Woohoo! Fox Renews Fringe for Season 5

By Tim Surette

Apr 27, 2012


Holy crapballs no matter what universe you live in! Fox has renewed Fringe for a fifth and final season, giving the creators of the cult sci-fi favorite an appropriate send-off. As I assumed wildly guessed it would, Fox has ordered 13 more episodes for the show's final chapter.

Can we please, please all give Fox a huge hug right now? I'm pretty staggered by what that network has done with this show, keeping it on the air when others would have sent it packing a long time ago. A 13-episode final season was pretty much an optimal solution. The ratings just aren't there (or anywhere), so extending Season 5 to 22 episodes simply didn't make financial sense. Fox seems to be as big of a fan of Fringe as we are, and the shortened fifth season will give showrunners Jeff Pinkman and J.H. Wyman the time to tell the story they always wanted to. I'm so happy right now I could turn into a mutant porcupine man.

I expect that Fringe will stay put on Fridays for obvious reasons. And if I had to guess, I'd wager that it'll start in the fall and end right before winter break, allowing another midseason entry to take over its place in 2013.

But clearly this news wasn't kept secret from everyone. Fox has already released an official Season 5 teaser! Obviously there's no new footage, but it quite nicely sums up what Fringe is all about in one minute. Fantastic!

And yep, that trailer confirms that it will be a fall launch!

Let's all celebrate in the comments, shall we?

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  • BillSeamon Sep 18, 2012

    Makes up somewhat for canceling Tera Nova.

  • aza5411 Jun 15, 2012

    OMG Yesssssss! im so happpy !! :)

  • JoeDarrah May 05, 2012

    Don't take fringe off the air everybody i know plus myself love the show.

  • Alesil2002 May 04, 2012

    I loooooove Fringe. Thank you Fox.

  • shootingstar609 May 04, 2012

    Once again the *lovely* people at FOX have decided to be *gracious* enough to let an amazing, totally original, awesome show have some time to finish things up instead of just telling fans they're SOL. It's nice to have a season 5, but I wish there was a complete season 5 and a season 6, and a season 7, etc. Have much more to say on this topic, but believe I have already expressed it in several other comments on articles relating to FOX.

  • doctorwho747 May 03, 2012

    I am so glad, first NBC after canceling "Chuck" not once, not twice, but three times: all after seasons 2, season 3 was supposed to have only 13, got an extra 6. Season 4 also only got 13 episodes, than they got an extra 11. Season 4 seemed like that was going to be it, the ratings were up but not satisfactory enough but the fans and the producers fought hard and NBC caved on a 13 episode final fifth season

    Now Fox is doing the same thing for Fringe. I read last year that when ratings really began to drop during season 3, it was on the most likely canceled list. But lo and behold it turned out that there are SOME people at FOX with more than half a brain, many execs truly supported it, and so we got S4. A while back it was a repeat of season 3, but it seems that somebody is still there and here we got SEASON 5!

    I just read Netflix is considering reviving Jericho, Arrested development. And Directv revived TWO seasons for the canceled FX show "Damages" as well as another show I can't remember. So maybe it seems that there are finally some smart network people who support these classic shows

  • mrfurious00 May 02, 2012

    Nina the Silver Fox! I vote Grey the rest of the Way

  • ZakMedo1 May 02, 2012

    thank god one show that can end properly

  • 14815524 May 02, 2012

    very very happy!

  • InterNetum May 02, 2012

    A toda madre!!!

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