Whose Famous TV Mustache Is Your All-Time Favorite? A Movember-themed Poll

By TV.com Staff

Nov 09, 2012

It's a weird time of year: Some of us are still gorging our way through bags of half-price Halloween candy, some of us are already braving shopping malls full of "seasonal" decorations in search of holiday gifts, and some of us are trying to grow as ridiculous a mustache as possible in a single month.

Let us explain: Every year during the month of November, men taking part in a movement known as Movember cast their razors aside to let the hair on their upper lips grow freely in hopes of raising both awareness and funds for men's health issues. You can read more at the official Movember website, but suffice it to say that some members of the TV.com staff are participating, and things are starting to get a bit hairy around here.

So naturally we got to thinking of what a certain few TV characters and personalities might be able to do if they put their minds upper lips to it. Which brings us to the question of the day: Which TV character or actor has (or used to have) the most Movember-worthy soup-strainer, nose neighbor, crumb-catcher, or [insert your favorite synonym for a mustache here]? Vote for your favorites below!

Note: To submit a write-in candidate, type the actor's name.

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  • snake63 Nov 12, 2012

    How about Mike Farrell's "B.J. Hunnicutt's" mustache of M*A*S*H? Although Tom Selleck's Magnum is number 1.

  • Sproxar Nov 12, 2012

    I agree that Tom Selleck's 'Magnum P.I.' mustache was the most iconic on TV, and deserves its place as frontrunner, but my vote is going with Bradley Whitford's 'stache from 'The Good Guys'. It not only paid homage to all those mustachioed cop show heroes from Magnum's era, but was a character in and of itself. Oh, and the show was way better than the ratings indicated, and should never have been cancelled.

  • vicbjones Nov 12, 2012

    Nicholas Courtney's on Doctor Who. Also, there are times I wish Gibbs had kept the moustache he sported at the beginning NCIS season 4.

  • isakura Nov 12, 2012

    frikking Sam Elloitt !!!! Lonesome Dove and everything else

  • NeeUyank Nov 12, 2012

    while tom selleck is the number one tv persona with a legendary moustache, I was so happy to see the sweedish chef in line:)

  • NadaAlAnbar Nov 11, 2012

    i do love Tom and his moustache,

  • fzlmcq Nov 11, 2012

    Why is Tom Selleck in under two separate items? He should be combined into one.

  • jtrolio Staff Nov 11, 2012

    Well, the short answer is that people are adding him in the "pick your own" field without realizing/paying attention to the fact that he's already on the list. We're working on preventing dupes, and will fix this one in the meantime!

  • fzlmcq Nov 13, 2012


  • amsel Nov 10, 2012

    Sean Connery in Zardoz - now THAT's a moustache!

  • quasar9 Nov 10, 2012

    Can't beat Mr. Selleck!! <3 Magnum - best show everr

  • shocker713 Nov 10, 2012

    Tom Selleck shaved his 'stache for In & Out, and it was still better than any of the other choices.

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