Will the Dr. Horrible Sequel be a Movie?

By Tim Surette

Mar 22, 2010

... Neil Patrick Harris dropped this little nugget about the sequel to the online hit Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: It's going to be a movie. At least that's what he thinks. Way to set the Internet on fire, Neil! [MTV]

... Jack Coleman, who plays one of the few Heroes characters I can tolerate, has lined up another job. He's set to star in the Hallmark original movie Rock the House, about a lawyer who learns to reconnect with his daught—oh who cares, these things are horrible. Two steps backward, Jack. [THR]

... How do you fill the void left by Oprah's upcoming absence from daytime television? With someone of equal carriage. Rosie O'Donnell is contemplating a return to daytime TV once Oprah calls it quits, meaning I will stay even further away from daytime TV than I already do. [E! Online]

... Starz is continuing its original programming push with a greenlight for Camelot, described as a contemporary retelling of the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, whatever that means. We just want to know if it will have boobs and blood like Spartacus. [THR]

... Tate Donovan has signed on for ABC's No Ordinary Family, which has gone from "meh" to "must-see" in my brain because of the show's cast. Donovan, who is stellar on Damages but won't return to the show because his character is d-iz-ead, joins Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz in the drama about a family that stumbles into superpowers. I'm setting my DVR now. [THR]

... I didn't know this, but apparently Christian Slater is funny enough to lead a sitcom. The veteran film actor, who has had no luck on the small screen after two tries, will headline an untitled Fox comedy about twenty-somethings who specialize in cracking security systems. And if all goes according to Slater's evil plan, the show will be canceled after a few weeks. [THR]

... You know who's funny? Aziz Ansari, of Human Giant and Parks and Recreation. You know what's never funny? The MTV Movie Awards. Something has to give when Ansari hosts this year's edition. [LA Times]

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  • IndianaMom Mar 23, 2010

    Rosie O'Donnell's old talk show was pretty good the first couple of years. Then she started being herself and it went downhill.

  • Amber132 Mar 23, 2010

    A movie... is it just me or does Whedon seem to be losing his touch, I thought it would be something a little more original or just the same as the first was. Besides I don't see anyone who doesn't already know Dr. Horrible go to see a movie titled Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog: The Sequel, it's too corny for anything but the internet.

    Also a little disappointed with Jack Coleman doing lifetime, you'd figure he'd be able to do a little better than that.

  • mgfish Mar 23, 2010

    Lets just say I approve of anything Dr. Horrible related. I do kind of agree with dragon22 that it much of the appeal was the viral nature of it. I was able to watch it daily and re-listen to specific songs. Much of that is lost on the big screen.

  • muggle421 Mar 23, 2010

    Omg yessss i am obsessed with Dr. Horrible. It is awesome that there's going to be a sequel that is a movie.

  • gmx13 Mar 23, 2010

    Couldn't get into Dr. Horrible. It was a bit corny and the singing was horrible. LOL. I remember when Whedon did the same thing on Buffy.

  • kdtfiles Mar 23, 2010

    If Dr. Horrible comes out in movie form, I'd go see it.

  • fatfreeoreos Mar 23, 2010

    Yay Dr Horrible!

  • freak-e719 Mar 22, 2010

    any awards show is not funny they try waaaay to hard making it unamusing and dull

  • shocker713 Mar 22, 2010

    Boobs or no boobs, how can they possibly do Camelot without the late Richard Harris?

  • KevinG87 Mar 22, 2010

    if Dr. Horrible is a movie, i don't see it being anything more than direct to video.. it would bomb in the theaters. No Ordinary Family sounds interesting, but also a little bit like Fantastic 4, especially since Michael Chiklis is in both. The only other thing that's remotely interesting is the new Camelot show, the rest I couldn't care less about

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