Wilfred: Red Rocket

By Tim Surette

Aug 03, 2012

Wilfred S02E07: "Avoidance"

Not gonna lie, this was a pretty weird episode of Wilfred, and not in that "Is Ryan crazy or sane?" psycho-scary kind of way. Two of the three biggest moments were far-out, silly, scenes that drew from the innocence of just feelin' it (dance montage! dance number!); the third was a sophomoric, nearly pornographic yank gag of one man in a dog suit just feelin' it (doggy cum blast!). "Avoidance" was sloppy and funny at the same time, a microcosm of what Wilfred has been in Season 2.

Unlike the obvious familiar pattern of last week's "Control," there was no real story here. As far as I could tell, Ryan had an old friend who wanted to reconnect, and Wilfred wanted to participate in a dance recital and eat churros. Neither plot had definitive goals and both were devoid of beginnings, middles, and ends, burying any sense of the traditional rhythm we're used to after decades of sitcoms. It was free-form television that was head-scratching—because seriously WTF?—and charming, because Wilfred does its own thing and that's part of its DNA, at the same time.

Let's revisit those two big moments. I'm not sure we've seen a Wilfred scene as loosey-goosey and goofy as the dance-training montage. I've read that it may have been based on the Footloose montage, but I'm at least eight degrees separated from Kevin Bacon, so I can't say for sure. And the dance number at the end, where the basement stage broke away to reveal a '40s musical number, was incredible. Weird, but incredible. Maybe it was the result of someone in the writers room saying, "Hey, what if we did this?" and no one else having any better ideas, but it was dazzling.

In the other big scene, Ryan sort of jacked off Wilfred while massaging the doggy's pulled groin. It wasn't quite the same as South Park's Red Rocket, but the results were the same gooey mess. A more graphic version of this episode was actually screened at Comic-Con, but FX made edits and cut out some of the more sticky parts of this scene. That probably means producers wasted money on the mayonnaise budget. It's unfortunate that it was edited, because with a joke like this, it becomes an all-or-nothing act of gusto—and the more graphic, the better (maybe the unedited version will make it to the DVD set?). And please, someone explain to me why Ryan didn't wash up after getting Wilfred spunk all over his arm.

In the end, Ryan and Wilfred never even entered the dance and Ryan's fears that Wilfred was trying to rape him were all a misunderstanding over Wilfred's desire to eat churros. Ryan also reconnected with his friend, who had a good reason for backstabbing him by not leaving his job and starting a new firm with Ryan: Ryan's dad threatened to ruin his career if he left. Both stories ended with an "Okayyyyyyyyyyy..." rather than any resolution; there were no lessons learned, fears conquered, or obstacles cleared. Both stories were brushed them off as misunderstandings, which leads me to believe that this script lost its way late in the process and chose absurd humor and sex jokes (albeit funny funny sex jokes) over cohesiveness.


– Once again, Wilfred told a story about having sex with a dead or near-dead dog, this time one that had just been hit by a car, and it was comedy gold, I tells ya! I love the sense of humor this show can have at times.

– This episode was screened at Comic-Con, and there was a great shout-out to the event with Amanda being away for the weekend to attend the 'Con. Ryan also scored points for saying he would make a mean Harry Potter.

– During the final dance number, all I could think was, "Hey! That's live-action Stewie and Brian from Family Guy!" Which makes sense because Wilfred creator David Zuckerman was a producer on the animated show.

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  • terminaltrip421 Aug 05, 2012

    this is the second episode i didn't finish this season. guiltily, i found the dead dog humping joke or whatever it was somewhat humorous for it's shock value the first time around. this time it was actually more disturbing (in that the dog was alive, barely) and recycled. i also felt like gann was phoning it in ...like in the other episode i quit. and lastly because it felt like the episode served no purpose.

    i actually did the same thing several episodes last season. i think this show is as hit and miss as one can be.

  • Whedonrules Aug 04, 2012

    Was the black light scene just a funny joke or was it showing that Ryan isn't medicating so he isn't taking care of his hygiene and he really is completely losing his mind? It was probably just a funny gross sight-gag. This episode had me with the Wang Chung.

  • DavidJackson8 Aug 04, 2012

    Ahahaha! Wilfred jizzed on Ryan!

    Ahahaha! The bouncer black lit him and saw it all over him!

    That's all I got for this episode. I honestly don't remember anything else happening (until the last dance number, which I have no real opinion of...).

  • christieg77 Aug 04, 2012

    I'm pretty un-prudish (?) for a girl but this episode grossed me out. Also being a dog lover, I just got depressed when Wilfred started talking about humping a dog that got hit by a car. I guess I should have skipped this one.

  • jocey11 Aug 04, 2012

    Awesome episode, I loved it. ugh why didn't Ryan take a bath afterwards!

  • AllisonFrank Aug 04, 2012

    Is it just me or would it have been funnier if Ryan had said he could have pulled of Frodo rather than Harry Potter for the comic con.

  • bendylegsnick Aug 05, 2012

    I would've preferred it if after the Harry Potter comment, Amanda (off screen and no audio) would have asked something like 'I think you'd make a better Frodo', and then Ryan could have said 'Who's Frodo?'. Now that would have been funny.

  • dex073 Aug 04, 2012

    That would have been great yes

  • markwiland Aug 03, 2012

    I personally don't think that this episode "had no purpose", because the way I saw it it DID. Wilfred even said it in the beginning: "So what, you're just going to avoid the guy your entire life?" and with his jizz stain-even if accidentally, but it's Wilfred, so we'll never know for sure if it was intentional or not -he made Ryan want to avoid the dance competition the same way he wanted to avoid speaking to his friend. But by avoiding the dance competition, Ryan went to his friend and cleared things up. In the end, I don't think the dance competition was ever all that important, the message was: Don't avoid things, you're just running away from something that needs to be dealt with.

    That's how I saw it anyway.

    Still a great episode.