms! I second some suggestions I've already seen here - Lost, Fringe, Buffy, Nikita, Firefly.

  • AllieAllie Jul 26, 2013

    BuffY, Angel, Firefly

  • ludoTV Jul 26, 2013

    Yay Veronica Mars who has not been in the air for over what 6 years? gets a community!!! I think VM is more popular now than it ever was when on air... Sure the whole movie-funded-via-kickstarter record is helping but hey, just shows VM is the BEST SHOW EVER (totally objective statement, obviously)

  • patsully Jul 26, 2013

    It bums me out that The WB hasn't put the TV seasons back onto their website for streaming (or Netflix, Amazon, etc.) as many new fans saw it online to begin with. I'm sure they are selling *some* DVDs, but if new fans could stream the show now, the movie might be an even bigger success by the time it is released.

  • ludoTV Jul 26, 2013

    I so agree... They are fools but it is their loss because fans who want to find it online, they will one way or another...

  • Iodselle Jul 26, 2013

    Fringe, Lost, The Wire, American Dad, Shameless, Louie, Californication, South Park, ..

  • Vamps Jul 28, 2013

    YA for lost

  • sleepy-sonic Jul 26, 2013

    Hah, yesterday I was thinking about Simpsons community.

  • jessicakroeber Jul 29, 2013

    We read your mind ;) -Jessica, TV.com staff

  • Anonymous_A Jul 26, 2013

    Even though next season will be the last, Nikita should definitely have a community. In fact, I DEMAND it! :) Anyways, keep up the great work you guys are doing!

  • jessicakroeber Jul 29, 2013

    Thanks for the Nikita vote! & we're glad you like the pages! -Jessica, TV.com staff

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